Best Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker

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1. TR Industrial TR89100 Demolition Jackhammer

TR Industrial TR89100 Demolition Jackhammer

The set includes: There is a dust cover, chisels, drill bits, grease, chuck, and a storage case. The drill weight is 9 lbs. Power can break through concrete, clay, concrete floors and more. There are accessories included. Jackhammer, chisels, safety goggles, gloves. 800 Blows-per-min of hammering. The power cord and auxiliary handle are standard. Excellent heavy-duty drilling power, 11 Amp motor, and TV tested. The cable was inspected and certified with safety features. The cable was inspected and certified with safety features.

Brand: Tr Industrial

👤I've been working on demolishing our 55,000 gallon pool and surrounding side walk for the past few months and have only one tool left. I'll add some pics that show the strength of the tools. I have destroyed about 100 feet by 10 foot of 4 inch thick walkway and blown several large drain holes in the pool. There is no sign of the brushes wearing out yet and the oil level hasn't gone down a hair. I read that lubricating the bits will help prevent oil leaking. I'll go over some of the things I've learned so far in this project because I have a bit of insomnia. This is my first hammer. 1. It is not as fun to use a jack hammer. You will be sore, wear gloves that are shock absorbing, and trim your fingernails. Ear protection is not needed with this rig. 2. Rebar is bad. The walkway was reinforced with 6x6 wire fence style rebar, if you have the same, get a small pair of bolt cutters to deal with it as you break off chunks. The boot will also go straight. 3. The strength of concretes is broad. If you blow a hole straight through, you will get stuck, if you work in a way that you are always knocking off an exposed triangle of concrete, it will split easy, and you will get bigger chunks. I used to have a chunk with 2 exposed ends break off when I worked the first section of walkway down to a semi-circular shape. 4. If you get the bit stuck, unmount it from the jackhammer and use your second bit to get the first one. I had to do that a few times when I started. 5. I connected a roll of 12/3 romex to a 20 Amp breaker in the breaker box, then rolled it out 150 feet to the pool area and connected it to a water tight box. I use a 12 gauge extension cord. I finally had a reason to use the spade attachment. I decided to give it a try after trying to break through the hard pack dried clay with a shovel. I had a "where have you been all my life" moment when I pulled the gun. There is a I came up with a system of driving 6 times with the spade curve to the outside of the hole, making a circle of sorts, then shovelling out the rubble and repeating the process after I got the 4th post hole dug. Life was made easier. There is a I would love to raise this to 6 stars.

👤TR Industrial TR 100. The Electric Demolition Jackhammer video was reviewed. I created this review after looking at the pictures and the company video but not seeing the tool in action. The purchase was used for a basement rebuild project. It is the same as the H65. The Bosch 90lb electric is half the size and weight. It weighs 35 lbs with a bit. The total height is 36". I'm confident that this tool would make you money, and I think it should hold up to commercial use. I have gotten my money's worth out of this tool and would buy it again if it broke, it's all metal and no plastic parts. The 3 bit version came in a plastic case with a handle and wheels. The case was slightly damaged from the weight of the tool, but still functions well. I think the plastic case is better than the metal case for my usage, but I have not seen the metal case mentioned in other reviews. I prefer this hammer because it's half the weight and is much easier to work with than the Bosch electric rental hammers and pneumatic industrial hammers. I ran it on my generator for about 30 minutes and it ran just fine. The price is outstanding, overnight delivery, and a 30 day return policy. If you don't have concrete to jackhammer, you can't go wrong. I will sell this tool locally after I finish the project for twice what I paid for it new. Get it and use it immediately. Re-tighten all the bolts. If it doesn't work or fails, return it immediately for a new one. The hammer is even cheaper if you don't need the spade bit.

2. XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Concrete 2200Watt

XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Concrete 2200Watt

The cable was inspected and certified with safety features. It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco, housing foundation removal, concrete slab, oil chimney and many more. It's suitable for use at home and business with a voltage of 60 HZ. It is easy to adjust the foregrip based on the position you need it for. It accepts one in. The bits deliver 1800 BPM for fast demolition. The Jack Hammer with Bull Point, Flat, and Shovel Chisels, and a pair of protective gloves, are included. The Jack Hammer with Bull Point, Flat, and Shovel Chisels, and a pair of protective gloves, are included.

