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1. Outdoor Electric Mosquito Electronic Backyard

Outdoor Electric Mosquito Electronic Backyard

Convenient tray to discard dead insects. There is a bonus cleaning brush included. The bug zapper uses UV technology to lure mosquitoes and other flying insects into the device, then the bugs are immediately zapped on contact to the electric grid. The 4200V internal grid is fenced to prevent accidental contact with your family and pets, and a tray is located at the bottom of the unit to keep mosquitoes out. The mosquito zapper covers an area of up to 1500 square feet, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, such as kitchen, deck, porch, garden, warehouse, garage, patio, hotel, restaurant, etc. It is easy to use, just plug in the outlet sockets, hang the bug zapper with the convenient ring, or use the sturdy base to stand on the flat surface. Simply remove the tray and use the small brush to clean the internal grid.

Brand: Klahaite

👤I plugged the bug zapper in tonight after getting it today. It started smoking after blowing up. It smelled like an electrical fire. If possible, I would give this zero stars. It's a fire hazard. Since it's faulty, I will not get another one from this brand.

👤My previous zapper has an on or off button, but this zapper doesn't. If you want to turn it off, you have to remove the plug from the outlet.

👤The driver dropped the box over the fence, so far nothing wrong with the product. I'm wondering if he opened the box to see if there was anything really fragile in it, because it was torn open on one side. It had a gallon of pondbacteria which weighed about 8 pounds. The problem is with the person. That box. There is too much room for items to bounce around. That woman. The pondbacteria should have been seperated. The bug lights are working well.

👤It means less bug to bite me when it zaps pazap. I carry it out to the grill and it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Every bug is gone by when it zaps away. Sometimes there is a cloud of them and it sounds like a bunch of small fireworks. Love it. I put it by my feet when we eat outside. I get 1 or 2 bites. I bought one for myself and one for my neighbor. I bring mine with me and we sit on their porch. We are free of nusance bugs because it pops and zaps.

👤The mosquitoes got into the house in AZ because it was so bad. I was attacked daily. I ordered the Bug Zapper and put it on the kitchen counter. It works well. My Yorkie is freaked out by it. She runs out of the room when a mosquito is zapped. She doesn't like anything that sounds like a chime. I had to hunt her down after turning the zapper off, and she's sitting on my lap shaking. It's a pity.

👤It has been working well after we got it. It is nice to know that the light is working, even though it sounds a little loud. The cord is doable, but we have to plug it back in each time because there is no ON andOFF button, it's not convenient if you have an outlet on a more difficult position.

👤The mosquitoes love me as a snack. There is a door to the outside cracked for my dogs. It started working after being zappered. Very happy.

👤Product is lightweight and I wish it had a switch to turn it off. The cord is short. Summer mosquitoes are not here yet so can't give it a good review.

👤Within seconds, it attracted a lot of insects and decimated my insect problems population. Very pleased.

👤The model didn't attract a fly. I put it in my Sunroom, which was full of spring flies. As soon as the Sun set to make sure it was the best light, I turned it on. There were no flies that went near it.

2. GTOCS Outdoor Electric Mosquito Electronic

GTOCS Outdoor Electric Mosquito Electronic

There is no more spray or odor. The machine saves you from harmful bug spray. It is ideal for all indoor environments. Bug zapper uses a 15 watt bulb and 4200V power grid to eliminate insects. Bug zapper can be placed outdoors in a variety of places, such as patio, backyard, balcony, bedroom, parlor, kitchen, etc. Electric bug zapper, the narrow housing interval of mosquito zapper, can prevent fingers from getting stuck in the power grid. mosquito zapper can be hung on the porch, branch and hook. The bug zapper is easy to clean. Remove the insects collection tray and clean up the debris before rinsing with water.

