Best Electric Zapper for Squirrels

Zapper 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Faicuk Handheld Electric Swatter Mosquito

Faicuk Handheld Electric Swatter Mosquito

The measures are 1 L x 8.75" W. 3000-volt powerful output to kill any flying insects. It's ideal for home and outdoor use. 3-layer safety mesh and doubletrigger design completely protect you from accidentally touching or misoperation. It was approved fully. Simply push the switch on and press the round button to zap it, it's easy to use. It is easy to clean and built to last. The electric fly shatters when it is made with durable plastic. Whenever enemies are spotted, grab and zap them. Feel free to email them if you have a problem.

Brand: Faicuk

👤I don't know where all these glowing reviews come from. The device makes a nice zapping sound, which is fun. It doesn't kill the bugs. This seems to be a non-lethal solution. There is a protective mesh on each side of the metal. The mesh is very tight and the bugs are more likely to bounce off the outside of the mesh than hit it, making this more like a swatter and less like a zapper. The battery cover slides off when you swing it hard in hopes of pushing bugs through the mesh. If you zap a bug, it stuns it, then it gets back up, mocks you, and then poops on your half cut fruit when you aren't looking.

👤The zap is not as powerful as it should be. To confirm the kill, you have to hold the zapper next to the object. You are getting attacked by other insects and they feel like their family members.

👤It's death to bugs! The outbreak of gnats in our home was caused by a pile of beer cans in the basement. We drink a lotta dam beer and have no recycling centers because of the corona lockdowns. A swarm of gnats remained even after the cans were removed. The tennis rackets are used for death. I have to admit it. It is fun to cut insects. We have yet to try these outside but I think zapping skeeters is equally satisfying.

👤There's something wonderful about the loud zap as you fry a bug. If I could catch flies, gnats and other things in my hand and let them go outside, I would. I can't. I bought this and I am very happy. Once you get going, swatting the bugs is a lot easier. Since flies and gnats seem to gravitate to bright windows, place the racket against the window, holding the zap button. As they attempt to fly away, bzzzzt. In the old movie, 30-year-olds disappear like gnats. You might have to zap twice to get the flies to leave. It smells like burning hair. You have a nice day after that.

👤We have a fly problem after moving into a new house. I bought this for my boyfriend, who wouldn't hurt a fly. He went crazy with this thing. He was chasing flies around after climbing banisters and railings to get to the ones he couldn't reach. We keep them by our bed and downstairs. It's fun for the whole family. I've had other brands of this product before, but this one is the most effective.

👤I don't know if I have some crazy sturdy mountain flies up where I live, but all this did was shock the flies and make them crazy. It did not kill them. I had to kill them by other means because it made a zapping noise and messed up their wings. I found it easier to whack the flies with a rolled up piece of paper than it was to zap them. I might have got a dud. Not sure. I rely on reviews for all of my purchases, so I wanted to share my experience.

2. Flowtron BK 40D Electronic Insect Coverage

Flowtron BK 40D Electronic Insect Coverage

Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame. Janitorial and cleaning supplies. The United States is a country of manufacture. Patented non-clogging grid. Completely assembled, certified by the UL.

Brand: Flowtron

👤I've owned this product for over a year. I live in Georgia in the country and I think there are lots of bugs. I bought this little killer because I live in a dark place and a lot of bugs are drawn to any light source, even shaded windows of rooms with a light on, so that at night every insect imaginable was crawling all over the house. The house is on about 0.8 acres and has a large front and back yard. I put the unit near the back fence because I like to spend evenings on my back patio. The varmints were attracted to the back lit windows. The first few weeks were filled with flying fiends. I noticed a reduction in pests after installation. I'm pretty sure my neighbors, who keep their lights off at night, probably noticed a difference as well. The timer failed after about a month or so, but I started with it on a set time. I have left it on for 24 hours. I like to write reviews after I've owned a product for a while to see if it works. The bulb just burned out, so I'm writing this. The bulb lasted over 10,000 hours if the number of days was correct. Most outdoor items are destroyed quickly in this year's climate. Extreme UV from sunlight, heavy dew almost every day, severe outdoor mold, cold, lots of rain, and one Hurricane, and the only problem is a burned out bulb after 10,000 hours of continuous operation. I think 5 stars are earned. Tens of thousands of bugs were harmed in the making of this review. I decided to add a new timer after doing the math. The one that got good reviews was at 12 cents/K. The savings are even greater if the bulb life is extended.

