Best Electric Zester Machine

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1. Adjustable Stainless Kitchen Vegetable Machine

Adjustable Stainless Kitchen Vegetable Machine

We suggest washing the parts with a brush or cloth to keep them in peak condition. Not recommended for dishwasher. Buy a warranty for 90 days. They give 90 days for a replacement or refund when there is an issue with quality. If you're not completely satisfied, you can contact them. A vegetable fruit slicer. This shredder is all-in-one. The kitchen counter is chaotic. There are four different types of blades. It is easy to cut vegetables and fruits with strong blades. The material was used using the steel and PP. It is easy to clean. The material base is PP. Vegetables can be stored after cutting them.

Brand: Keklle

👤I thought it was very good. The plastic around the grating surface cracked after 3 uses. Disappointing.

👤When my daughter's boyfriend moved to his apartment, he received these as a gift. There were things in my kitchen that were disappearing. I noticed a picture on social media of a meal my daughter had prepared and to the side on the counter there was my peeler. I was trying to keep my own kitchen drawers filled. I was pleasantly surprised when this came. It's small and portable. Pieces fit together for storage. They do a good job. I don't know how long they will last. I think it's a great buy for a new chef. The product was received on time and the packaging was good.

👤It was too late to return the plastic. It's hard to hold onto the grate. A flimsy product.

👤The kitchen grater arrived in a timely manner. The design of the grater makes it easy to find the blades. The blades are contained so you don't risk injury when you reach into the drawer. Thank you for the safe and convenient product.

👤It is flimsy. The grate is cracked. The handle was useful. Attachments are hard to put in place. Not a great purchase.

👤It's great to hold veggies or cheese in a container.

👤It is easy to change the coring blades out, but it is difficult to attach the green handle portion to the base.

👤It is compact, neat, and easy. Pick the right grate out of the four included, grate right into the container provided, and cover if you want. The kitchen has a great addition.

👤Schnelle Halterung ist es fehlt.

👤Die Schrfe der Reibeflche ist gut. The Reibematerial seitlich. Es ist aus.

2. Zester Stainless Kitchen Plastic Ergonomic

Zester Stainless Kitchen Plastic Ergonomic

It's great for daikon, elephant garlic, and parmesan cheese. A high-quality razor sharp blade. The protective cover is reuseable. The grating surface is dishwasher safe. The handle is comfortable and non-slip. Excellent for fruits and cheeses.

Brand: Allwin-houseware W

👤I was a professional chef and wanted an inexpensive zester to take on the road, however, this is a case where you get what you pay for. This is not a good thing for the fruit. The peel catches on the blades. The yield of the fruit is very low compared to the Microplane fruit. The peel was catching on the blades and it was dangerous for my fingers. You think you will get a rhythm going and then the fruit stops but the hand keeps going, causing you to easily grate your finger tips. I will never leave my Microplane behind again.

👤It is very sturdy and feels like an OXO brand utensil. The blades are sharp and the cover snaps on and off easily. I might not be using this correctly. Is there a way to hold this, if I haven't found it yet? This is the first time I have used a Zester. It doesn't glide smoothly over the microplane when trying to zest a lime or lemon You are fighting it. If that is the way it is, how do all these cooks make it look so easy? ginger and garlic are both good, but it's difficult to remove them from the back of the microplane. I think the blades are too large of openings, but never used one, so take that with a grain of salt.

👤It's hard to clean. It was lumpy.

👤This zester is very sharp. It goes through ginger and lemon peel very quickly. It's an upgrade from my dollar store model and it's nice that they included a plastic sleeve so it can be covered while put away since it is sharp enough to cut you. It's not as easy to clean as my old one, but it works better and I don't care.

👤We do Hello Fresh at home. Every recipe uses something. I have looked at Walmart and the dollar tree, but can not find a zester. We are making our food. The small side of a cheese grater is not good for grating cheese.

👤It graded the garlic cloves great but it's difficult to get the mashed garlic out of the cloves when you turn them over. I'm going to get a flat backside one.

👤It's easy to clean and comes with a plastic sleeve. A must have kitchen tool is a great value.