Brand: Gtocs

👤The ones from the 90s are better. It does its job. Since I removed the bars from the safety cage, bigger bugs could fly in there. A horror show that ends with a terrible smell of fried chicken and burnt arm hair is often the result of a bug zapper. The scene from "The Green Mile" is similar to the one Bill Gates is about to release. Everybody should buy one of these right now and use it. It's not clear what role he played in the beginning of the epidemic. I'm pretty sure there's something sinister about those mosquitoes. I like to blow my bug zapper out once a week with compressed air and operate it without the catch tray on the bottom. After a month, I popped the outer plastic cage downward and used a damp Mr clean pad to lightly clean the bars. I'm sure someone will try to clean it. The d-ring is not very strong.

👤First night out. It was like the 4th of July in my back yard. That's not to say that it's loud. The bottom was cleaned out the next day and I couldn't believe the number of bugs. I would love to have another one. It was easy to clean the metal rails with compressed air because there were a lot of bugs stuck to them.

👤I plugged it in and it started zapping. The color is not too bright on the eyes and the size is great. This product is something I would recommend.

👤The bug zapper worked perfectly. I bought this item on May 24, 2021. It stopped working on June 8, 2021.

👤I had a zapper for a couple of months but I wanted to review it before bug season started. I'm in the country in the Midwest and was looking for a solution to be able to sit out on my deck. The grill can be used in the evening. A lot of people think that you put this near you or on your porch because it's easy to clean, but you really need to place this between the source and where you are having the issue. It will only attract bugs if it is near you or on your deck. I found a nice spot about 25 feet away from the best place. The biting bugs and insects have decreased on the side of the house where the zapper is, because I have a lot of woods around the property. It is not as loud or offensive as other zappers. It was easy to clean, and I was waiting to see how long it will last. I will update my review at the end of the summer. It is ready to plug in. The cord is short so make sure you have an appropriate extension cord ready or ordered so you don't plug in near your location. After a couple of hours, most of the bugs were zapped, after I put the unit in the garage and hung it from a center rafter, I had a number of bugs in the garage. Make sure you keep a timer on it so you don't forget something when you're inside. If you forgot about it for a long period of time, it would be a fire hazard. A great buy for the price. As promised, the updates will be later.

3. BLACK DECKER Electric Mosquitoes Coverage

BLACK DECKER Electric Mosquitoes Coverage

Electric zapper is more powerful than handheld guns, swatters, Rackets, and Repellents and lasts longer than solar and battery-powered units. It's time to relax in your yard again without those stinging insects. Two ways to display the lantern are to hang it with the provided ring and chain or rest it on a table or flat surface. Non-ToxIC UV light can be used day and night, can be used around children and pets, and can be quiet. Take out the tray and leave it out for use over natural setting. Electric zapper is more powerful than handheld guns, swatters, Rackets and Repellents and lasts longer than solar and battery-powered units.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I got a bug zapper and it works. We live by a river, and the mosquitoes are terrible, but I'm sure that this will do the job, because it has zapped a lot of them so far. If you like spending a lot of time outdoors, this item is a must. I don't like the smell of bug spray and the torches don't work for me, so this was my last chance to get outside and not get eaten alive by the bugs.

👤I bought this because I can't use my patio due to mosquitoes. I decided to get the brush and clean the coils after having this on my patio table. I took the bottom off before I did that. The photo shows what was in the tray. I have a tree that I love. I didn't know we had a Japanese Beetle problem. I'm so thankful I bought this.

👤When we opened the box, was a little concerned. It looked like a cheap product, but it was very lightweight. We realized the light weight made us feel confident on anything. We put it on the deck. We used to kill 4-5 flies a day in our kitchen, but now we don't. We can use the deck again. We keep it on a daily and nightly basis. The flies and mosquitoes are gone. Some bees have been zapped by it. It has helped the gnats, but not completely. We're thinking about getting another for our pool area because it's definitely worth the purchase.

👤We have a lot of bugs on our ranch in South Texas. I picked this one up after buying a smaller bulb that burnt out. Bigger holes allow larger bugs to reach the zapper. I had to clean the wires after one night. It has been up less than 24 hours.

