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1. Portable Electric Professional Manicure Polishing

Portable Electric Professional Manicure Polishing

The professional nail drill set comes with a variety of 3/32” drill bits and 56Pcs sanding bands, which are multi-functional for carving, cutting, polishing, removing gel polish and cuticles. The speed control button can be used to adjust the speed. The design is suitable for both right and left-handed use. The electric nail file is easier to use. The portable and compact design of the nail drill machine makes it easy to carry and handle. It makes the electric file low heat, low noise, and low vibration with a professional high-tech speed bearing and motor. To start working, you need to connect the power cord with the efile. It's professional for both home and school use. They have a 24 hours customer service. If there is a problem, kindly contact the seller.

Brand: Airsee

👤I've spent a lot of time using nail files to smooth my nails. But no more! I studied many electric nail drills and decided on this one. It is perfect! It's easy to use and it arrived quickly.

👤It's small and has good weight, which makes it easy to maneuver for small hands. It's not very long but good for table seating. There is a If you apply a lot of pressure on the drill, it will keep spinning, but if you turn it higher, it will stop. I thought the two drill bits highlighted had more teeth on them, but they seem to be the same size as the diamond bit ones. They still get the job done. Don't be frightened by it on low, it touched my skin multiple times. It saved a lot of time.

👤Wow! I hope that this nail drill can work for a long time because I really like this little guy and its function is too powerful. The dial can be used to control its speed. Does not get hot or vibrate. If you add pressure, it will not stop. I didn't expect a good price for a good product. This is the same as what I experienced at the nail salon. A manicurist who is good with me said that the nail drill she bought in the store would cost $300. There are too many grinding heads. The pen is very integrated and smooth because it has a switch on the wire. Nice! I recommend it to all my friends.

👤The nails are smooth and polished.

👤I ordered this because I am using the poly gel system to do my own nails. The drill is small and portable and comes with all the bits you would need to file and smooth your nails, as well as extra sanding bits. I will be ordering from this company again soon.

👤I had to use my skills because my city's nail salon are closed due to the plague. I have been wearing a coat of paint on my nails. I got them done before my city shut down, but it's clear that personal care businesses won't be opening any time soon. Amazon to the rescue! The drill is powerful enough to get the job done, but not powerful enough to overwhelm a beginner. The dial is a bit indiscreet and the speed is variable, which is great, but you have to test the direction of the speed before you work on your nails. The drill bits can change direction. I used the bands to remove the gel polish and smooth it out. I think it did a great job. Now to see how long it lasts. Although I love my nail tech, I may just be doing my own nails now.

👤I love this e-file because I am learning how to do nails. It's easy to use and hold in my hand. It makes filing my own nails great.

👤This is the perfect size for my hands and it is easy to use. The bits that come with it are pretty good. The on/off switch with turn wheel is easy to use and the power cable is long. I like that it has a reverse setting. It makes it easier to use the opposite hand. The company reached out to me and was very nice, they wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied with the product. I will definitely purchase items from them again. I will continue to do business with companies that want their customers happy.

2. YaFex Drill 35000 Professional Machine

YaFex Drill 35000 Professional Machine

Hello, manicurists and beginners! The nail drill has a display that shows the range of 0-35,000rpm and helps adjust the speed. You can do more efficient nail work, such as gel nail polish, poly gel nail kit, dip powder nail kit, nail buffing and shaping, and primary engraving. The new superior motor ensures the electric nail drill works long-time and low noise. The handpiece has 3 holes that are good for heat dissipation and stability. The twist-lock system makes it easy to change nail drill bits. There are 2usb ports and a lamp. You can use the 2usb ports in the back of the nail drill machine to connect to a mini fan, a nail lamp, or charge your phone. It comes with a lamp that provides better illumination for your nail art creation. The nail drill has a button for choosing the direction of the nail drill bit rotation. It's perfect for manicurists. 6 different standard 3/32 inches nail drill bits are included in the professional nail drill. As soon as you receive it, you can start working on your nails. If you need help, you can contact them during the 1-year warranty period. They are willing to listen and offer a solution.

Brand: Yafex

👤I decided to order this to use with soft gel nail tips after some disappointing experiences with battery powered files. The speed control was what I needed and the light was nice. I was able to easily file down the cured glue and tips because of the low speed that I could use it on my natural nails. The bits that come with the kit are not very good, except for the sanding mandrel. I would like to see the grit marked on the rolls. I had a set of ceramic bits that worked well. I would recommend the machine, but only if you invest in a set of bits.