👤This is a really good grater. The gratings are the size you would want to shred on a salad. It's easy to use. You can't beat it for the price.

3. Cuisinart CTG 00 BG Boxed Grater

Cuisinart CTG 00 BG Boxed Grater

Four sides to shred or slice food. Made from steel. The package weight is 9.0 pounds.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The grate works well. The soft cheese side does a good job of shredding similar cheeses, but I have only used it so far. There are two issues with the design. There is a rubber frame around the base to keep it from sliding. The rubber frame and the grater's body make it difficult to clean. The frame can be removed but it requires some force and is a bit risky since the grater's surfaces are covered in sharp edges. The second issue is the steel rod that goes around the base of the grater. It is carbon steel. It doesn't work anymore.

👤Some reviewers have stated that the grater has a rod around the bottom that is not STAINLESS STEEL. The rusty black water came out of the dishwasher when I took it out. The rubber piece was taken off and I could see that the rod was already rusted. It is very deceiving to say that it is 100% steel.

👤Don't waste your money! I used it a few times. I realized it was rusty immediately. I am very disappointed. Please see the picture, I am returning it.

👤A carbon steel support rod is under the rubber base. This is not acceptable in a tool that should be 100% shirring from the first wash.

👤I haven't had this unit in a month. I've washed it 3 times and it's rusted on the bottom. The plastic covers the rust. Not good quality.

👤I'm not happy with this product. The grate was easy to use, but after a run through the dishwasher it rusted. I threw it out after using it once.

👤I'm glad I got this grater, it's more comfortable to use than the one I used as a child. I had a thin metal handle for my grater when I was a kid. It was hard to hold the cabbage. This one has a large handle that is comfortable to use as I grate mountains of potatoes. I wish the blades were sharper. These are just punched out sheets of metal. You need to press down harder on the food if the "teeth" haven't been sharpened. If you slip, you can hurt yourself. I wish I'd bought the Microplane brand graters, which have sharper blades.

👤I'm used to sharp tools in the kitchen, but there's a difference between truly sharp and just plain ragged, and I keep my knives like scalpels. I had to smooth the rough edges of the top corner of the box grater with a file after cutting myself when grabbing the handle. The coarse grater is fine to use, but it is hard to clean because it is covered with sharp punched edges that are difficult to clean, as things stick in the sharp nooks and crannies that will also shred whatever you attempt to clean it with. After years of faithful service, my old box grater was simply worn out and I bought this to replace it. It was easy until the very end of its life, and never once did it bother me. This one is not as friendly. The fine side ripped into the flesh. It's as dangerous as a red-bellied piraa because it's so hard to clean. I have never had a kitchen tool that was so prepared for injury. I cannot recommend it unless you handle it only with chainmail gloves, and seek a bit of extra iron oxide in your parmesan after evading your last cleaning attempt. Beware.

4. Good Grips Etched Zester Grater

Good Grips Etched Zester Grater

You can grate ginger, garlic, and hard cheeses. The grating surface is etched with sharp, etched steel. Convenient cover protects grating surface and hands when not in use. The non-slip foot provides control. The handle is soft for a comfortable grip.

Brand: Oxo

👤This is the best and easiest to use tool I have ever owned. There is a large surface that is too big for fruit. A very light pull will give you longish ribbons of zest with no pith at all, and the zest falls easily to the plate or board under it. There is no need to mess with the inside of your box grater. It is very easy to clean. It comes with a cover to help keep it sharp, it also has a drawer that you can use to keep your hands free from rasping when you pick up anything from that drawer. Thoroughly pleased. I am thinking of getting another to guard against the time Oxo stops making these.

👤I expected this tool to be useful when I needed a small amount of parmesan. Individual needs can be met with a single plate of pasta. I was wrong. Since this came into my house, I haven't used my box grater. I am impressed with how quickly this can make a cup of fluffy parmesan. It's near mirror finish makes it easy to clean, and I particularly like the snap-on plastic shield that protects those incredibly sharp cutters. The harder the cheese is, the more concentrated the flavor is. I usually saved the hardest part for my sauces. The toughest cheese is handled by this new grating. I encourage you to be careful with this tool. Over the years, I have used my fingers to grate any number of old box or handheld graters with no damage to my digits. I'm pretty sure this tool can make salad out of any finger. Be careful!