👤I bought this product to reduce the number of insects coming in. It has been in use for a week and has eliminated my flying insect problems. I place it 15 feet away from the door. I am very happy with this product.

👤The zapper's bottom was covered in flies the morning after I put it up. It seemed to be attracting them, but not necessarily killing them. I used my Bug-A-Salt gun to take care of the ones on the outside of the zapper. There were dead bugs when I opened the bottom tray. After a week or so, it definitely is zapping bugs, so I guess it's doing its job. We feel like there are fewer mosquitoes and flies.

👤The zapper is hidden behind a plant on my front porch, but the bugs find it instead of me. It is easy to set up.

👤This is for our patio. Works well! We have it when we need it, but have only used it a few times.

👤Fcil de instalar.

4. VANELC Electric Light Emitting Attractant Effective

VANELC Electric Light Emitting Attractant Effective

The portable design is 18 x 7. A mosquito killer. The electronic mosquito killer uses a high-effective ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes, flies and gnat, then the flying insects are trapped and cut off by the electric grids, offering you a comfortable and quiet environment. It is safe for humans and pets. It is harmless to humans. The shock grid was encased in a plastic housing to prevent shock injuries to pets and children. It can be used outside all year round because of its waterproof and weather-resistant housing. Hanging hoop makes it easy to hang on the tree, porch and everywhere you want. The table is stable because of the flat bottom. You don't have to endure the smell of mosquito coil, and you don't have to wave. The coverage area for this electric bug zapper is powerful and effective. It's ideal for use in home, balcony, garden, hotel, camping, enclosed patio, courtyard, etc. The mosquito killer lamp has a hidden tray for the dead flies. Simply remove the tray and then flush it with water to clean it up.

Brand: Vanelc

👤We are having a really bad mosquito problem this spring because my daughter didn't know what a bug zapper was. We spend less time on the porch because we can't step outside without using bug spray or skin so soft. I read the reviews and found this one to be good quality and a good price, so I bought it. The satisfying zaps of the little skeeters which seemed to work like magic to my daughter and I were immediately received when I plugged in the bug zapper. Thanks to this little machine, time on the porch has become much more enjoyable. It was worth every penny.

👤There was a fly in my head. I know flies are a part of nature, but not in early March in the Midwest. I was recommended to purchase this model by a friend. I can put my spray insecticides in the back of my cabinet. I haven't seen many flies yet, but I have seen a reduction in flying beetle bugs.

👤Look no further! Don't let the size fool you. I saw this on Amazon after buying a bigger one. I returned it. The last bug zapper you buy will be the last one. I bought another one after I used it for a night.

👤The unit has not drawn many flies. We keep it plugged in and it hangs in a dark corner near the patio door. The flies on our patio and getting into the apartment have been bad. We killed 100 flies each day over the weekend and I was disappointed that this zapper was not enough.

👤I would hear a zapper sound every minute when I first used it. If you use it at night time, the sound of the zapper will wake you up at night time. I use it outside on my patio to attract flying insects. The cord that comes with it is long.

👤I bought another one for our back porch and one for my daughter's deck after I installed this bug zapper on our front porch. I can hear zap-zap-zap from half way down the street. June bugs seem to sizzle for a moment, but it kills small bugs in a single zap. I am not seeing any bugs that are desirable. The instructions suggest that the emissions of the lamps diminish with time. They show how to replace a bulb, but don't tell you how to get one. In my state, there is a hidden information on the back of our driver's licenses that is visible only in strong ultraviolet light.

👤I have it in my bedroom all the time. It had killed a few mosquitoes and flying insects that got into the house. Unless they are the tiny fruit flies, it's not for them. Fruit flies don't aim for light either. I haven't tried it on my porch yet, but my supervisor said it worked well on his porch. I've seen restaurants using lamps like this in their outdoor eating area. People don't want to be mosquito magnets.