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I bought this to break up the concrete pad and the poles that were buried with it. I used a 10lb Sledge Hammer before, but was killing myself with it. I was going to rent a Jackhammer, but I wanted to know how much it would cost to buy one. I needed it for two days and it would have cost me over $200. The Extreme Power US Jack Hammer was only $169,96 with the shovel attachment. I took a chance. I have only used the Jackhammer for about an hour so far, so I can't say for sure if it will last. It is breaking up my 6' thick concrete pad in a matter of minutes, and it broke up an 18 cube of concrete that was buried in my yard. If it holds up long term, I will be even more impressed because it is a great tool at a great price. I have no regrets so far. The carrying case is nice. The tool is heavy and very solid. It has a heavy duty metal case. The safety glasses that come with it are cheap, so I used my own. I am satisfied with the purchase and hope to use it in the future. After I finish the concrete, I will dig some holes with the shovel attachement through the hard clay ground. It seems to be a good tool. It would be cool to have a tool like this in their toolkit for less than a rental.

👤I ran into some rocks after digging 3 holes for trees. This worked well to break up Texas limestone. I had to work in pieces of 1 to 2 inches. I got a good workout after this purchase and saved $350. The shovel bit worked well for breaking the dirt. I was surprised that the shovel bit worked so well as it took a lot of time and effort with a normal shovel to dig through clay like dirt. The jack hammer is light enough that I was able to move it at the angles I wanted, but heavy enough to do some damage to the rock. The instruction manual is worth a good laugh, as I had to add a little oil to get it up to the recommended level. There were no oil leaks on mine. I used a 75 foot extension cord.

👤I used it about 5 times and it started leaking oil. The manufacturer did not respond to many emails. "" does not even respond to any of the questions. Don't use this tool.

👤There is a plastic case with wheels. Nice touch. It was made in China. I believe this is marketed in a number of different names. The spade attachment was included in this one. Instructions are better than most China stuff, but they still use awkward terminology. You would think that the proofed would be by an American engineer. I was looking for half an hour for the 0n-off switch and thought they were just saying the "trigger". I wish the support handle and air vent were made of thicker gauge metal. Hope they hold up. The small chisel, spear point and clay spade replacement bits are easy to find. A 3-4" tile chipper is one of the bits that takes a bit of research. I would start here on Amazon.

3. Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC

The kit includes the air hammer, three chisels, and a power tool for cutting metal panels, fixing exhaust systems, and making auto body repairs. The Quick Change Retainer makes it easy to swap attachment chisel bits, so you can finish jobs faster. It is powered by a heat-treated Piston and has a medium length. There is a built-in power Regulator, Professional Touch Trigger, 0.401 inch Shank, and diffused exhaust at the bottom of the handle. The award-winning design has an award-winning design that delivers exceptional Torque Accuracy with increased productivity and safety. The tool's hand grip has been designed to reduce the amount of movement while working. The award-winning design has an award-winning design that delivers exceptional Torque Accuracy with increased productivity and safety. The tool's hand grip has been designed to reduce the amount of movement while working.

Brand: Ingersoll Rand

👤I like the Air Hammer. I use this tool to remove axle shafts from hubs and other parts of the car. The air hammers are balanced and controllable and are comfortable in the hand. It's hard to go wrong with this one. There is a knob at the bottom of the handle. I like this tool because I can use it with skill, I can dial back the power when working on sensitive components or go full blast for heavier duty work. At this price point, it has met or exceeded all my expectations. I used to have a bad boy air hammer, but it was very much on or off, and it hit hard, not always a good thing. If you need an air hammer for light to medium duty work that is controllable, you should buy this unit.

👤I have increased my rating to 3 stars. I bought the air hammer for use in the brick chimney demolition project. There are 3 things that I would like to see improved about it. 1. The rubber handle grip is useless. It became clear in the first half hour that it is more of an impediment than a help, it just rotates around the handle. I used a glove to keep the handle warm. 2. The hammer bit quick release is not the most efficient thing I've used. It's prone to not releasing. 3. The internaltrigger pin assembly has 3 o-rings that wear out quickly. The Trigger failed to release even with frequent oiling, and only a few hours into my project. The gun is hitting away with no way to stop it. I had to use an air hammer to stop hammering after I tried to clean out the gun with air tool solvent cleaner. My review was a one-star result. I decided to disassemble and look at what was happening. The o-rings on thetrigger pin were scored along one side and came apart with little rubber pieces on the side nearest the power regulator knob. The hanging pieces were the cause of the failure to release. The gun was back to working status after being picked off with a pair of tweezers. After another hour of use, I noticed that the o-rings were degrading. I went online to try to find genuine replacement o-rings, because they will not last much longer. The prices of all the vendors are ridiculous. Give me a break. The o-rings are not included in any common o-ring kit because they are 5mm x 2mm x 1.5mm. There are vendors who sell packets of just this size for a reasonable price, for example $5 for a packet of qty 50 on Amazon. I'm going to order a packet and rebuild the gun. I will update with the results. It's easy to get the o-rings with the help of needle nose pliers and the air chuck inlet bushing. All of these issues first appeared with only 5 hours of use on the gun. Not a very well-made tool.

4. TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition

TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition

Electric demolition jack hammer with bull point chisel, flat chisel, pair of protective gloves, and goggles are included. The full-load impact rate is 1800/min. 120v/60HZ power is needed. Jackhammer, 1 chisel, 1 wrench, oil container, safety goggles, and suede working gloves are included. Powerful and effective at drilling through concrete, clay, basement floors, and many other tough surfaces. Powerful and effective at drilling through concrete, clay, basement floors, and many other tough surfaces.

Brand: Tr Industrial

👤If you don't know the techniques on using a jackhammer, you will review them based on your own skills. Excellent, one word. I came across 6 for 1 to 5 concrete, but it was not much work. The tool came in excellent condition with no leaks, no mess, no damage to the carton box. The tool came in a brand new condition. The oil I bought worked as expected. I smoked the 9x9 pad in about 3 hours due to the thicker areas. I got my rental money by buying this here. I would like to thank the sellers for saving me money and trusting their manufacturer. I used a jackhammer that was the same power as the ones I bought. Don't think of it and just buy it. Look at my pictures and see how great this cut is. The concrete was reengirced with no rebar.

👤The dirt in my yard is made of concrete. After the first 7 or 8 inches, kiss the shovel. If you have the room to swing it, you can choose a pick axe, but you have to dig a minimum 3 foot diameter hole. The TR Industrial 89105 jack hammer with the Spade tool was used to finish the job in 15 minutes. It was a relief on my back. The jack hammer is the best price for bang, solid construction, simple and easy to use and rip through anything it hits. I cut through 3 inch dia tree roots and had a 20 inch deep hole in 15 minutes. I was new to the tool and noticed that the pounding sound changed for a few seconds, but I didn't think of it. I found a rock the size of a cantaloupe when I used the standard shovel to clear the dirt from the hole. Doug from Forged in Fire is expected to announce "Your Jack Hammer, Will Cut!"

👤It does its job, so don't fool yourself when you compare it to a makita. I use it to drive rods in concrete and with a decent drill to make the holes first. It uses more power than a makita in the dirt. There was an update on 09-21-2018. I would give it 5 stars. It made me some good money and with a bit more work than a powerful makita I used before, I would still say I am not going to pay 1000$ for a makita. Will see how it performs in time, but I am very happy with it and it paid itself from the first use! This damn thing makes money for me. It developed a small leak from the seal in front, but it's still acceptable since I work in a dirty environment. The thing was 1/3 of the price and did a great job. I love it!

👤This is a real tool. You can move a lot of material with the help of the TR Industrial TR89102 Clay Spade Scoop Shovel Bit. I was able to dig out a planter in less than a week. The tree was mostly dead and root bound. Take a look at the pictures. I excavated the planter and found softball to basket ball sized Rocks in the root ball. Hammer did not use any noticeable oil after I added a little oil. After 6 full days of digging out rocks and roots, oil is still full. It is not a planter tool, it is a Jack hammer. The one I bought works for me. I am a do it myself kind of guy, get the job done my way, exactly and best value for my cash kind of guy... This tool combination is very good. I had to move the large rocks because the shovel bit broke them. I have five more projects my wife wants me to clean up in our yard so I will update this, but I am very impressed with the performance of this tool so far.

5. Bosch 11264EVS SDS Max Combination Hammer

Bosch 11264EVS SDS Max Combination Hammer

It is possible to have variable speed. The dial has a variable speed. The motor can be used in both hammer and rotary mode, which will make it easy to reduce concrete to dust. Max. Concrete has a hole diameter of 1-2/8 Inches. Max. The hole diameter in the concrete core is 4-1/8 inches. The Best PerformingRotary Hammer in its class has an unmatched Power to Weight ratio. The grip area and hammer mechanism provide maximum user comfort for extended periods of work. The one-handed tool free SDS max system makes changing bits easier than ever before. The constant response circuitry keeps speed under load and overload protection. In hammer only mode, there is 20-Percent more power delivered. In hammer only mode, there is 20-Percent more power delivered.