👤The flowtron bug zapper is disappointing. I bought it because of the product claim that the flowtron would kill 99% of mosquitoes and a lot of other bugs, and I was lucky to be in the full acre surrounding the flowtron. I thought this would be a great way to fight the mosquitoes on our property. I thought I would get two and take care of our entire property. It's amazing how excited I am. I was smart enough to just try one flowtron and get some first-hand experience before I fell for the hype. The zapper also promised some other type of things, but they mostly relied on purchasing other accessories before they would be proven to be true or otherwise disappointing the people. I ordered the flowtron on Amazon because I decided to stick with the basic mosquito massacre model. I believed I was in for a miracle based on everything I had read about this machine. It was the same as every other mosquito zapping machine I have ever seen, but it came with a pack of liquid or something to stick on the machine in order to attract a cult of kool-aid drinking bunnies. I think it was for getting giant jumping spiders to commit suicide, not joking about that one! It did come with a packet that was meant to do some sort of damage to a living creature, but I promise you, it was not specifically for Charlotte and her chubby family members. I had to give up because the instructions I received about attaching the packet and using the original product were so hard to comprehend. There is more to this tragedy. PLOT TWIST! It's exciting, right? The stupid thing broke in a couple of weeks. There is more on top of that. I studied the machine's success every day. To determine whether or not the zapper is actually zapping, one must look at it with their own eyes. There is a pile of bugs underneath the machine and pieces of wing stuck to it, which is exactly the kind of evidence you would be looking for. Each morning. I was expecting to see that the machine was working and doing the job it was supposed to. I would pass by the zapper with apang of disappointment. There were no piles of dead mosquitoes, just a flowtron, and I used to think that we would finally get a handle on that annoying mosquito problem. Our children used to play in the 81,892 square feet of what was once our yard, but during spring and summer months, it is better known as the bordello. The 81,892 square foot breeding ground is where one of the most vile and annoying creatures God could have allowed on planet Earth. I don't think so. I said that the flowtron was not living up to its promise of killing all the mosquitoes within a mile of our house. It was not good. I watched a mosquito fly around the flowtron and then land on it. I saw that thing laughing and flipping me off, just taking a break from what was supposed to be a depiction of a mosquito killing machine, but here it is, just hanging there, available to these mosquitoes for their rest and relaxation whenever they want to take it. I mean, c'mon! At that point, I was about to say enough was enough. I thought I had found the miracle solution, the flowtron 40D, when I spent $50, $60 or something like that to buy it, but it turned out to be a nightmare. I don't want you to know. That is. It's crazy for $60, 3 weeks after buying it. Something electrical that only a specialist can fix. The #1 Ever Made bug zapper is still the best in its class, and it is even better because it uses the supposedly humane method of ex. It broke after three weeks. When the light was plugged in, it was no longer able to hurt or kill anyone. I called the number on the website, but no one could help me. They wanted me to pay for the new one up front, and then send them back the old one, which I don't think will ever be considered old. I have to pay $60 for each zapper if the problem is not covered by the very limited warranty. If the problem is covered under the very limited warranty, I would get a refund of $60 I paid for a replacement zapper. After receiving this explanation, I only have to go to a private electrician, mechanic or engineer to fix the original problem, and pay whatever they charge to fix it. Yes, right! I realized that this was going to be a lose-lose-lose situation for me. I would lose my money, I would lose the zapper and I would lose my mind. I decided to stick with the L/L/L plan because I didn't feel like I was being ripped off by anyone else. The zapper (Flowtron BK-40D) stinks. The company that makes and sells it has the worst warranty in history. But, most of all, mosquitoes are terrible. If you feel like getting ripped off or have a weird fetish for being ripped off, then I don't recommend you buy the Flowtron, unless you want to. I am giving this product a 1 star because I do not recommend the Flowtron BK-40D. Oh yeah, and Moss sucked as well. I would like to thank you for reading my review. Have a great day!

3. Zap Zapper Racket 4000V Rechargeable

Zap Zapper Racket 4000V Rechargeable

The power source is corded electric. The electric bug zapper has a 4,000-volt grid. Eliminate pests in a single swing. It's more reliable and faster than a fly trap. The Zap It! bug zapper can be used as both an indoor and outdoor zapper. Their portable electric mosquito swatter is great for camping, hiking, and picnicking. You can use it at night. Plug in your fly zapper and you'll be able to charge it quickly. The built-in battery can offer up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge. There's no need to worry about accidentally zapping the racket with the glowing indicator light, you'll know when it's active! Extra protection when the racket is electric is offered by the triple-layer safety mesh. Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame.