5. MOSHUNT Electric Rechargeable Removable Flashlight

MOSHUNT Electric Rechargeable Removable Flashlight

Light weight. Their swatter is lightweight and has great control. Cleanup is as easy as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net because of the large racked design. The bug zapper will be a powerful tool to eliminate insects, any small flying insects, that come into contact with the high power grid. Get rid of your old fly killer and start a quiet life. There is a portable device that can be plugged in. They use a rechargeable design in order to respond to the call to protect the environment. You can charge the fly zapper racket by plugging it in to a device. Bug zapper will be with you for a long time. The 3-layer mesh design of the safe system keeps your hands away from the high-voltage grid. The electric fly zapper has a double insurance switch that you need to press and hold to kill insects. The built-in light that shines bright for you to kill mosquitoes and pests in the dark is a unique lighting design. You don't have to worry about taking up space with the removal of the handle. The flashlight is a great idea for use in emergencies, safety, hunting and other activities. You can enjoy your activities without insects if you have pest control. The electric mosquito zapper is made of new plastic. The design of the bug zapper does not pose a threat to your safety. They are committed to connecting you with your healthy life with the concept of environmental protection, safety, speed and efficiency.

Brand: Moshunt

👤The item is heavy. I have come across other tennis rackets that look similar to a real tennis racket. It is heavy and I have to keep charging it. It would be better to buy a battery operated one.

6. Homesuit Bug Zapper Outdoor Indoor

Homesuit Bug Zapper Outdoor Indoor

Electric zapper is more powerful than handheld guns, swatters, Rackets and Repellents and lasts longer than solar and battery-powered units. The mosquito killer +A 15W high-intensity ultraviolet Electronic lamp release specific wavelength 365nm will attract mosquitoes, gnats, aedes mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. When the insect is near the fly trap, the zapper will kill it. The Bug zapper is made of fireproof and handy ABS material, which can be resistant to high temperature. The fly zapper uses current to kill mosquitoes, instead of chemicals, sprays, and other harmful methods. The internal grid is fenced with plastic to prevent accidental contact with your children and pets. The bug zapper indoor and bug zapper outdoor are restricted by the waterproof design. You can put a mosquito trap in the place you need no matter what the weather is like. The coverage area for this 15 watt electric bug zapper is over 2000 square feet. Their portable bug zapper is easy to clean. The electric bug killer can be put on a flat surface, hung on a tree or on the porch with a black large ring. The mosquito killer has a safety guard to prevent contact with the lamp, a tray to hold food and a brush for cleaning after use.

Brand: H Homesuit

👤This was hung in a tree that was 8' off the ground. Our house and picnic table could be anywhere from 15'-20'. I was outside after a rainy day. It was about 6pm and I was getting attacked by mosquitoes. I plugged in the bug zapper and went inside. Not a flying bug was seen when I went back outside. The mosquitoes are usually at their worst when it's dark. It's almost midnight. I've been in and out of the house all night. SERIOUSLY! Not one flying bug to be seen or Heard. Don't know if it's repelling them or killing them. Don't worry! It works. 100%! You couldn't open the front door if there were 2 or 3 bugs in it. The game is changing.

👤A bug zapper lamp works. I received a lamp a couple of months ago. Our home was filled with gnats because of the humidity where I live, the window unit abc, and all the fruit I buy. I don't like it! The itty bitty flies are more annoying than the regular size flies. Well not anymore! Since we got this lamp, we have only one or two gnats. My kids heard the zap from the lamp. I laugh and sing that one is gone. I think so. I absolutely recommend!

👤It works a little. I have a serious gnat problem. I have had a zapper for a few days and it has killed 2gnats. I kill gnats by hand every day, and each homemade trap I make gets around 5 per night. I am pretty disappointed that it says that it kills gnats.

👤We had a few mosquitoes in the house, and we had baby moths all over the house. So! I ordered a bug zapper. 15 watt is how much it uses. The small Hall table was where I sent it. It works like a night light. It is only once or twice a day, but I love it. It's still a happy sound. It might bring the redneck out of me. I'm thinking about taking it and a six pack to the front porch for some real entertainment.