Brand: Bosch

👤This hammer is a huge step up in power and material removal when it's required. The hammer is light and can be used for a long time, even though it is a bit heavy. I can't come up with many negatives, because I've used this for at least 10 hours. I don't think many people need this for home use, but if you can get your money out of it, then you should. This unit is made in Germany. The case is large enough to hold a hard case. The hammer only model's handle is more suited for drilling than the straight handle featured on this unit, but I have only used it for demolition and it works fine. During hammer-only use, thetrigger stays on and the motor speed can be adjusted. The motor speed is very useful for all of the potentially endless applications and this is a nice change from holding atrigger. Too much speed can cause concrete, brick or other materials to bounce off of one another. The speed adjustment is necessary for many drilling applications. The features work well. You don't feel like you're doing much compared to how much work is being done. The smaller units that don't have anti-vibration are fatiguing. The system works well, the max bits are larger than the plus bits. I'm happy with this unit. It works very well and is high quality.

👤I own a landscaping business and use it for landscaping. My employees don't use the grease. It can be used for drilling holes. I like this beast. 6 years have passed since I bought it. Some employees would use the power cord to pull the spade out of the ground. It is definitely not Bosch's issue. The weight to power was amazing. It can be used by my guys for most of the day. The machine is able to handle abuse and my guys don't get tired.

👤I bought this on August 20th. I waited to use the drill. I've used it to drill 1 inch holes in brick, block and concrete. I used the attachment to drive the ground rods. I used a chisel to break up some concrete. It has worked well so far. If anything changes, I will update this post.

👤I rent a hammer drill-type tool for $50 a day as needed, even though I have occasional need for it. I had a three week project that involved concrete chiseling, asphalt cutting, rebar driving, concrete and cinder block drilling, and the removal of crushed limestone and cold-patch asphalt. $50 x 3 x 7 is $1050. It's too much time to buy the tool that can do all this, assuming it can be had for less than the rental. After reading reviews in tool magazines, talking with tech support at companies such as Bosch, Milwaukee, etc, I decided that what I needed was a light weight version of a jackhammer, with the ability to also rotate a cutting bit whilst hammering for certain chores. The solution meant that I needed a hammer, not a hammer drill. After consulting experts, it was decided that a 1-5/8" hammer was needed. Variable speed was also desirable, as was "SDS-Max" chuck, as it was the new standard, and most bits in the future will be available in this style. The closest match was the Bosch model 11264EVS, which was in a high quality brand. The Bosch hammer is the same as the one that takes the spline bits. The variable speed function is what the EVS means, but for a few dollars less, they have one without it. The SDS-Max is a spring loaded chuck. Pull the chuck ring back with one hand and hold the hammer with the other, it will stay in this 'cocked' position. When the end of the bit reaches the back of the chuck, the chuck snaps closed, locking the bit to the tool. Pull back the ring and the bit falls out. The hammer has two lamps on it, one shows power when the tool needs service, and the other shows when the bearings have worn out. If you don't use this every day, you won't see this light turn on, and Bosch has a service for replacing these when the go is not a long time. The hammer has a motor that starts when in hammer only mode, and a motor that starts when on a regular electric drill. The motor is stopped when in hammer-only mode. In drill mode, you squeeze and hold the toptrigger, and the amount you squeeze determines the speed, and in hammer-only mode, you don't need to squeeze the toptrigger. The maximum speed the tool can reach is set by the variable speed knob. On the top of the hammer is a large knob. There are three positions for hammer mode, one for the middle position, and one for the hammer only position. When in hammer-only mode, you use the middle position to decide which angle the bit should be locked to. When the knob is in the middle position, you can use 12 detents to change the position of the bit. The hammer has two handles, one near the chuck and the other near the fixed handle. By twisting the secondary handle's grip, it is unlocked and can be moved around the chuck, left, right, up, down, or in between. The hammer construction is made of metal with plastic trim and outer housing to make it double-insulated. The grips are made of rubber. The hammer is pretty quiet, with most noise being made by the bits you are using. I bought the concrete chisel, asphalt cutter chisel, the tamping plate and its rod bit, and the ground rod hammer bit. $200 is added to the price of the hammer for each of these. The case for the hammer is made of plastic. You can fit most bits in the case along with the tool itself, as the case has compartments to hold a tube of oil and several bits. The hammer can take over 15 Amps, so make sure you have a heavy duty extension cord and an outlet on the circuit that isn't also running a heavy appliance like a fridge, air conditioner, etc. You pay for the quality of the tool. I'm quite pleased with myself.

6. XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

The user can match the speed to the application. It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco, housing foundation removal, concrete slab, oil chimney and many more. It is easy to adjust the foregrip based on the position you need it for. It accepts one in. The scoop shovel has 1800 BPM for fast demolition. It's suitable for use at home and business with a voltage of 60 HZ. Electric demolition jack hammer with bull point chisel, flat chisel, pair of protective gloves, and goggles are included. Electric demolition jack hammer with bull point chisel, flat chisel, pair of protective gloves, and goggles are included.