👤I ordered this e file in October of 2021, and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I am a beginner and do my nails at home so I was looking for an affordable but quality e file. The light attachment that I thought would be useful caught my eye and made me want to buy it. The quality of the file was perfect and I was impressed because it was my first e file. I reached out to Yafex customer service to see if they could help me with my drill, which I ruined while I was using it for a pedicure. They helped me out and gave me a huge discount so that I could get a replacement. I want everyone to know that this drill comes with a lot of drill bits and sanding bits, unlike other companies, and that you will not regret ordering it. Customer service is important and the way they communicated with me and took care of me showed they care about their customers. Thank you so much Yafex! 100% recommend.

👤Tena mis dudas porque no soy profesional, no tengo ninguna instruccin en manicure, sin embargo me entusiasme. Fcil de usar, realmente, con la descripcin del equipo, llego perfectamente empacado. Para profesionales, lo recomiendo altamente.

👤It came with a light and all of the drill bits I will need for a beginner set. It has a lot of power and the ports in the back are pretty cool. It is not the most compact. It is also not large. It is about 7 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches deep without a knob. The front is where the e-file handle can be set. I wish it had a place for drillbits. It will be tested under the test of time. It seems like it's worth it for the price and what you get.

👤I am currently attending school for nails and practicing a lot with many different types of nailpolish, so I wanted a drill that wasn't 400$, don't let the low price scare you. This drill is amazing. The hand piece is sturdy and looks great. I love the detail light and the fact that I can charge my phone, or plug in my single finger led lamp directly into the back. The speed dial is easy to use. I bought a few different bits from different vendors and they all fit perfectly and when combined with this machine, take down gel, poly and acrylic with ease. The mandrills are great for shaping nails. I love it! Absolutely recommend!

3. Professional Manicure Pedicure Electric Cordless

Professional Manicure Pedicure Electric Cordless

Professional nail care for feet. The manicure pedicure kit is suitable for men, women and kids with thick and fragile nails. It's ideal for removing corns and hard skin. With this manicure pedicure tool, you will have clean fingernails and toenails, and amazing hand and foot care. It is commendable and callous. The electric naill grinder has a 2200mAh battery that can be used for 2 hours continuous operation. You can do hand and foot care wherever you please. If the battery runs out, you can plug it in to a sockets. The POLAMD electric nail file set includes everything. The electric nail filer has 5 high quality drill bits, an integrated light for precise nail file, and a charging cable. The electric nail file has 5 speed options and 2 rotation options, so you can get a mani or pedi at home. It's very easy to use no matter which way you use it, because the nail efile set rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise. Fashionable design with a comfortable holding feeling, upgraded powerful motor, effective heat dissipation, and low vibration. Friendly service offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Polamd

👤Good hygiene includes taking care of your nails. I don't have the money to pay for both things on a consistent basis. I am not a professional nail person. I know how to use a pair of scissors. That's all. I wanted my nails to look better. I had a pedicure at the spa and it made my feet look cute. My toe started getting all white and they call it "runner's nail". I don't run either. I ordered the nail drill because I wanted to file that nail down. I tripped over a stool in my living room that my seven year old had deposited while I was not looking and ripped the toe nail off. I decided to do a video test on my callus, as it was the easiest way to test all the speeds, as the problem has been solved. I had to do some research because I didn't know anything about drill bits or their materials. I needed something that I could use on my natural nails, because I don't have an alternative. The way to go is with sapphire bits. They are safe to use on the natural nail. The bits in this set are of the highest quality. It has five bits. The cover that is interchangeable between the bits might make the drill sound weird. I tested the noise without the dust cover, and I know it's due to it. It's useful that this is not corded. The battery lasts 2 hours. You can use the C cable to charge it. It's a nice weight to hold. I feel like I can't control it because it's not heavy or unbalanced. I can't wait to try out the different techniques on my nails. By the time you factor in the tip, it will pay for itself in less than one salon visit.

👤I like the professional nail drill set. It has great power and can file the toughest nails smooth. It has five settings, even one for a baby. The instructions are easy to understand and the power button is easy to use. It is in a box that is attractive and sturdy. It charges quickly and has power. It's easy to hold onto. I don't have to buy batteries and it doesn't have a cord. I think this product is very good.