👤I've purchased several of them over the years and this one is the best. The handle and balance are perfect for grating. I used it at least 6 times after having it for less than a week. The protective cover is amazing and easy to clean. You will not regret buying this one.

👤I use this for grinding and grating. It does a good job. It seems like it's a little deeper than my old microplane, but I think it's for the best, since it skims the surface and doesn't dig as far into the lemon as the old one did. There is less pith in the zest if that's how it's done.

👤I chose this one because of the good ratings and the satisfaction I have with Oxo products. I think I got a bad device this time. There was nothing easy about using this tool to get the lemon juice out of it. The teeth barely touched the surface on my first attempt. I was able to get a very fine zest with zero pith. Normal pressure wasn't enough to sink the teeth into the rind. I have to return this.

👤I never listened to the people who told me to get a good garlic and spices peeler. I was a fool. This thing makes it easy to clean anything that touches it. It's easy to get a small amount of lemon juice with no pith, so you won't get the bitter lemon flavor that comes from grating it. The metal is strong. If you don't have enough skin on your hands to fenagle the cover off safely, you will be warned. This comes with a razor sharp blade, which is perfect since you can't really sharpen something like this, so you might end up cooking a bit of your fingertips in your garlic shrimp, and the burn of garlic on an open wound will leave you nursing your hand and your pride. That means you need to attach the cover when it isn't being used, or Timmy is going to run to you screaming after he reached into the drawer for a spoon and scratched his hand against an uncovered zester.

5. Best Grade Fine Zester Grater

Best Grade Fine Zester Grater

To clean the product, simply use soap and water. Add flavor to your favorite meals and desserts with the DI ORO Handheld Fine Zester Grater. It's great for garlic cloves, ginger root, and parmesan cheese. There are so many possibilities. Adding fresh ingredients to your food will make it taste better. Your friends and family will be asking for your secret ingredients. DI ORO's razor sharp blade is made of high quality steel that will not rust or corrode. The blade is so sharp it can be used to shave hard cheeses like parmesan with ease and minimal pressure. You will fall in love with this tool and use it to improve your skills in the kitchen. A stability bar has been added to prevent slipping. This feature makes it easy to use and safe, so you can have peace of mind that you will be safe while doing it. Their grip is non-slip and safe. It will fit in your hand, even when wet. They designed a Fine Zester Grater that is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and designed to prevent the build-up of food andbacteria, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can spend more time with your family and less time cleaning the kitchen. Their obsession with creating great products and wonderful experiences to inspire their customers to reach new heights in the kitchen doesn't end there. They will always lend an ear to their U.S. based customer support team to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your DI ORO purchases.

Brand: Di Oro Living

👤I bought two more for my daughter and sister after I was so enthusiastic. After only 3 months of use, the part that makes the grater fall out is no longer there. It's nearly impossible to use it now. There is no way to hold the metal part in the frame. It is a fit. The device is useless if the outside frame is not used because it will cause the pressure-fit section to fall out. The part needed to be welded to the frame. If, you won't get much use out of it. The design is flawed.

👤The handle on the Microplane grater broke. The new grater is more sturdy and easier to hold. We love it! There was a problem with the handle on the grater. They told me of their forever warranty after I sent Di Oro an email about it. Wow! I just had to email a picture of the turning grater handle to them and they would send me a new one the same day. Awesome... Awesome. Excellent customer service! Why can't all companies do this? Di Oro is the best. There are ten stars!

👤I wanted the pieces to come out bigger because of the sharpness of the blade. I grate ginger for India Chai. I have to be extra careful because I know my Chai won't taste good with some skin in it. I left it in the stove with the top touching the pan and it melted a bit. The rubber end isn't very heat resistant. I ordered this product from, which has a much harder and heat rest. I did not buy the same one again because the other one was too fine. And I wanted more. I had to push the metal back in after it came loose from the handle. It is a good tool. I gave 3 stars because of 2 reasons.