👤I brought some plants into the house at the end of the fall when it was getting cold. The little flying bugs were brought in with it. I thought the bug zapper was working well. You can hear it when it gets a little bugger, but it's not annoying. I bought two. There are two of them in my room and one near the plants. The dead bugs were not just falling to the bottom of the tray in the zapper, but they were popping out onto the area where the zapper sits. I will have a picture later. I had to sit one of the zappers in a box top. The dead bugs were popping out in the front and I put a sticky sheet up to catch them. I want a new zapper that will get rid of the bugs better than this one.

7. Electric Handheld Battery Powered Heavy Duty Non Toxic

Electric Handheld Battery Powered Heavy Duty Non Toxic

Their portable bug zapper is easy to clean. The electric bug killer can be put on a flat surface, hung on a tree or on the porch with a black large ring. The mosquito killer has a safety guard to prevent contact with the lamp, a tray to hold food and a brush for cleaning after use. TheEST control engineer to work The electric fly swatter is perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, garbage area, barn, deck, patio or garden. The heavy-duty hand held toothbrush has an extra large surface area and a comfort grip for maximum efficiency. Bite the Dust! It's great for house flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. The Racquet Head Delivers Just Enough Output to Kill Bugs, but is Safe for Humans and Pets. No More Chemicals, Pesticides, Repellents or Glue Traps! The handheld device needs just 2 AA batteries for hours. Excellent solution for backyard barbecues, deck parties, and indoor problems with black flies, fruit flies, and more.

Brand: Black+decker

👤This thing works well. I bought this for my husband because he hates mosquitoes. The mosquitoes in Texas are large, vicious, and plentiful. He wasn't happy when he saw it and thought it was a waste of money. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was a mosquito in the living room. I zapped it and the look on his face was priceless. He is now a believer. We have zapped many more. It's fun. I've always trusted Black and Decker and this item was no exception. It's a great gift for the men who are hard to buy for.

👤When she struck herself with it, she didn't shock her roommate. The mesh is great.

👤You will look like an idiot if you try to fix the issues with this. The protective nets surrounding the swatter are too large and thick. You won't zap large flies. The smaller bugs will not go through the electric swat net if it is too thin, so you will lose your grip on the swatter when you swing it. The whole thing is plastic and sweaty, and when you hit a bug it won't be zapped because you need to hold the ON button, and the times it did work was due to a miracle. It was by chance that you got a hit. This thing is very frustrating and tiring and should not be used. It is not strong. The electricity is weak. The plastic housing is all plastic. The net is too large and thick. It's annoying that the ON button is always needed. It isn't durable. I am not surprised that people would say that they flung the swatter out of their hands because of the embarrassment. I did not experience it, but sometimes I lost my grip because of the plastic handle. I use this at night when I lift weights outside. My hands are sweaty. I lose grip when I swing wildly. I barely hit any insects because they are weak. It was too large and small. It was useless for the entire time. I would like to buy something else.

👤It's convenient and useful. It was difficult to put batteries in as it was a deep compartment. I was worried that I might break the springs. It's not a big deal.

👤I usually don't buy Black and Decker products because they break down a lot, but I decided to try this. It takes double AA batteries to operate it. I had purchased a one that had no batteries to use. I've zapped a lot of gnats with it. I took it outside while I was letting the dog take care of her business, and I was swinging that racket like I did when I played tennis. The yard had recently been mowed and I got lots of bugs. It was not loud or the neighbors thought I was operating a machine gun. It makes a snapping noise when you hit your target. I only had it in the last couple of weeks, so we'll see if it's any better.

8. Electric Effective Mosquito Waterproof Electronic

Electric Effective Mosquito Waterproof Electronic

The bug zapper is easy to clean. Remove the insects collection tray and clean up the debris before rinsing with water. The electric fly killer uses a lamp that emits a light that kills flying insects. Both indoor and outdoor dual-use. The shock grid was encased in a plastic housing to prevent shock injuries to pets and children. It's ideal for bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, hotel, camping, enclosed patio, garage, deck, etc. The cable length is 1.2 m. It is recommended to hang the electric insect killer from a ring or place it on a flat surface. The mosquito-killing lamp has a tray that can be easily removed for quick, safe, and easy cleaning. The light is a U/V light.