👤I wish I had known about it. The nail on my toe became very thick and sideways because of a fungus. The doctor gave me something that didn't work. My big toenails were starting to go the same way. It was impossible to cut them with a nail clipper. I used heavy duty industrial sand paper to file them down. I was so frustrated that I was going to use my power sander. I wondered if there was an electric sander for toenails, since I decided that it would be too dangerous. The pedicure machine is amazing. I only need to use three of the six heads. It is easy to use and does the job quickly. I have normal looking toenails again.

4. MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill Rechargeable

MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill Rechargeable

The professional nail drill has a high-quality bearing which makes it work smoothly at a high and variable speed. It is an ideal nail file for both professional technicians and beginners. You can use this nail drill anywhere with a large battery capacity. The electric nail file will work up to 10 hours if the portable nail drill machine is fully charged. The body case can be hung on the belt on the waist and it is small enough to fit in your bag or case. MelodySusie portable nail drill has superior Torque to avoid it from stopping occasionally when applying appropriate pressure. The handpiece is made of Silicone. The holes are designed to keep the heat out. It's suitable for grinding, cutting, carving, removing gel polish, and smoothing skin on hands and feet. Press the F/R button to change the rotating direction of the bit. It is suitable for both right and left-handed manicurists. It works with all kinds of 3/32” bits. MelodySusie nail drill is a professional quality. Let's do their own manicures.

Brand: Melodysusie

👤This is a great value for the money, as a professional nail tech. It's easy to use and quiet. I highly recommend.

👤The set is easy to use. It's completely beginners friendly. The drill is very close to no vibration as I demonstrated in the video. The most important part of the drill is this. Do you know if a little vibration will cause the drill to fall off? Don't use it because it will destroy your nails. When selecting the right tool for your job, I give you my tips. The tool is perfect for that. When you put the drill on your finger, it will work. I like the twist and remove. Convenient! It's great for beginners or professionals. The greatest feature of this set is the ability to quickly switch tools. I love it!

👤May 16, 2021. My warranty expired 2 weeks before I asked for help. I was hoping for free instructions on repair. The drill is making a loud noise. I'll update after she responds. The Artemis nail drill is an original review. It is my fourth drill. I wish I had found it when I first looked. The bits don'tobble. If that makes sense, this drill feels professional. I can see this being an option for some nail technicians. My other drills were separate from the vacuums and UV/LED lights, but the third one had a built in nail lamp, drill and vacuum. The worst drill I have ever used. The vacuum is working now. It was not a good choice. I'll get the same brand and model again if my Artemis drill stops working. May 16, 2021 is an update. No. I'll never buy another product from them.

👤This is February of this year. The motor has stopped working. It will not charge. I tried to contact the company. They have not received a response. The product was awful.

👤I stopped working for it today after buying it in June. I don't use it for 3 months because of carbon dioxide, I'm disappointed.

👤It was great for about two months. I loved it. It didn't work one day when I turned it on. It didn't work after I plugged it in to charge. I turned the speed up to max power and it started working like a car. After taking the thing apart and trying to see if there was dust inside, it still doesn't work. This thing is not going to work. I thought I would find the problem and fix it, butnope, I am pretty handy when it comes to things like this.

👤I bought it in August and it's already malfunctioning. It's cheap. I was hoping it would last longer. I have to keep a charger handy because the battery is dying quickly. The light turns green and dies 30 minutes later. I could use it for a few days without being charged, but now that it's dead, I can't.

👤I bought this as an upgrade to my drill. I was not sure if the power difference was real. This drill is very strong. I have never had a battery run out. I have to be careful not to get carried away removing my dip color so that I don't hurt my natural nail. This drill is quiet and stays cool even at high speeds. A friend of mine bought a different drill and said she wished she'd gotten this one. If you are a beginner, be sure to start with low speeds.

5. Makartt Tungsten Carbide Manicure Pedicure

Makartt Tungsten Carbide Manicure Pedicure

The nail drill bit set comes with 10 drill bits with different sizes for any nail gel art work like shaping, polishing, smoothing, grinding, sharpening, carving, and more. 10PCS different nail drill bits include 2 fine barrel nail bits, 2 coarse barrel drill bits, 2 safety bits, 2 small-cone bits, 2 UNC drill bits, and the nail bits suitable for natural nails or artificial nails, fit most 3/32" inch. The drill bits in the set are made of the hardest material on the planet and are sturdy enough to remove hard gel nails. It protects your skin because of superior craftsmanship and well-tested design. Long-term use and saving your money is possible with the Makartt drill bit set nails. Do your nails art at home and enjoy your nails art experience with your sisters and friends. The nail lab in-a-box is the first of its kind. By listening to, working with, and learning from their amazingly creative customers, Makartt strives to provide their customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty. You told them and they listened so they're confident that they can provide what you're looking for.