👤I was impressed. This is the one I like the most. The lemon peel is very fine and when I baked them into my Madeleines, the lemon peel disappeared completely, but the taste of the cookie was better because of the lemon peel. The lemon is the best part of the skin because it is thin and fluffy, and you can move it around after each pass on the blade. I'm very happy! I have owned a lot of animals, but the best one is the zester. I am surprised that I am excited about a lemon. I don't dread that part of baking anymore.

👤The cheese grater is very good for the price. For the price, you are not getting an incredibly durable product, but you are getting one backed by excellent customer service. I submitted a warranty claim after my cheese grater broke after a few months of good use. They sent me a new grater for free after contacting me quickly. Pros: 1) Works well. Excellent customer service, backed by a lifetime warranty, is one of the reasons I use it.

👤The size of this shredder/grater and the way it has a plastic rest to keep it in place make me love it. I've used it on lemons, but it doesn't give a smooth shredding action, but it does give a beautiful long strip of zest. I shredded my fingernails when I used it to hold it upright and lying horizontal. I think the sharp points aren't sharp enough to make it glide smoothly. I have a long thin one that glides smoothly, but it comes out wet and kind of mashed up. I'll go with this one between the two. I don't know if I'm using it correctly. Buy it. If you have the same experience as me, you can always send it back.

6. Integrity Ergonomic Non Slip Dishwasher Vegetables

Integrity Ergonomic Non Slip Dishwasher Vegetables

The Raniaco fine grater is easy to clean and hang up. It is not easy to rust. Just rinse under the water. The holes in the handle of the kitchen tool can be hung to dry. It's dishwasher safe! COVER The new and improved grater is designed to relieve stress on the hands and promote joint health, making it incredibly comfortable and simple to use. No more straining on your hands. Everyone is guaranteed to love it, so it makes for a great gift. TREAT YOURSELF WITH PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY - Designed using ultra-high quality, rust-free STAINLESS steel with an ergonomics heavy duty reinforced handle, and it's royal. The quality of the zester/grater is ensured by the professional grade inspection which allows them to last 5x's longer. A design that will never rust and hold its razor sharp edge for many years, is truly beautiful. Whether you're grating cheese over a delicious pasta or making a delicious lemon zest pie, you will WOW everyone as you professionally grate and zest your produce into delicious, bite-sized morsels with ease! You will become a popular neighbor with your new kitchen gadgets. Place your new kitchen tool in the dishwasher or rinse it with water and a mild detergent after you're done. They're partnering with World Concern to provide cures for children in third world countries who lack access to clean drinking water. Children can get parasites in the water. Every Integrity Chef product will cure a child of parasites. They hope that you'll help them bring hope to a child's life. Thanks to you, 21,968 children have been saved. They are confident that you will love their measuring spoon set. If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked. They hope that you will support their business. Thank you so much from all of them at Integrity Chef!

Brand: Ic

👤The best grater was recommended by the TV show 'The American Test Kitchen'. I found it to live up to it's expectations after using it. I have been cooking for over 50 years and it works better than any other grate I have used. I would buy it again, but it looks like it will last a long time, but when it needs to be replaced, it will be the same unit.

👤This one is wonderful. I had a terrible zoster. It was the only one with tons of pressure. The cheap one was not up to par. I needed a true zoster and ordered this one. The micro plane is the real deal. It is quick, easy, and efficient. I use it for oranges, limes, lemons, and fresh ginger. I added fresh s ome on the whipped topping for my pumpkin pies. There is no comparison between the two. I like this one.

👤This product is very socially conscious. It makes lemons soft and makes piles out of the hardest aged cheeses in seconds. Microplane's blades seem to be sharper than the Integrity Chef Pro Zesters blades. The hand filling design makes the kitchen very comfortable to use. The CEO of this company sent me a personal message to make sure I was happy with my purchase. You can't ask for more. This product is very good.

👤The zester/grater comes with a safety cover, and I like that it does an excellent job. Integrity Chef contacted me immediately after I ordered it to make sure it was delivered in good condition and to make me aware of the charity that my purchase supported. I will definitely choose their products over others when I get the chance.