Brand: Zap It!

👤I got mine today and after a week of dealing with flies, I decided to chase it with the zapper, I cannot describe the feeling. I was feeling like a 10 today because of this thing. I went out to look for anything I could find. I would like to thank Zap-it for bringing more joy to my life.

👤It works well. It's kind of a shock when you don't know what's going to happen. It does its job. My friends have been telling me about the bug zappers, but I have never tried them. I like it. swatting at empty space is over. Thank you.

👤The device arrived in perfect shape and exceeded expectations. Everyone needs one of these, Amazon comes through again!

👤I ordered a second one because I loved this so much. One was ordered for the camp and one for home. Both of them were at camp. I will be ordering one this spring. It's better than the cheap ones you see at stores. Powerful and gets the job done. The seller shipped them quickly. It charges with ausb connection instead of betteries.

👤I received it on time and like it. It really works.

👤I have only used the Zap-it a few times but I am very pleased with it. It has enough power to zap insects as large as a caterpillar.

👤The mini zapper is very user friendly. It comes with 2 built in flashlights and is more convenient than batteries. It does what it says. There were no complaints here.

👤I was hesitant to buy because I read a review that said it was fake. I bought it. I was surprised when I zapped that bug, it was a loud zap. It works for fruit flies as well. I bought it because it was highly recommended.

👤The zapper does its job. The build quality is not inspiring. The plastic build feels like something. You would find it at a dollar store. It takes forever to charge it through the cable. I thought it was going to catch fire when I plugged it in, but it wasn't charging. If you need a zapper it works, but I would look for a cheaper option in a local store.

👤It's easy to use, perfect for pests.

👤Can't wait for the spring to kill bugs with this weapon.

4. Kensizer Animal Humane Chipmunk Outdoor

Kensizer Animal Humane Chipmunk Outdoor

Chemicals and poisons can't be used around children and pets. Rat Rodent Trap You can release them at any time after catching them. The product is 10 x 5.5 x 4.5. Please choose a bigger size if you want to catch a big one. The finest wire mesh won't be bitten open by those small animals' teeth. It's not suitable for big squirrel or opossum, since they can bite the trap broken and escape. The door will be auto-locked immediately if the Trigger is touched. The exclusive patented design is innovative, efficient and easy to use. Rat traps are used to trap rodents. If it's damaged in a half year, please contact them and they will send you a replacement.

Brand: Kensizer

👤The best advice for smart rats is to not try anything else on Amazon. I started with 3 and 2. The trap has a piece of cardboard on it. This is used for 2 purposes. They don't have to walk on the rough wire cage bottom because the cardboard is smooth and nice. They will leave their scent behind. The local all-you-can- eat-rat-friendly location is important for you to convince them. 3. Set it in a high rat-traffic area. They like to be stealth and usually only feed at night, so be sure to turn off the lights and make it dark. You want a place that is not crowded with people and animals. They like to hang there. I tried 2 locations on top of boxes and shelves, and they caught more rats than the cages on the ground. 4. Don't set the traps to kill them, feed them for 3 days. Lock them open. Feed them a lot of goodies around the traps. Think of Golden Corral. Bring their friends to let them get comfortable, fat and happy. 5. Feed the traps again, then leave the area and set a timer or camera. Every hour, check. Pick up the entire trap as soon as the trap springs. Rat feces can carry diseases. Remove the whole trap. Turn off the lights and dispose of the rat you caught. Take the trap back to its place and then set it to TRAP. I was collecting rats every hour if you stayed up late. The first night, I caught 6 big ones. Several people have said that rats can damage traps. They will try to escape through the wire or just chew the life out of everything. If you collect them quickly, the cages are thin. The cage is not detroyed. If you get the rats out of the area before the other rats catch on, the noise and distress caused by the trapped rat will not drive away your other customers. If you don't have time to monitor the cages, you could have a mangled cage or a dead rat. Feed the traps again when you are done for the night. If the rats are confident that the all-you-can- eat bar will be there again tomorrow, you will catch them much quicker. After the first night of trapping, I caught 6 in a row, but the next night, I only caught 1 in the same period of time. They build up their confidence when they wait a few days and feed the traps. Set the traps and get your customers. Some people kill the rats and others let them go into the woods. It's your call according to local laws. If your traps don't catch new customers, keep feeding them. Once they are confident again, have another late night trap session and you will get a good haul. I will update this once we get them all.