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I had doubts that this would last long. I bought it for my gold mining operation. A small scale gold miner needed a jackhammer to break the rock out of formation. I thought the unit was going to be a lot bigger when it showed up. When I opened the package, I threw away all the safety gear that came with it, the instructions, and the oil you need to use. I ran the unit off of a generator at my mine site. The spade bit took a day of beating and showed no signs of wear. You don't need to use a lot of force to get the unit into the rock. My gold vein is in a rock that is very hard. The hammer was able to break into and split the rock so it could be moved. The hammer is amazing. I will be buying another unit if anyone recommends it. I will be posting a video of this in action soon on my tube channel, poor boys gold mining! Thanks for the great product. Glenn C.

👤I needed this for a light demolition of a duck pond that the previous residents had made. I'm not giving it 5 stars because it works just fine. It works well from my regular 15 Amp outlet on a 12 gauge extension cord. I don't think it draws 2200 watt, but I think you should use a circuit and extension cord rated for 2200 watt instead of doing what I'm doing. Attach a tool according to instructions and you're good to go. I only used it for about 20 minutes but it works as expected. I'll need to spread out over a couple of days to break up the pond. The case isn't strong enough to hold this heavy tool. It cracked when it arrived. It's not a big deal to return, but a case you have to handle gingerly just isn't as good as one that is sturdy. The gloves, goggles, and face mask are a joke. I wouldn't recommend trying to use any of them. You should use your own eye and breathing protection. It gets a solid 4 stars for being good enough to save me money, and being simple to use, compared to renting a tool for several days. I thought it might be dangerous, but it isn't. It is easy to control in an upright position. It would be very difficult and potentially more dangerous if I had to drill horizontally.

👤I bought this hammer to remove ceramic tile from my home to save money on demolition. My son and I did the work on the 1250 square feet of tile in about 6 hours. We took turns using the hammer and it held up well, even though it ran continuously most of the time. It stood up well even though it got hot, because most times we had it locked up and running continuously. Father and son time with a dependable piece of machinery... It's a good thing.

7. XtremepowerUS Demolition Electric Concrete Breaker

XtremepowerUS Demolition Electric Concrete Breaker

11 Lb. The bucket can fill up to 9 linear ft. There are holes. Choose the temperature of rock or concrete. The 1000 watt Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker has a powerful 9 Amp motor that can deliver up to 8 ft. Of power. The maximum impact rate of 3000 r/minute and 1000 watt of consistent power give you enough force to tackle the toughest demolition projects. The latched blow-molded storage case is designed to offer easy transportation and reliable housing for equipment. The electric concrete breaker is constructed from highly durable materials to provide a powerful impact for maximum removal. There is a 5/8 in. in the set. The bull point chisel is 5/8 in. An extra set of carbon brushes and a flat chisel are included. There is a 5/8 in. in the set. The bull point chisel is 5/8 in. An extra set of carbon brushes and a flat chisel are included.

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I used this to break the concrete from the fence posts. Within 10 minutes of use, the support handle broke. The handle broke because it was being supported by a single thin metal piece that was folded at a 90 degree angle. The recoil from the hammering pushes the device back towards the operator and the metal just snaps off. The handle has nothing to use against. I was able to cut a piece of wood to jam in there for my project, and it worked well for most of the time. If I want to use this again, I need to make a new piece. I was able to comfortably hold on to the rubber sleeve without work gloves before I made the wood piece to get the handle working again. Everything else on this thing gets very hot. You can burn yourself within seconds. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. There are many mentions to never fail to oil the machine, and they even include an allen wrench to open the oil area, with a picture of this area and how to remove the screws. There is a picture of an oil can with a circle and line through it on the device itself. I think the instruction sheet is sent with another model that needs oil. The instructions suggest that this may still need oiling every few months, but I can't be sure. The case is very low quality. One of the clips doesn't stay on me because the plastic part it is supposed to snap into is too large, so the clip just falls out when it is not latched. It is almost paper thin and space for the device seems to be slightly larger then the device itself, so it rattles around in the case even when it is closed. The cheapest demo hammer you can get is this one and you will notice it while using it. It can work for you if you have some patience and are a little clever. For the price of 2 days of jackhammer RENTAL from my local hardware stores, you can have a good enough demo hammer for small odd jobs.