👤I seem to have a different experience than those who think it's dull. My teeth are raised too much. It was difficult to pull the skin of a lemon. It took more than just the pith and the zest to sink into the flesh. Impressive but useless. I will return it.

👤My daughter suggested that I get a larger one since she had used a similar one at a friend's house. This one is hard to use. The blades are too high, making it hard to grate things. The grating motion requires strength to run over the blades. It is easy to cut yourself on it. The construction is nice and solid and doesn't seem cheap at all. It was disappointing that it didn't work as we had hoped. We both cut ourselves on it because of the rough shredding, so it sits in the drawer and we are back to using our older, smaller grater, which works fine for small jobs and isn't as inclined to eat hands.

👤I needed to replace my old plane, and I am glad I chose this one. It's a great handle to hold on to, and the grating part is nice and sharp. I used it immediately for dinner.

👤I love this thing! I've used many others in the past. Most of them were terrible. This product does what it says on the tin. There was a lot of zest with very little effort. Highly recommend it! I bought 2 more after the first proved to be a success. One for my daughter and one for our vacation home. Thank you!

7. Better Houseware 562 Safety Grater

Better Houseware 562 Safety Grater

You can use a coarse grater to make chocolate. It'sTILE: You can grate and dice cheese. It's ideal for making potato latkes. It's safe. No sharp edges to worry about. It's durable. The dishwasher safe is made of carbon steel. There are many uses. It's easy to use and ideal for use as a drainer or camping grill. Measures are 12.5" x 5.5"

Brand: Better Houseware

👤What the doctor ordered. It's the perfect way to make potatoe pancakes. The way mother made them.

👤My mom used to have a grating like this. It worked well. We used to cook potatoes in butter. They were very good. I didn't have my mom's grater. I ordered this one. I thought it was flimsy when I first held it. It didn't grate potatoes well when I used it. It needs to be made correctly. It is very difficult to grate them. You can keep going back and forth, but nothing is happening. Very disappointed.

👤I didn't pay attention to the safety part of the style, but it is a nice grater. It is very smooth and takes a little bit of effort to grate. The wires are straight. The flat wires made grating easy.

👤This is a great way to quickly chop eggs for salad or egg salad. The egg is pushed through the screen. I have not used it for anything else. I am very happy if only for eggs. Ty.

👤This grater is good for grating, but not very sharp, which makes it great for hard boiled eggs, but not much else. It's fine since I bought it to grate eggs, but it's not a versatile tool.

👤My wife has been looking for one for a long time, the one she had broke. She couldn't find a replacement. Works well.

👤I use this to grate potatoes for certain recipes. This is similar to the o grate I had as a child.

👤The look of this grater is timeless. The size is wonderful and the details are great. It was very well made.

👤The safety grate can scratch you back, but no potato or other vegetables were returned.

👤Terrible product. I tried to grate an onion. It takes a lot of muscle power to do it. Does not grate cheese. Don't buy!

8. OXO Good Grips Box Grater

OXO Good Grips Box Grater

The tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To clean out tough to reach particles, use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade. The dishwasher can be used to place the zester/grater. The blades are sharp and easy to grating. The grating surfaces are coarse, medium and fine. Slim construction fits into drawers. Attachable container for measuring and storing food. The grip is soft and comfortable. The dimensions are : 2.98 x 4.5 x 11.8.

Brand: Oxo

👤This was purchased to replace an old box grater. The construction is great and it's very comfortable to hold. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it, but it feels like it will stand the test of time. The large grating surface has blades that are not very sharp. I keep the old grater because it's better at grating cheese than the newer one. The small container is not bad, but it seems like it's more in the way than helpful. The container attached to the grater was too small to be useful. I have a lot of OXO kitchen items and this is the first one I've purchased that I probably wouldn't recommend to someone else. I wouldn't buy it again if it came down, but I would return it.