Brand: Makartt

👤I have seen some reviews that say they are too dangerous. They are supposed to be sharp. The drill bits do not work. If you think these are dangerous, you should not buy them because you are not experienced with an electric file. I am trying to save your fingers from being cut. Please learn how to use one first. For people with experience, I give these 10/10. They do a good job. They are adorable!

👤If you don't know what you need to do to stick with hand files, you will hurt yourself or someone else. I work as a nail technician. If you buy these and you are a beginner, you should use them on a low speed. I plan on buying more of them.

👤I purchased this set over others because I love the products from Makartt. The case was one of the reasons I purchased it. I was going to use this set in my travel kit. The case is damaged and the lid isn't staying on. It defeats the purpose of why I bought them. I have to return them or buy a different case or deal with the case being damaged or not staying on which defeats my purpose. The bits from Makartt are always great. I gave these 3 stars because of how important the case was to me.

👤I do my own nails and have a few complaints about the bits I use. The bits only work when I use my right hand. The bit effectiveness is decreased by left handed reverse filing. It's not a deal breaker, but something lefties and DIYers need to know. The course bits in this set are not as effective as the Fine drill bit from Kiara Sky. This set is better than most of the other options on Amazon, but I think it is better to spend the money on one really good bit rather than several just okay bits. I hope this helps someone else.

👤I got them today and I love them. I used most of them to see how well they worked. The safety dome is my favorite. It took off my design in less than a minute. I used the brush bit to clean the other bits I used as well as my nails, and it did both with ease. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤Definitely a must have. Would buy again. Highly recommended!

👤I can go for a cheaper, more reasonable price once I use it.

👤The drill bits work well with my file. I don't have to press down hard to remove the gel polish.

👤Exactly as described. The price for so many awesome bits was great. They are perfect as a do-it-yourselfer. I like to use the safety barrel bit most of the time. If you like doing nails, buy these.

6. PANA Nail Carbide Bit Manicure

PANA Nail Carbide Bit Manicure

It is suitable for both left and right. Right-handed. The drill bit has three different coarseness of grits. The Fine drill bit has three different sizes of Fine Grit on top, middle, and base to allow multiple uses. It's perfect for use on hard gels. This one bit can be used to clean, shape, cut, smooth and remove. The quality of PANA is superior. The hardest material next to diamonds is the superior Tungsten Carbide Bit. Excellent Smoothing Cutting Performance for Nail Professional or Home, Top Finest Quality and Double Handed, Hard Material Uninstaller, No Mess, Long Lasting, Excellent.

Brand: Pana

👤This is a must have in your collection. It would take me 3 hours to do my nails. 3 hours to do a nail set. This bit has cut my time by an hour. The bits are used to remove the color acrylic.

👤Wow! The drill bit cuts through something. It was literally. You can get right on the cuticle without cutting. Excellent bit. I am going to purchase in all three of them.

👤The tool is amazing. I bought this from a recommendation to a friend of mine and I am very happy that she suggested me to get this. I don't have to buff the nail after shaping it anymore, so I do my bauks half the time. I don't get hot because it is so good. It is a safety bit that I could work so close to the cuticle. Just love it. Highly recommend this.

👤This is the best drill bit out there and it only takes the ball, which is the best out there. Even if it doesn't cut the skin, you can get as close as you can to the cuticle. I love it. I would recommend all my nailtech friends.

👤I just got a coarse bit and I loved it so much that I just bought the same bit again. It does not get hot and is safe to use in the cuticle area. I love it. It's a must have for a nail technician.

👤I am a beginner nail tech. I have used a couple of drill bits. I love this one. It leaves the nail very smooth. I have not used it to remove gel. I plan on buying a course one for that purpose.