👤The only accesory chisel that fits in this hammer was found after many trials. It is a 17mm harbor freight shack. You only need the 3 inch one, but this set comes with all three. You can buy the three inch one elsewhere, but you have to wait for shipping. A demo of a bathroom. The tiles came up like butter and it was easy to remove the thinset. More accesory chisels should be offered by the company. I would love to dig with the shovel chisel. I was hesitant buying this because it was so cheap. This is a great item. It is very sturdy and well made. It has two bits. demoing some concrete steps was not a problem. After a few minutes of use, it paid for itself. I used it to tear up the patio tile. It was like butter. I would prefer it to come with a chisel on the floor. If you want to remove tile quickly without damaging the concrete, you need that. I bought a chisel for the floor. I had a harbor freight demo hammer that only lasted through one kitchen demo and cost more, but this one seems to work better and will last much longer. When grease runs out, add it. It comes pre-filled with grease. This is perfect for the person who does not know how to use tools. Even a professional would use it.

8. Makita HR2475 1 Inch D Handle SDS Plus

Makita HR2475 1 Inch D Handle SDS Plus

A wide range of drilling, driving and hammer applications are covered by the variable 2-speed design. Powerful motor with impact energy to handle the most demanding applications. There are three modes of operation for "Rotation Only". "Hammering with rotation" or "Hammering only" for multiple applications. One-touch chuck for quick changes. Torque limiting clutch is designed to prevent gear damage by disengaging gears. The user can match the speed to the application. The user can match the speed to the application.

Brand: Makita

👤I love everything about this drill. This is the second one I have owned, and I am giving it a 1-star rating. Why? When you use this drill, you will hit the "constant on" button, locking the drill at wide open throttle, and the drill will continue to spin when you let go of thetrigger. It will happen when you least expect it. The drill will rip out of your hands if you let off before the drill overloads, or if you let off while drilling under a heavy load, because the drill will continue to run and burn up the motor before you realize what's wrong. This is a major oversight on the design of the drill and it warrants passing on. I have decades of power tool experience and am a strong man. I own several other Makita tools and am very happy with them. I made two mistakes by purchasing this drill.

👤I rented a Hilti Hammer Drill to break up a couple of 3 or 4 ton boulders in our backyard, but they were in the wrong place. It cost $80 a day to bore into them. I used punches to split the rock. The boulders were two or three times the depth of the bit, but an 8 or 10 inch bit is enough. I wasn't sure what I wanted from the pieces I ended up with, so they were still large. I had to return the Hilti. I looked on Amazon to find this and decided to try it out. It would pay for itself if it worked. It does work despite being slower than the Hilti. I attached a video using a bit. Even though I use 1/2 inch bits for splitting the rock, I wanted to test it.

👤In the last 2 months, I have chipped about 1000 sqft of tile with this, which is more than I usually do. The tacklife chisel set was very impressed by me. It works well for that. I have drilled many holes into the concrete. It will dive into 2in slabs with a spike. It gets a bit hot. After about 20 minutes of solid use, I give it a few minutes to cool. I just want my tools to last. I think this will last a long time. 2nd to none are the makita tools. Doesn't come with grease, so might want to grab some.

👤I love this drill and would not hesitate to buy it again. I thought it was made in Japan, so I bought this instead of Bosch. It's made in China. I don't think that's a huge problem, I just wish it was information that was out in the open. The depth gauge or something like that should stop working immediately. The handle is backed all the way off the stop so it won't budge unless struck with something. The picture shows the burrs that have been pulled up by the drill.

👤I read a lot of bad reviews of hammer drills. There were no bad reviews for this one. I bought it after taking a chance. I was able to sink 4 holes in 40 year old concrete in about 15 minutes. It cut through the concrete. I went slow because of lack of experience, but I could have done the job twice as fast. This is not a cheap hammer drill. The motor was not hot. It is designed to drill through concrete and baby. You get what you pay for. The cheaper alternatives will burn up or break like the cheaper ones, but this costs more. My review has been added to the growing list. The drill deserves it.

9. TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Demolition

TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Demolition

The Jack Hammer with Bull Point, Flat, and Shovel Chisels, and a pair of protective gloves, are included. 60 joules of impact energy is enough to give a performance. The job can be done faster with the help of 1800 BPM demolition. Heavy-duty applications have all-metal housing. The power cord has a double insulated plug and is 20 feet long. The ETL is rigorously tested and certified to comply with safety standards. The ETL is rigorously tested and certified to comply with safety standards.