👤The rat was able to get out after about 4 days.

👤My lack of mice behavior knowledge has been the main reason for this being a long road. I have had mice in my house for a year. I was able to trap most of them in the corner of my room, place a box and let them go. There is a I believe one had babies. I finally purchased 2 of these traps. I read what to do when they are trapped, and leave food for them so they can get used to their new environment. Within a week, I caught both of them. It was a pleasure. It made picking it up feel better if you had a handle that wasn't near the cage. We don't have the right to kill animals just to eat. Next time, think differently, instead of doing what you always do. We are all here for a reason. Life! It is called that for other people as well.

5. Homesuit Bug Zapper Outdoor Indoor

Homesuit Bug Zapper Outdoor Indoor

Electric zapper is more powerful than handheld guns, swatters, Rackets and Repellents and lasts longer than solar and battery-powered units. The mosquito killer +A 15W high-intensity ultraviolet Electronic lamp release specific wavelength 365nm will attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. When the insect is near the fly trap, the zapper will kill it. The Bug zapper is made of fireproof and handy ABS material, which can be resistant to high temperature. The fly zapper uses current to kill mosquitoes, instead of chemicals, sprays, and other harmful methods. The internal grid is fenced with plastic to prevent accidental contact with your children and pets. The bug zapper indoor and bug zapper outdoor are restricted by the waterproof design. You can put a mosquito trap in the place you need no matter what the weather is like. The coverage area for this 15 watt electric bug zapper is over 2000 square feet. Their portable bug zapper is easy to clean. The electric bug killer can be put on a flat surface, hung on a tree or on the porch with a black large ring. The mosquito killer has a safety guard to prevent contact with the lamp, a tray to hold food and a brush for cleaning after use.

Brand: H Homesuit

👤This was hung in a tree that was 8' off the ground. Our house and picnic table could be anywhere from 15'-20'. I was outside after a rainy day. It was about 6pm and I was getting attacked by mosquitoes. I plugged in the bug zapper and went inside. Not a flying bug was seen when I went back outside. The mosquitoes are usually at their worst when it's dark. It's almost midnight. I've been in and out of the house all night. SERIOUSLY! Not one flying bug to be seen or Heard. Don't know if it's repelling them or killing them. Don't worry! It works. 100%! You couldn't open the front door if there were 2 or 3 bugs in it. The game is changing.

👤A bug zapper lamp works. I received a lamp a couple of months ago. Our home was filled with gnats because of the humidity where I live, the window unit abc, and all the fruit I buy. I don't like it! The itty bitty flies are more annoying than the regular size flies. Well not anymore! Since we got this lamp, we have only one or two gnats. My kids heard the zap from the lamp. I laugh and sing that one is gone. I think so. I absolutely recommend!

👤It works a little. I have a serious gnat problem. I have had a zapper for a few days and it has killed 2gnats. I kill gnats by hand every day, and each homemade trap I make gets around 5 per night. I am pretty disappointed that it says that it kills gnats.

👤We had a few mosquitoes in the house, and we had baby moths all over the house. So! I ordered a bug zapper. 15 watt is how much it uses. The small Hall table was where I sent it. It works like a night light. It is only once or twice a day, but I love it. It's still a happy sound. It might bring the redneck out of me. I'm thinking about taking it and a six pack to the front porch for some real entertainment.

👤I brought some plants into the house at the end of the fall when it was getting cold. The little flying bugs were brought in with it. I thought the bug zapper was working well. You can hear it when it gets a little bugger, but it's not annoying. I bought two. There are two of them in my room and one near the plants. The dead bugs were not just falling to the bottom of the tray in the zapper, but they were popping out onto the area where the zapper sits. I will have a picture later. I had to sit one of the zappers in a box top. The dead bugs were popping out in the front and I put a sticky sheet up to catch them. I want a new zapper that will get rid of the bugs better than this one.

6. Victor M250SSR 2 Electronic Mouse Trap 2

Victor M250SSR 2 Electronic Mouse Trap 2

The mice are killed with a high-voltage shock. Kills up to 100 mice with four AA batteries. The design is easy to bait and clean. The kill rate is 100%. The columns trap mice.