Brand: Tysonir

👤I just cleaned and dumped the tray so I wouldn't have included a picture. This thing is awesome. The price is low to pay for results. We are constantly plagued by fruit flies, regular flies, mud daubers, and mosquitoes, so we put it in the kitchen. I can't get my wife to close doors so there's always something going on. This thing is here, so don't worry. It zaps the air. This is one of the best things I have ever bought from Prime. At night, I zap at it occasionally but it really shines. I wish I had ordered this years ago. 5 weeks later, an update. The unit has died. The email address provided by Amazon is undeliverable. Too late to return it. My initial enthusiasm is now disappointment. It should have worked for more than a few weeks. In July Update #2, it was broken. Amazon called me back on schedule, after promising to do so. I reported the email address didn't work and Amazon made me whole. A new unit is being sent. I will enjoy my new unit when it arrives and I am back to being satisfied again.

👤We have had a problem with fruit flies in our house for the past 2 months. We could not get rid of these things even though we found the source. I couldn't even lay in my bed at night and watch tv without thinking about aggressive. Things were making me angry. I ordered this and the KATCHY because I wasn't sure what to do. Set both of them up in my bedroom at the same time. It started zapping them at a rate I could not believe within 1 minute of turning on this. Every 30 seconds or less... ZAP! The KATCHY has only caught 3 fruit flies while the zapper has so many that I can't count them all. The dried up glue pads on the KATCHY does not help. I am ordering more zappers to deploy around my house because the KATCHY is getting returned and I want to end fruit flies for good. Since this is brand new, I can speak on the longevity of the unit or bulb, but only time will tell. 100% works on fruit flies! Within 20 minutes, my room was cleared. It takes a lot to impress me enough to leave a review on Amazon, but this one was well deserved and I had it too. I don't know about other things. If you have a problem with fruit flies indoors, this is a must have. A+.

👤I can enjoy my backyard without being eaten alive by bugs. Within seconds of plugging it in, the unit was killing mosquitoes, gnats and the occasional insect. Our bugs couldn't pass up the blue light that it has. They were zapped by the blue light as they flew into the bars. The extension cord is only 2' long, so I had to add it to the umbrella. Why didn't I buy this before? I'm glad I have it. Is it bad that they died suddenly? No. Sorry. It is my yard now. Beware of biters.

9. BLACK DECKER Electric Mosquitoes Coverage

BLACK DECKER Electric Mosquitoes Coverage

A time and money saver. If you want to save money, avoid buying expensive fly traps and ineffective repellents, and just get a bug removal that is easy to use. Bug zapper acts as Powerful Attractant, Killing Flies, Mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying and biting insects. The coverage is dependable for areas up to 1 Acre. You can hang the lantern via two ways. The Sturdy Base on a Table or Flat Surface is great for outdoor and indoor camping. Non-Toxic Uv Light is safe for use around children and pets. Easy-Clean Collection Tray, Innovative Design Traps, Zaps, and Collects Small and Large Insects Within a Clog-Proof Grid, Simply Take Out the Tray to empty, or leave out for use over natural setting, with cleaning brush included. Electric zapper is more powerful than handheld guns, swatters, Rackets, and Repellents and lasts longer than solar and battery-powered units.

Brand: Black+decker

👤It kills many mosquitoes and flies well in the dark. It doesn't work when it's sunny outside. You can hear when a bug is zapped, and it's possible to kill mosquitoes, moths, and flies in the evening. Plug is not a good idea during sunny days as the bugs may not be able to see the blue glow, and can be a bit of a pain to clean the zapper from dead bugs with a small brush. Plug is not a replacement for the electric shock protection of the AlCI circuit. It can be used outside, but I would be very cautious if it rained. Make sure you plug this in. The zapper works well in the evening, but it can be uncomfortable for some people.