7. Acrylic Professional Manicure Pedicure Polishing

Acrylic Professional Manicure Pedicure Polishing

It is the perfect match for travel and carry out, as the standardusb interface allows you to plug in anyusb sockets easily. It's very easy to use, it's not a built-in battery. The electric nail file has a speed control button, which makes it easy to use and safer to polish your nails. The idea is for beginners. The electric file has a quiet motor, high quality aluminum alloy body, and high efficiency heat dissipation, which make it a comfortable experience while doing your nails. It's perfect for carving, polishing, shaping, engraving, cutting, mold grinding, sharpening, sanding, removing calluses, and it's even used for pet nail sanding! The Professional Nail Drill Kit has 6 optional metal bits, 26 sanding bands, and a nail art brush, which are suitable for grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, and removal of nails. The OVX perfect kit will help you make a beautiful nail.

Brand: Ovx

👤It's about the size of a Sharpie marker. I have small hands, so I love that it's not bulky or clunky, it's sleek and has a nice weight to it. It's out of the way, so I can't accidentally change the speed, and the controls on the cord are good because I used to accidentally change the speed on my last drill. All my bits are in place. It's so quiet. You can see in the video that full speed is just a quiet hum. Everything about it is perfect for me.

👤I paid $10 for this to be able to take off my gel/acrylic easier, and I thought it would work. I would recommend this file to anyone who does their nails at home because it is sturdy and feels great.

👤I enjoy this a lot. You can plug it into your laptop and use it. The kabuki brush is adorable. The drill color is cute, the remote switch is comfortable and convenient to the hand, especially when you are in a rush, and you want to finish or do a clients hand! It has drill bits and more. I love the storage it comes with. You can do it very slowly or very fast. There are two settings and a speed switch for that. It comes with a lot of sand drills. I like that! It is not super heavy. It is like holding an object. You would need to get used to controlling it. It is fast and reliable. It doesn't heat up to the point where you burn your fingers. I enjoy it a lot.

👤I love this drill. Since I am a beginner with doing my own nails, I like to leave comments on items. It doesn't heat up or burn your nails, it's light weight, and it comes with lots of different drill heads. I would recommend beginners. If you are more experienced, you may not like as much.

👤I contacted the company to let them know that I was having a power problem with my drill and the customer service was amazing. It's very simple. I am very happy with my nail drill. I signed up for Amazon prime just to get two day shipping because I was so excited to try this drill. I am a mother of two and I can't afford to spend $50-$65 on a full set twice a month. I found a drill that was under $35.00 and it came with the bands, so it seemed like a great deal. I get my drill and plug it in to see if it goes in and out and makes a putt putt, right? I don't think that's possible.

👤This product is amazing. My nails have gotten thicker over the years because of a condition called onchomycosis. They were causing immense pain when wearing shoes or when a blanket touched them. I've taken dangerous pills to get rid of it. I was supposed to get them filed at the podiatrist before the outbreak. After reading reviews, I decided to take the chance and file them myself. I'm very happy I did. After just two uses, my toenails look and feel normal. No pain at all. I am going to wear sandals for the first time in years because of this filer and I painted my toenails. I highly recommend this product.

8. MelodySusie Electric Portable Professional Polishing

MelodySusie Electric Portable Professional Polishing

It's easy to use with any of theusb sockets, such as power bank, laptop, AC, and even your car, with the new upgrade version. Don't worry about the limited cord, you can enjoy your nail art at home or on the road. A multifunctional nail drill set. This nail drill machine has 6 kinds of professional metal bits and 50 sanding bands, which can be used for all-round grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, removing cuticle, and for natural nails. This nail drill has a speed control button and rotates F/R direction, which is suitable for right-handed or left-handed use. Work for nail technicians and newcomers and you can cut your time in half. The nail drill machine is kept in low heat, low noise, and low vibration because of the upgraded powerful motor. Let the machine rest after 20 minutes of continuous use. The work environment is pretty friendly. The new pen shape handpiece is portable and comfortable to hold and carry out, you can do your nail artwork anytime anywhere.

Brand: Melodysusie

👤This drill is amazing. It is light weight and has no impact on the handle. You can change the rotation. This drill works the same as my 200$ Kiara Sky drill.

👤The portable electric nail drill is amazing. It works well for the price. It works great for the first time. I used it to make polygel nails.

👤My first attempt was good. It was easy to use and worth it.

👤I had a drill that broke. It was good. I would say they are both on the same level, but this one for way less was beyond what I expected. I am not a nail tech in any way. I love this drilll, let's see if it lasts. Thanks a lot. Still going strong and not stopping even with the pressure.