Brand: Victor

👤I have used a few of them and they were amazing. They stopped working after several years. I replaced them with the same brand and am not happy. The construction is less sturdy than the older models, which were thick. We had a chipmunk in the garage that was able to rip the top off of the trap and steal the bait. I could forgive that because it is designed for a mouse, but it is not the end of the problems from the older models. The indicator light blinks when something is inside the trap in the older model. It was a bright light and it was impossible to miss. The light blinks once every 90 seconds under the newer model. You will miss it if you don't catch it at the right time. I am not sure how long it will blink before it stops, but I caught a mouse and never saw the light. The horrible smell of the trap prompted me to check it, and I know I got one because of it. There was a dead mouse inside. The older model was not truly no see. The old model of the trap had a lid that could be flip open to listen to it, but you cannot see the mouse inside. I learned the hard way that if you try to open the lid, you will hear the mouse dropping in the garbage can, which is why the lid is not on the new model. I had to decide whether to trash the whole component or reach my hand into the garbage can to save the lid. The only way to get rid of the trap is to see the dead mouse and then throw it out. They are effective in killing mice, but not as good as previous models. I hope they take the feedback and make improvements.

👤I am amazed by these things. Our home was invaded by mice and weeks of trying to trap them in snap traps did not catch any of them. They were able to steal the bait. I thought they might be entering my room after I heard them in the walls, so I bought one and put it in my bedroom. Within 30 minutes, I caught two of them. We stopped hearing the mice after a few days. 15 mice were caught in a week. We don't have mice anymore. We put our master closet in the floor after we cleaned it out. We put another one near the dog's food dish and a third went under the kitchen sink. We have cleaned up all the evidence of the mice and are not seeing any new activity. Fresh bait weekly will keep those traps on guard for invasion attempts. While they do kill the mouse instantly, I have one caution about these traps. It's loud when it happens. I had a heart attack the first time I heard it. It sounds like you put the mouse in the chair. A lot of things are referred to as "BBUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" It lasted for 10 seconds and I could smell the fur. I no longer have one near my bed. It woke me up. Cleanup is easy, and you don't have to look at the mouse if you don't want to. This trap does not hurt them, so no blood or guts are involved. I toss them to my chickens, who will fight over it.

7. Phosooy Ultrasonic Repeller Activated Flashing

Phosooy Ultrasonic Repeller Activated Flashing

4 "C" batteries are required. The Phosooy solar animal repeller has a sensor on each side that can sense the animals from all directions. All three sides will make loud noises and flash lights to scare animals away. It doesn't work on domestic animals. When the PIR senses animal movement, the white strong led lights flash and the horn emits Ultrasonic waves in the range of 15KHZ50KHZ. If the sound is bothering you, you can turn it off by pressing the SOUND button and the green indicator will go off. There are two ways to get power supply. The Phosooy Ultrasonic animal repeller has a solar panel as the power supply, so that it costs less and doesn't cause pollution. If you want to charge the product under the sun for 12 hours, please do it before the first use. Ultrasonic waves cannot be heard by humans, so only animals will be influenced. It is designed to frighten animals with loud noises and bright lights. It's very humane and ideal for people who don't want to hurt animals. Simple connection is required for installation. The Phosooy Ultrasonic animal repeller should be placed in the correct position. The repeller works when the PIR senses animal motion. It is designed to work under any weather conditions.

Brand: Phosooy

👤Since we had solar panels installed, I've been fighting with pigeons on the roof and tried a lot of things. Chicken wire was put under the solar panel, but the birds pulled it out, it was crazy. I bought four of them for my roof, but two days in have not heard them on the roof or seen them, after years of dealing with this issue. Since they are solar, I allowed them to charge for two days outside before putting on the roof, which is a big plus, if you want to install them on the roof quickly.

👤I bought the animal repeller about four weeks ago to stop the deer from eating my plants. It seems to be working, but I need more time to be sure. I ordered another one because I will be planting my garden soon. I'm hoping that this will stop them from eating my vegetables, because I have had problems with them before. I used to use chemical repellants, but they were expensive and didn't always work. I'm not sure if this will work on my garden, so I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5. I like the fact that I don't have to choose between sensitivity or Frequency when using the repeller. You can turn off the sound by pressing a button. It means that I don't have to buy as many. I have learned that if you plant it to close to plants, the wind will set it off. That's not a big deal to me. There is a new date, 11th of November. This is a new review. I've had two of these for most of the year. I don't have animals in my garden, but they keep the deer out of my landscaping. They go off during the day when the wind blows. This happens when the sun is shining, even if they are several feet from plants. This can be very annoying. When this happens, I turn them off. I have found that most other brands of animal repellers have the same problem. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for that annoying problem.