👤The weather is nice and the wind is strong. I recommend using a hair dryer or a high-powered blower to clean it. That seems to clean the unit better than the brush that's supplied.

👤A machine that zaps bugs is bad! This thing eats buffalo gnats. The good old Black and Decker showed up after we had a lot of gnats in our back yard. You can spray off with an air hose if you don't mind the little brush. The product is great and will probably be purchased again.

👤I am giving this unit a one star because it was delivered with a bad bulb. I know the bulb is getting electricity and that is not the problem, because one leg glows and I have checked the plug. I reached out to the seller to see if I could get a replacement bulb instead of returning the whole unit, because I like the look and feel of it. If I have to return the review, I will update it. If that happens, I will likely try another model, and will update this review again based on that experience. Hopefully this was a bad egg. I received a replacement bulb from the seller and the unit works as described. Excellent addition to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

👤All needs three stars. Light is bright and attracts bugs. The device is light and easy to hang, it has small holes in it that allow bugs to fly and land on the outside, which in turn attracts more bugs but not zapping them. They need bigger holes on the outside so bugs don't sit on the outside. Unless you have an extension cord, you can't hang out in areas with high bug traffic because the cord is short. There is a The positives outweigh the negatives in my view. It attracts bugs, but they don't fit through the holes to be zapped, so your hard ends up with more bugs.

👤I bought this because it is the same brand as my boyfriend's tool kit, because we just moved into a wooded area and there are tons of bugs. You are fixing the bug instead of fixing the house. I have been enjoying sitting outside at night listening to the bugs get zapped and the bigger bugs do a long squeaky fart sound when they are zapped which makes me laugh.

10. Flowtron Mc9000 Residential Fighter Green

Flowtron Mc9000 Residential Fighter Green

The bottom tray has insect debris in it. 120 watt of black light energy is five times more powerful. The industry's top performer is the 5, 600 peakvolt killing grid. The No-Clog grid eliminates insect build-up which can cause short circuits and flare ups. Weatherproof can remain outdoors for a long time, rain or shine. Maintenance free operation with consumer replacement parts. It's a good idea to hang it about 6 feet above the ground and 25 feet away from where you're going to sit or have a gathering. Bulb replacement with 3 Bf150 bulbs. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Flowtron

👤I've had 5 of the BK-40D zappers since 2016 and they've worked well, but they're unreliable. The light doesn't burn out, but it doesn't kill mosquitoes. You have to wait until you start getting eaten by the little buggers to know it's broken. I ran across this model from the same company when I was looking for something better after the most recent one stopped zapping. The MC-9000 has been in use for a couple of months, and has already defeated the last two units. It seems like a much higher quality product, so my hopes are high, and I'll post here if it ends up failing, like the lights need to be replaced. It seems like a higher quality product in that it's brighter and seems to cover a larger area, although it could use a better explanation in the manual. I will update this review immediately if it fails. The zapper is still going strong after a couple more months. We're having a wet fall, so it's getting use. I thought I'd add one more observation to the review. I noticed that the attractant continued to pull mosquitoes in during the day, even though it did wonders for pulling in additional mosquitoes at night. We would get a lot of mosquitoes in the area of our zapper before dusk. The process starts over when they're all dead by the morning. I bought a dusk-to-dawn timer to fix this.

👤The bug zapper should last at least one year. It was long enough to be out of warranty. It started blowing bulbs when they were installed. Flowtron would not do anything about the dead product after I contacted them. A good company would have realized that a just-out-of-warranty product that blew bulbs was an issue that they should own. Apparently, Flowtron is not a company. Disappointing. If you want to avoid this "high end" unit, buy something cheaper.

👤When it works, the unit uses three bulbs. Two of the three bulb sockets stopped working. I bought new ones because I thought it was the bulbs. The new ones don't work in the two sockets but in the third. It is the sockets. Even though it was over 30 days, I was able to get my money back from Amazon.