👤I have a problem. When I moved to college, my parents gave me a grater. My parents gave me a box grater and a can of Dinty Moore stew as a gift. They were generous. 35 years later, I decided it was time to make a change and my wife hid the grater in my kitchen because I couldn't seem to let go of anything. I need a box grater. It does a lot of great things, like taking off the end of your fingers when you try to use the single blade grate. The empty cans of Lone Star on the counter is what's telling you that you can do this, even though you have this in the back of your mind. There is an inch of finger. That is the reason I bought a mandoline. I like OXO. I have big fat hands with sausage fingers and OXO gives me something to hold. Their quality is always on point. The measuring cup markings are on the catch bucket. I have yet to use the catch bucket attachment, so I think OXO is showing off with this contraption. Over the years, I have used the unit the same way. A must have for making sofrito.

👤I didn't think I'd like this box grater as much as I do. OXO is known for its well made products and this one is no different. The box grater has a slim profile so it is easier to store. The front and back of the blades are the most used. Fine and slicing surfaces are smaller at the sides. This object is strong. The cutting surfaces are made of durable steel and are very sharp. The handle is made of plastic. The counter or cutting board has a rubber bottom. There is a box container with printed side measures and a lid that fits into the bottom of the grater. You can grate up to a cup of food directly into the container. I thought it was a stunt. The food is contained and measured at the same time. The container is dishwasher safe. It was manufactured in China.

👤I bought this grate almost 8 years ago. It is used at least three times a week. Vegetables, cheese, coconut, and other items are grate. The grater is as good as new and still has its sharpness. The design is very good and there is no damage to the grate after many years of use. This is the one to get if you need a grating. The bin you use to catch items is made of plastic. This was not as sturdy or as useful as the grater and I think it went to the land of lost socks. The grater is worth more than the 5 stars I can give it.

9. OXO 21081 Grips Peeler Black

OXO 21081 Grips Peeler Black

Purchase with confidence and a one-year warranty. If you're not happy with your purchase, please contact them and they'll do everything in their power to make it right. The average response time is 6 hours. If you want a portable compressor. The heavy-duty air inflator is easy to use and solid. Order now to be a part of the off-road family. Little eaters can't push, tip or throw it because of the base. Little learners are helped to scoop up food. The plate twists off the base for easy cleaning. It is suitable for ages 6 months to 4 years. The dishwasher and microwave are safe. One 5" bowl is included. A divided plate with 4 sections is included.

Brand: Oxo

👤The peeler is very effective. My boyfriend was able to cut off 1/6th of his thumb because it was so sharp. The experience was horrible and lasted the whole night. They had to close the wound. Good at cutting fruit.

👤This thing will peel anything you want it to and anything you don't want it to. It took the tips of my fingers. A must have for a home cook.

👤I like the OXO brand and buy it for myself and others. It has a raised'spoke' one side to protect fingers and works well. This is not an ambidextrous tool and I am aware of that. Theblades are very sharp. It comes with a plastic cover for the blades, which may be only for shipping purposes. The blades hold their edge very well. The shield is being used. Highly recommended! Light-years better than the ones my mother used to buy.

👤I like to make Encuentros with zucchini tortillas. The thin zucchini slices are perfect.

👤I love it! I was unsure if the Y peeler would be easy to use, the first time I bought it. This is very easy to use. It was easy to peel 10 apples. I was worried that my nails would get in the way, which they don't, but this is sharp enough to nick them. Almost my entire apple was intact, because this gadget just removes the peel. I can't believe how much produce I have wasted by cutting off the skin instead of using a peeler, so I could kick myself for not buying a peeler sooner. It comes with a plastic covering for the blades. If you want to come into the 20th century and not be so lazy, you will not be disappointed in getting this peeler. It's easy to grip and it does a great job.

👤My vegetable peeler isn't up to peeling thick-skinned vegetables like pumpkins and root vegetables, so I use my existing vegetable peeler for cucumbers. I bought this peeler based on the positive reviews. Amazon customers were not disappointed. It handles the pumpkin skins and the wax-coated skin of a rutabaga. If you're using the tool correctly, you won't see reviewers cutting off bits of their fingers. If you want to add skin strips to your dish, this peeler is the one to use.

👤This must be the world's best peeler. This is a cautionary tale for me. My husband had to get his finger tip cauterized after he sliced off a portion of his finger. The engineering team may want to take a look at this design after reviewing some other comments. It does its job, but it's not very sharp. It's a good idea to be careful with it.