👤Have had a problem with rabbits eating my green beans in the past. The rabbits in the neighborhood got greedy and cleaned out most of the row. If it rained, the spray would not work and it would cost more, but it did work. The price of 2 Phosooy Repellers is almost equal to the price of 2 quarts a season. I saw the Phosooy Animal Repeller and decided to try it. I have a large garden so I ordered 2 of them. The motion detector's sensitivity was questionable when they were set up. The sensor wouldn't detect me when I walked around it, so I sent one back for a new one. The replacement was able to detect me and my dogs. The dogs just ignored them. The rabbits did not lose a plant this season. The rabbits were kept out of the garden because of the bright blue light that was flashing continuously all night long, and since they are nocturnal, I think it's because of the sensitivity. The rabbits lost no plants to the blue light or the flashing white light that kept them out of the garden.

8. ZAP Zapper Medium Twin Pack

ZAP Zapper Medium Twin Pack

There is a 30oz size. The electric bug zapper has a 4,000-volt grid. Eliminate pests in a single swing. It's more reliable and faster than a fly trap. The Zap It! bug zapper can be used as both an indoor and outdoor zapper. Their portable electric mosquito swatter is great for camping, hiking, and picnicking. You can use it at night. Plug in your fly zapper and you'll be able to charge it quickly. The built-in battery can offer up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge. There's no need to worry about accidentally zapping the racket with the glowing indicator light, you'll know when it's active! Extra protection when the racket is electric is offered by the triple-layer safety mesh. Their racket is lightweight and provides comfort. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large frame.

Brand: Zap It!

👤This is my 3rd zapper and it's the best. A big difference is made by 4000V. The "POP" is very satisfying. The backyard was filled with mosquitoes. Why do those buggers like heat so much? They should sweat and weigh down their wings and die. I sat in the yard. I use my body as bait. It's my favorite way to catch mosquitoes. The Pope is POP ZAP. I stopped counting after 50. They began to thin down after 20 or so satisfying minutes. There was only one brave one. It's a good thing. ZAP. Nobody bothered me anymore. No one. How does this work? They should have been living in their miniature houses and blood-pool nurseries by now. I hate mosquitoes with passion. The best thing for us is this. It is very good. The disposable batteries are uncivilized. Looking forward to mosquito fishing trips in the future. If a mosquito enters the house, close the door and turn on the fan. They will die from exhaustion in half an hour. Did I say I hate mosquitoes?

👤A lot of flies have been enamored by this device. The days of flies flying freely in and out of my home are over. The few that survived and got away tell tales of the mighty zapper made by Zeus. They tell stories of how their friends were taken out mid flight with a loud zap. Their bodies were thrown in the trash. They should never be seen or heard again.

👤After using for a month, I just wouldn't work or recharged. They never responded to 2 attempts to get in touch with the company, since they boasted of a lifetime guarantee. I tried to return it to AMAZON, but they wouldn't take it back because the kit had been 40 days since purchase. Product too expensive for a short life span.

👤I can't testify for endurance because we are only two days into using the Zap-its. It has been great so far. Both units charged up quickly and held the charge for a long time. We snap, zap, and flash our way through insects and I am very pleased with the performance. Revenge for being the target of previous bug attacks is being rewarded with sound and visual special effects. We really like our zappers and use them on walks with the dogs and while doing outdoor projects, but... They have not lasted yet. The units charge and the light works, but the grid won't work. You can light them up, but not kill them. Not even a sizzle! On day 10, the first of our twin pack quit. I used the lifetime guarantee info included with the zapper to notify them and got a new one in two days. The customer service was great, but the other zapper gave up the next day and I haven't heard from them since. I used up my warranty quota. I contacted Amazon for replacements and will get another pack in a few days. I'm hoping it's a lot. They were effective on black flies. The deer flies are getting too much for me. Please last one season. I will be a happy camper. It would be great to have a month at this point. Give them a longer life with this product.