Brand: Tr Industrial

👤I am a contractor and have owned a 70lb hammer and a 35lb hammer, both of which I am very impressed with, and I worked it hard for 2 days. I didn't think it would do as well as it did fill it with oil, and I didn't see any running down when I finished. It didn't show a loss of oil in the window after about 18 hours of hard use heat dose blow on your hand, if you don't wear gloves the tool will get hot. I bought an extended warranty because I have 30 years of experience doing concrete and it held up. This tool is a good one to buy.

👤Cheap price means cheap product. It broke on me in less than six months of normal use. The company wouldn't honor the warranty that was purchased. I was blamed for mis use which was not true. The spade shovel bits that were purchased cracked in half in less than 30 days. They don't stand behind their product because they are unhappy with it and the customer service is terrible.

👤The machine is solid. It was well-packaged. The plastic case with handles is very helpful when transporting a tool. The tool was filled with oil and was used for 8 hours. The lighter weight of the hammers was essential for my needs because I had to use this horizontally and lift up 3 feet off the ground to the top of the knee wall that had to be demolished. Don't overwork the tool if you have never used a jack hammer. Start with a small section and work your way up from there. You should see where the fractured concrete leads you to new weak points instead of trying to "bull" the tool through hard spots. The bits have to slide in the chuck. If the motor is turning but the bits aren't hammering, you have to lift the tool and re-position it. Even with the larger, industrial machines from the rental places, this happens. The 8 inch thick wall of 80 year old concrete was within the capabilities of the tool, as long as I took my time and was smart about nit. The wall was filled with large stones to make up for the small gravel in the concrete. The hammer won't break through the rocks. I had to work around them. If this tool continues to operate as it has, it will be a good deal since I have to remove concrete from a barn renovation over the next year. As far as a first impression, this is a good value.

👤This is a great tool. The bit receiver wasn't made right. I had to grind all 4 bits to get them to slide in. The locking notch on the wrong side makes the bits sit at 90 degrees to the handle. The lock is on the side but the bits are on the front in the pictures. I can't understand why they would sell a product that isn't good. Pull the hammer off and turn it on. The bits are close enough to make the tool usable. Some people have tried to work too hard. After waiting 3 weeks for the tool to arrive, I didn't want to send it because the company would sell bits that don't fit. Back. I guess that's what they are. counting on. It's a great tool so far. I couldn't recommend it to anyone without the skills to overcome the problems that come with it. If you buy one, good luck.

10. DEWALT D25263K D Handle Rotary Hammer

DEWALT D25263K D Handle Rotary Hammer

The 20 minute shut off function in the Spotlight Mode allows for extended work time in dark or confined spaces. The impact energy of the hammer drill is 3.0 joules. The DEWALT hammer drill has a high performance motor. The user at the handles feels the vibration caused by the Active Vibration Control. A feature that protects and performs. Full power/torque is delivered in forward and reverse by the rotating brush ring. If bit jams, the clutch reduces sudden, high Torque reactions. It is compatible with the D25301D drilling dust extraction system.

Brand: Dewalt

👤I have used other hammer drills, but the DeWalt SDS is the best. It takes only seconds to drill a hole in concrete, stone, or masonry. It can be used to break up concrete. I noticed grease on the chisel when I was moving the shower drain. I took it out. I could be wrong, but I found out that grease shouldn't be coming out of the chuck. It could be a sign that it broke a seal. There is a 90 day no questions asked warranty on DeWalt products. I take it to a service center and they will fix or replace it for free. Customer service told me that. I gave it 5 stars because I didn't intend to use it for so much concrete work, but the shower drain can go through a pier, which is what I was expecting. They will fix it for free. It is comfortable to use, has a good punch for it's size, and gets the job done. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I was trying to remove tile from the floor. The tile had been in the ground for 25 years. I don't use a chisel or hammer because it's a waste of time. I didn't want to get the best hammer chisel in the world, but I wanted something that would work and allow me to use it whenever I needed it. There is plenty of power in this one. It seems to have no problem elevating the tile. The Bosch chisel is highly recommended. Does a good job. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a chisel, I would highly recommend this one.

👤This is a tool that can be used for certain jobs. I bought this because my drill couldn't get deep enough in my concrete floor after 2 minutes and I had to run the battery out. I didn't know what happened when this machine drilled through the entire 3.5” slab. Oops! Set the depth gauge so you don't get a surprise. It is a work horse. I expect to be buried with it. There are many corded yellow power tools.

👤This is my second purchase of this drill. I have used it on a daily basis since I bought it in 2006 It took an absolute pounding going into a 120-year old hand-kilned brick, which is much tougher than today's bricks, and just kept on going. Can't recommend this enough.