👤I read reviews. The handle was too small and the blade broke. I have small hands and can't imagine breaking a blade. It is almost never in the drawer. It's easy to clean. The handle on the y-style peeler is no smaller than any other standard y-style peeler, and if it was specifically designed to be easy grip, it would be a different peeler. I've looked at grips many times because my mother had Parkinson's. I'm not sure about the blade breaks. I use mine in ways that it was never meant to be used, and it glides smoothly over any surface I apply it to. I'll buy more if I lose this one. I'm curious to see how long it lasts, considering how quickly it's being used. I will post an update on it's longevity. I highly recommend it.

10. Rotary Mandoline Vegetable Shredder Cucumber

Rotary Mandoline Vegetable Shredder Cucumber

Their obsession with creating great products and wonderful experiences to inspire their customers to reach new heights in the kitchen doesn't end there. They will always lend an ear to their U.S. based customer support team to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your DI ORO purchases. There are three blade types: slicer blade, coarse shredder blade and fine shredder blade. It's ideal for vegetables, fruits and cheese in salads, soups, pizzas, desserts and so on. It is safe material. The body of the veggie slicer is made from food grade plastic. When you crank the handle, the roller cuts food all the time. A circle is cut 12 times if you shake it. You can get food preparation done more quickly with the minimum effort. Zero injuries. Don't touch blades, just avoid injury. The cheese grater protects you from sharp blades. This cheese slicer takes up a little cupboard and bench space, but it does the tasks of multiple kitchen tools in one. It is easy to disassemble this slicer. You can clean it under the water.

Brand: Alrens

👤My issue is here. The handle comes off after every rotation. I grate frozen butter twice. It is locked down on the counter. The handle pops off after every rotation. I spent more time putting it back on than I would have done with a box grater. This review is being updated. I was going to ask for a refund after my last post. I decided to get a replacement. It arrived yesterday. We were having salads for supper. I had to grate some cheese. It worked well for that. No issues at all. I made 2 blocks of cheese quickly. The handle was not loose in anyway. Maybe the first one was a dud. I will keep the new one. I may update again once I have a chance to work with some vegetables. 8/6 The last update. I had this product for a while. I've used it less than 10 times. I went to grate some cheese last night and the piece of plastic that holds the base in place broke. It broke. I won't buy a replacement because it's been too long. Maybe you should look for a better product. This will not last very long.

👤I bought this 5 months ago. This was a bad purchase for me. I have arthritis in my hands and it's becoming a chore. I was looking for a way to make grating less painful. I decided to make oatmeal zucchini bread and it would be a good bet for this gadgets first run. It wouldn't require using more than minimum pressure to handle tender zucchini squash. It seemed like it was doing well for a couple of cups of zucchini, but it seemed to grate less and less, and the handle cracked. I noticed that the squash wasn't grating after I removed the grating cylinder. The cylinder is so weak that it began to cave in so that it wouldn't hurt the squash. I had to finish grating my vegetables. I put the new grater in its box and washed it. It has been there ever since. I didn't return it because I was so angry. It's been a real thorn in my side that I took a chance on a cheap kitchen accessory that turned out to be useless.

👤The product makes it easy to shred cheese. I will never purchase pre-shredded cheese again. When you place the base in a position, it doesn't move until you release the suction. Pros-Grader has different blades, medium cheese grade, fine cheese grade and sliced. Con- While shredding the cheese the handle comes off the base as you grade the cheese. The tab is needed to open the unlock latch on the handle. The grader piece that connects to the handle becomes detached when graded. It is the same thing as tightening something while you are grading. I would appreciate any tips from the manufacturer on how to resolve this.