9. SUMMIT CHEMICAL 117 6 30OZ Mosquito

SUMMIT CHEMICAL 117 6 30OZ Mosquito

The EPA was registered in all 50 states. There is a 30oz size.

Brand: Summit...responsible Solutions

👤I spent hours shopping for and putting together cacti and planters that were contaminated with Miracle Grow soil, which caused a gnat problem. My house was covered in gnats a week or so later. The local nursery did not sell the soil that was contaminated with Mosquito Bits. I had a great conversation with a gentleman at Summit. He told me to use the product in a different way since the product is new and they don't have all the labeling complete yet. I strained the bits out of the water and watered the plants after I dissolved the solution. The gnats were gone after several waterings. This product is a natural biotoxin which will not harm humans, pets, bees or birds, which is important, because I have a parrot and I take no chances with his safety. I hope this helped.

👤I put this product out and my four month old puppy died within two days. The cause of death is thought to be poisoning.

👤I spread this stuff around 5 days ago in potted plants, low spots in the yard, patches of mulch that retain water, and 5 red Solo cups stapled to the fence filled with water per another user's suggestion. I used to light a seance circle of candles and use bug spray. There is peace and tranquility. I have set up reminders to do bi-weekly applications. I'll see if that's the right interval for me. The jug will last me for at least 3 summers. I'm a different man.

👤I bought this for the gnats, those awful creatures that appear from nowhere and fly up your nose. They may have snuck in on a plant you bought at Wmart and then spread to all your indoor plants. Pour a kettle of boiling water over the bottom of the plastic jug and cover it with a layer of bits. Add water to fill the jug after a steep for an hour. The pizen should be mixed throughout the water. Don't use regular water when you need to water your plant, always use this tea. I use a baster to squirt the tea over the plant's soil because I like to avoid the bits. I've been doing this for about four weeks and I'm down to seeing agnat once a few days. It used to be many gnats every day. It's an easy routine and it's a relief to not have demons in my face. I hope my plants will be free ofgnats eventually. I'm not buying any new plants.

👤These work are done. Everyone should use these. It's unfortunate that they put a warning on the label. This product does not hurt animals. You can read all the questions and answers on their website. I use this all year in New Orleans because it's a subtropical area and we get a lot of rain and mosquitoes. Love it, love it! I use it in the water pools in my yard, in buckets with plants growing roots, and in bird baths. I'm outside a lot. If there are 10 people outside and one mosquito, it will bite me 10 times. It makes a huge difference when I use it. I have watched mosquitos in buckets come back after being put in the water and they are dead. I wish everyone would use organic mosquito control instead of begging the city to spray.

10. Anne Diary Mosquito Rechargeable Electric

Anne Diary Mosquito Rechargeable Electric

Any defect caused during the production and delivery of the product is covered by their 1 year warranty. They can give you either a full refund or a free replacement. The patented rotating head design is easy to use. It's easier to capture bugs on a wall. High capacity rechargeable batteries are used for longer running time and longevity. The Microusb port can be used to charge. 3500v Power kills flying bugs. The wire mesh design is for safety protection. When accidentally touching, there is no shock. Hand held to capture bugs. People are standing to attract bugs. A wall mount can be used to attract bugs.

Brand: Anne Diary

👤I was skeptical about the accuracy of the description of the zapper, but it has lived up to the description provided by the vendor. I love that. I don't have to hold the power button constantly. It doesn't require batteries since it is charged via ausb connection. I have been able to eradicate the sink gnats from my home after I left it plugged in at night next to my kitchen sink. It's nice to hear the small zaps of dying gnats without having to lift a finger. I'm sure they'll come back, so I'm going to leave it plugged in. I highly recommend this product, it has lived up to the description, and has done wonders for me in just over 2 weeks, in my home of flying pest.

👤Get them, get the bugs on the walls. No mess at all. Check out this zapper. Nobody designed a bug zapper like this before. I don't like to bash the bugs and mosquitoes on my walls and ceiling because they usually leave a blood stain. The flat fixed angle makes it difficult to use a traditional hand hold bug zapper. I can tilt the head of the bug zapper to adjust my walls and ceiling angle. No more mess, no bug or mosquito escapes. You can put it in both a standing base and wall mount. The product was exactly what I was looking for.

👤The summers are bad for flies here. 17 flys made it in the back door after 1.5 seconds. I leave it on and charge it. I like that it can be gotten at any angle.