👤I need to remove 12 x 12 ceramic tile from my kitchen. I tried a chisel and hammer, but it took too long. The 1-1/8"Rotary hammer was purchased based on reviews. It took about an hour to take up 150 SF of tile. I am sure it will perform as a wall as a chipping hammer, even though I haven't used it as a hammer drill.

👤I am starting to make rock walls. Sometimes I need to trim or split the rocks I pick up. I use a hammer drill and a drill bit to quickly drill holes for my feathers. I can use the chisel function to chisel off layers. I can use a point and a chisel, but I usually use a hammer and a chisel from Trow and Holden since it's simpler and I have more control. I was not sure if a drill bit and a hammer could drill holes in sandstone. It has worked well. The hammer drill is holding up well after several weeks of use. The power is available in my work environment so I went corded. If I was out in the fields more, I would have gone for the drill, since I know I can fit the feathers/wedges in about 20 to 30 seconds. It would work well with that usage pattern. I bring my stones to a central location where I work and have electric so I don't have to worry about batteries.

11. LOVSHARE Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

LOVSHARE Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

Electric demolition jack hammer with bull point chisel, flat chisel, pair of protective gloves, and goggles are included. There are two chisel bits, flat chisel and point chisel, that meet a variety of demands for construction purposes. They are all made from the same steel. It will never fall by mistake once it is clamped. It has 1400BPM and 3600 watt of motor power. The heavy-duty metal construction symbolizes extreme durability and is used to support the powerful function. The fore handle was designed to cater to different positions under different circumstances. It has a slip-proof rubber that makes it easier to control the electric hammer. There is maximum comfort and unmatched control. The D shape handle can help relieve fatigue. The lock button allows you to control the speed more securely. The oil port makes it easy to maintain the machine. The cooling holes will lift the security to a higher level. The demolition hammer is used in a wide range of applications. It can be used for many situations, such as plumbing, mechanical installation, construction of water supply and drainage facilities, interior decoration. The demolition hammer is used in a wide range of applications. It can be used for many situations, such as plumbing, mechanical installation, construction of water supply and drainage facilities, interior decoration.

Brand: Mophorn

👤The hammer is awesome. It is a perfect tool for a homeowner. The hammer is heavy, but it broke through ten inches of concrete in less than a minute, and the reviewers said the hammer's housings were made out of plastic. The hammer is made of metal. I suggest that you watch videos on the internet on electric demolition hammers. They work the same way. You can watch how to attach the bull point, how to add oil, what type of oil to use, and how to properly and safely use the hammer. The hammer is well made and powerful, which makes it a little more expensive than other hammers on Amazon. I would recommend it. One thing left. I contacted the seller three times. The seller responded quickly in each instance. The buying experience was great.

👤This was the lightest jackhammer I could find. I used it with a clay shovel to begin trenching terraces into a rocky hillside. The jackhammer performed perfectly. I read the instructions before I added 10w40 oil. My first test was on a fencepost that was difficult to access, and 4 bursts cleared it out. Since then, I have been able to trench 4 90 foot terrace outlines and begin leveling within the terrace to minimize the soil erosion that had left only rocky scrabble on the hillside. The hammer is light enough for me to operate without assistance. If I needed it, it would do concrete very well if there was only one large rock slowing it down for a burst or two. The terrace will be planted with trees and shrubs in minutes per hole. Adding a fence reinforcement would take hours. The trencher failed due to the large rocks and the angle of the hillside. The most level part of the slope is shown in the picture.

👤It is barely worth the money, but it seems to run. I am doing my best to make sure this product works for me because I have read many nightmare reviews of similar products. I am not eating a quart of oil every minute. I have only one good to say about that. The users manual is worthless. The absolute need to fill the oil reservoir is one of the most important things it does not include. I was prepared for this failure in the manual after researching these products. I have also read that this is not a brand. I looked up the manual of the H65 and it gave me some help. The power cord was broken. It would either run or not run depending on how I positioned the cord. I decided to fix this myself again. The provided cord has only two conductors. The three-prong plug has no means of connecting ground to the tool body. I asked the manufacturer if this is standard. How could one confidently use this in damp or wet ground? I am trying to make this work for me. The price is correct and mine runs. I don't ask for much.


What is the best product for heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker?

Heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker products from Tr Industrial. In this article about heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker you can see why people choose the product. Xtremepowerus and Ingersoll Rand are also good brands to look for when you are finding heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker.

What are the best brands for heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker?

Tr Industrial, Xtremepowerus and Ingersoll Rand are some of the best brands that chosen by people for heavy duty electric demolition jack hammer concrete breaker. Find the detail in this article. Tr Industrial, Bosch and Xtremepowerus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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