👤I thought it would help alleviate the tedium of grating cheese and veggies. It did not. There are some positives to it. It cleans up nicely in the top-rack dishwasher. The grating hubs are sharp and will slice and grate just fine if you stay within its limitations. There are many limitations. It had questionable build quality. I was going to return the turning handle immediately, but I couldn't get it to attach, so I smashed it with a sledgehammer. It seems to work though it can be difficult. This is much smaller than you think. This won't take anything that isn't cut into small pieces. You have to cut everything into quarters so you have to increase your grating time four-fold. There are 8oz cheese blocks for the baby. The turning handle is small and there is little leverage. Once the grating cylinder starts getting gunked up, it takes about everything I have to do to turn it. This is compounded by the fact that the base will slide around on you and eventually come off in the middle of a full body weight downstroke. There is a lot of space between the grating hub and the plastic chute, meaning that everything will get stuck in there. It only takes a few revolutions of the handle to get gunk up the outside of the hub. If you're grating medium cheese like cheddar, you need to take the thing apart, remove the mashed cheese layer from the chute, and then dig out the impacted shreds from the hub with a butter knife. The whole time, staring at the old box grater, wondering how you got there. I now use a box grater for cheese. It's faster, less physical work, and it cleans just as easily. When I have more work to do than half a potato, I keep the grating toy for veggies and soft items. If the design was scaled up to 50%, it would be an excellent product. It's too small for use.

11. OXO Good Grips Multi Grater

OXO Good Grips Multi Grater

Cutting to the point where there is light pressure. You can make your kitchen work with this peeler. You won't need a lot of effort. Everything you need to prepare fruit is in this package. You can use the other part of the tool, which has the insides of the little circles sharpened, to peel your fruit. Use on any surface. Two grating surfaces made of steel. It's easy to clean when the snaps apart. The handle and feet are comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤The older version of this grater is not the same as the new one. This is made with cheap plastic and feels like it won't last long. I don't think this will last a long time because we had the older model. It would not be a good idea.

👤I am an OXO fan. Most of their stuff is made of rocks. They have a design lab in NYC. The minuscule device is not an ideal kitchen tool. The standard box grater takes twice as long to grate as your cheddar does. The plastic frame is not strong enough to hold up under the grating pressure. This is not right. The open design means that you end up with a messy scatter instead of a tidy pile of shavings. I can understand that I could have used a bowl. Think twice about the trade offs and consider what a good simple grater should function and how it should work.

👤After many years of use, the Oxo grater broke. We thought we were getting the same, but it's really a cheap piece.

👤I bought these thinking they would come apart for cleaning, but they don't, it's almost impossible to slide them apart, and dangerous. I hurt my hand trying to get one out. I contacted Amazon to return them. I just called the company and shamed Amazon for not standing behind what they sell.

👤The cheese grater is life-changing. I mean that. I'm an evangelical about it. I gave it to everyone I know in order to spread the word. The basics are first. If you really want melty cheese, you must grate it from a block. The deli counter has a block cut. It's worth it, they may look at you funny. Americans are not doing cheese right. Pre-shredded cheese bags are not good. They are not conveniences. They use sawdust/cellulose/potato starch mixed in to keep it from drying out and rendering it completely worthless. It's really un-tasty. A part-skim mozzarella pizza is packed with disappointment. Everyone orders take-out. This secret made me want to make my own food, and now I prefer to eat out. I'm talking full-fat gooey bliss here. Is it possible that you are persuaded? You need a cheese grater. Not one of those toys! No boxes, no pyramids, no planes. You want a bad boy. It is up to applied force. It's dishwasher safe, it's good for hard and soft cheeses, it separates for easy hand-cleaning between uses, and you're going to need it, because you're going to be grating cheese at every meal. We use it twice a day. It gets replaced about every three years. I think that's a good mileage. BUY IT. Be alert.

👤In December 2020. The rating has been slashed from 4 to 1 as the grater is falling apart. The plastic frame is cracking and crumbling, with the metal parts starting to warp and bend. We don't recommend it based on short-lived durability. ... The OXO kitchen products are generally liked by us. You can use the grater as a stand or independently use each of the legs, if you separate the legs. The clip that held the legs together has been removed, and we have found it easier and safer to use each leg on its own. It looks like it will last a few years. Our old grater was less sturdy, twisted during use, and that led to the eventual breaking of the frame, which we like because each piece doesn't twist much. The OXO seems to be better made.


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What are the best brands for electric zester machine?

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