👤We bought this midway through the mosquito season last year because we were sick of losing our yard to those nasty little pests, and we wanted to declare absolute war. This weapon made our deck usable again after the invasion. We got a jump start at the beginning of the season, and we almost never see them again. One or two bites a night. The key is bait. Use what is included to get extras. We also use a Lurex to attract mosquitoes during daytime hours. Our yard is guarded during peak biting times because we have a smart switch that wakes us up during dawn and dusk. Keep it supplied, keep it on, and let it do its job. When I needed it, customer service was great. At the end of the season last year, I contacted the company and made a warranty claim after finding one of the sockets burning out. A brand new one was delivered shortly after, after they scheduled a pickup at my door. They didn't give me any grief and couldn't have made it easier. A word of advice... Don't stare at it for too long because it might keep you awake at night. I made the mistake of doing this on a couple of occasions, and my melatonin production shut down with enormous force. I woke up at 1AM and didn't sleep until 7AM. I have a pair of blue blocker glasses for when I want to look at the destruction. Enjoy, but not too much.

11. Electric Swatter 3000volt Mosquito Control

Electric Swatter 3000volt Mosquito Control

IDEAL INDOOR FLY ZAPPER. It is safe and secure to use in home, hospitals, workplace areas, commercial spaces, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses, and retail stores. If there is a problem with your purchase, please contact them. 3000-volt powerful output to kill any flying insects with one touch. A single swing of these large versions of their best-selling zapper will eliminate flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Take the modern approach and get rid of your old fly swatter. The indicator light on your bug zapper racket will light up if you press the activation button. A triple-layer safety mesh protects you. The bug zap does not have any risk to you or the environment. The portable design is 18 x 7.

Brand: Endbug

👤I live in the country and I get a lot of small bugs. When I sit on my porch, I always take this little guy with me and it seems that the bugs are not interested in bothering me now. He ends with a crack and a spark when a bug comes near. gnats do not get zapped. Small and large mosquitoes don't stand a chance. Since the metal crosshatch has no power, I can hit bugs that land on my body. This is one of the best outdoor products I have ever purchased.

👤This was a waste of money. The mesh doesn't touch the screen when it's placed over a bug. It would work for a large bug, but we don't get many of them. It does the job, but is not as efficient as the one we used for a long time. I'll be looking for a new brand.

👤The mesh layer that protects fingers from contact with the screen also prevents flies from touching it. The fly I caught was between the mesh layers. Most flies don't cooperate; they just fly away. The zapper we bought was without the safety screen.

👤Getting the job done is difficult because the edge is too thick. It is not as light as another one we have had. I wouldn't recommend it. Get a lighter one if you spend a little more.

👤I replaced it and it is working. I think I was expecting something different. I touched it with my fingers and it shot me.

👤The heft, expansive capture surface, and even the color of it made my purchase promising. It worked well. I was happy. The plastic battery cover kept detaching. Now, lost forever. Is it hard to design a good battery cover? If a screwdriver is part of the solution I would be happy with that.

👤We have too many flies. I bought a racket to help. It gets flies andgnats but it is enjoyable. The zap noise is satisfying. I will buy at least two more because the adults want to play with it. A kill count is the only thing that could make it better.

👤I was not happy with these. When the bugs stop flying around between the safety webbing and electric layer, they get cut. Two years ago, I bought some rackets from a retail site and they are still cheaper.

👤Normal sized flies seem to keep hitting the safety net and the few times they do get zapped, they're still alive enough to fly away. Only worked on fruit flies once or twice.

👤It is very good to use. It helps me a lot. There were no flies in the room. I use this fly swapper.

👤It destroyed bugs. Lots of fun.

👤One zap... Bye bye nasty biters! You can order another one.


What is the best product for electric zapper outdoor?

Electric zapper outdoor products from Klahaite. In this article about electric zapper outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Gtocs and Black+decker are also good brands to look for when you are finding electric zapper outdoor.

What are the best brands for electric zapper outdoor?

Klahaite, Gtocs and Black+decker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for electric zapper outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Vanelc, Moshunt and H Homesuit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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