👤This is the best one I could find. It is powerful because it is easy to burn the fly even when it is flying. It can catch the kill the fly on its own. I put it in the rest room and turn off the lights. All fly are killed later. It is much better than the one using a battery.

👤This is a great product. It has killed a lot of bugs in the house. We keep it on at night and we get some satisfaction. No more chasing after bugs. It does the job when we turn it on.

👤It is worth the higher price than other generic bug zapper rackets. The rotation of racket head design makes it easy to capture bugs on the wall. It works well for me, even though other reviews complain about battery life and charging time. If you want to keep it on auto zap mode, you need to plug it in and charge it. The plastic is of good quality. The green color looks nice in person. The product looks better than the picture.

👤Not impressed with the battery life. It doesn't last the night because it can't be set up near bed. It seems that the recharge is slow.

👤The only zapper with a turnable head is useful for awkward angles. The zapper is big enough to kill flies more efficiently and it is light. One of the biggest differences between zappers and other ones is that it can stay on and be used like a plug in bulky insect killer, paying for one but getting two products.

11. Micnaron Control Strongest Mosquitoes Repellent Eliminator

Micnaron Control Strongest Mosquitoes Repellent Eliminator

The model name is mafiti. Being very effective against all flying bugs is achieved by using a wavelength of 361nm. The bug zapper has 2 ultraviolet lights that attract most bugs to the electric grid. The pest killer is designed to be the strongest with a transformer. It will destroy smaller insects on impact, wiping out all harmful biting insects with 6,000 sq. feet of effective coverage. You can save money by not cleaning the grid. The Micnaron pest killer lamp is easy to maintain because it has a protective grid to keep your kids and pets out of the grid. It has a grid design that allows you to replace the bulbs more portable. There is no more spray or odor. The machine saves you from harmful bug spray. It is ideal for all indoor environments.

Brand: Micnaron

👤I had to replace the bulbs for the first time because these have worked great for more than a year. The process is pretty easy, just go back to the original order you placed and the instructions are there, but you have to take a screwdriver and create a final ZAP even after it is unplugged, since the charge is retained for more than the minute they suggest. You can see a spark if you touch the mesh and grid with a screwdriver. It's safe to change the bulbs after this. Pull the grid out of the non-electric-mesh side and you will have access to the bulbs. I had to play with the replacement bulbs for a bit, but they worked fine. These are still very happy with them. I used generic replacement bulbs, so assume all will be fine with continued zapping, if not, I'll update. I have a problem with the wind blowing mosquitos into one corner of my entry. I find a lot of mosquitos every morning. I've tried sprays and other gizmos, but they didn't work very well. After reading reviews, I decided to give this one another try. There is a I had more than 50 mosquitoes in the easy to clean tray on the first day. If you have an issue with the zap, you may want to put it out of the way while you sleep. The zap is very satisfying because you have one less pest in the house. Rather than putting the rental units in a permanent place, I will leave it as an optional appliance that guests can use if they need it. It is more eco-friendly and less expensive to spray poisons into the apartments. First impressions are great, hopefully it will perform well for a long time.

👤I bought this pest zapper for my father-in-law as a gift. I saw the great reviews and thought I would do this. He used it for the first time. The bulbs stay on. I check back with him to see how it is and he tells me it is over. I looked back at the listing information and it states that the first 90 days of the item are free of questions. I contact the company via a message on Amazon and they reply saying what was wrong with it. They could figure out what was wrong with it. I can't reply to the message because of no reply option, so I send another message and nothing. I contact Amazon customer service and try to get them to stop selling it because they are a third party. I have to reiterate the statement about 90 days. I can get a refund and move on within a few days, but I have to keep the product. I can get a replacement that will take 20 days expected delivery, and print the return label and take the product to the nearest drop location. If you purchase another one, it will arrive in 4-5 days, get a refund, and print a return label, and take the product to the nearestUPS drop location. I had to go to the store even though it looked good on the screen and promised to take care of the customer if they decided to take the product. It was always comfortable to sell items from companies such as T-Fly Group, but not so much anymore.


What is the best product for electric zapper for squirrels?

Electric zapper for squirrels products from Faicuk. In this article about electric zapper for squirrels you can see why people choose the product. Flowtron and Zap It! are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric zapper for squirrels.

What are the best brands for electric zapper for squirrels?

Faicuk, Flowtron and Zap It! are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric zapper for squirrels. Find the detail in this article. Kensizer, H Homesuit and Victor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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