👤I was surprised by the drill. I thought I was taking a gamble with it being only $20, but when I opened the box and picked up the drill, I was amazed at how well made it was. The drill itself has some heft to it, and the accessories included were enough for my needs. The drill bits were hard to remove from the device and I read other reviews that said that. I only had to use pliers to pull it out, however it was because I pushed the bit in too far. If you gently push it in, you should be able to use this drill. The speed control is helpful for beginners like me. I bought this for shaping my nails after I applied fiberglass extensions and builder gel.

👤I like this drill. I like how light it is. It is more powerful than I thought. It is easy to use, but be careful with it.

👤Get this drill. It is very comfortable to use. I switched to this drill because I was using another brand drill in class and it was dying on me. This one is very smooth and not noisy.

👤This is a great nail drill. I had a similar one. It stopped working for me. I bought this one. This is small and portable. I can easily store this drill. I am a beginner. I never went to school for this. I am learning as I go. This drill tells you which direction your drill bit will go. It helps when you switch between your hands. My previous drill did not have that. The drill bits are easy to take out. I had to take out my teeth after putting in my last drill. The drill is easy to hold. I have large hands for a female. I would recommend anyone who is a beginner to do nails at home. It's a perfect size to store away. If you don't have a place to store things.

👤Excellent e-file. Get the job done. The person is beginner friendly. It's genuine parts are from a well-known company. The handle is light and cheap, but feels good when used with a vibration. The noise is very low. I bought a previous file from Amazon and so far this one is the better of the two that would buy it. For the price, it's awesome.

9. Premium Tapered Electric Manicure Pedicure

Premium Tapered Electric Manicure Pedicure

The piece is 1 piece and has a color of silver and a fine silver color. The PANA professional bit is less messy and has better cutting and smoothing performance. The toughest material next to diamonds, the PANA bits are great for removal. The barrel shape is great for a variety of work. The tool is great for removing hard gel and dip powder. It is lightweight and portable, easy to clean and transport. It's the perfect gift for nail enthusiasts.

Brand: Pana

👤I want to like it so much. I've been a nail tech for 10 years and I use my drill for almost every client. This bit is too sharp for an experienced tech. The edge cuts skin even if you slow down. It would slip and cut my client even at a lowrpm. I won't recommend this bit to my tech friends because it's too dangerous. In my time as a nail tech, I have never had an issue like this one.

👤This is the best bit I have ever tried. I got the coarseness. It cuts down the product. It shaves product quickly and doesn't heat up. I think it is really good. The tapered shape makes it easy to do backfills. I don't think you need the coarse if you're removing a lot of product or have artificial nails. I will order one in every shape and size.

👤It's not a good idea for someone who is still learning how to use a drill and not touch the skin or natural nail. It's very sharp. If you're frustrated with safety bits because they aren't precise enough to point directly at the edges of lifting, or if you're frustrated that product removal takes too much time, or if your current bit is causing heat, you have to go over. Medium was enough for the removal of acrylic products according to some other reviews. Medium is great for shaping and it works better than my previous bit for product removal, but I want to try a coarser one for even faster product removal. I'm very happy with medium because I usually do insufficiencies. I accidentally bought 2 of the medium because the first one was late and I thought the package was lost, but both arrived and I'm keeping them because I love them so much.

👤I wish I had purchased this before buying the sky one. I prefer the rounded top as it can cause damage if you cut it with it. How do I know? It got my polygel nails off quickly.

👤The medium and fine bits are in my possession. The fine is too sharp and will cut you. I love the medium part as it takes down product without getting hot.

👤I recommend it, it's so easy to fill, but be careful, you can cut some cuts if you don't pay attention, but over all, I love it.

👤I am happy that I tried this out. I had ordered my drill bits from AliExpress and they weren't sharp enough for the acrylic.

👤This was hard to use, but I usually love pana bits. The edges at the top of the bit are very sharp. I cut myself several times. I'm glad I tried it on myself first before using it on a client. If you purchase this bit, be careful with your nails. It is sharp. I don't think you should.

10. Beurer 10 Piece Professional Manicure Attachments

Beurer 10 Piece Professional Manicure Attachments

The nail file kit is ideal for use with gel nails, natural nails and even thick toenails. The drill kit is ideal to use for a variety of nail tools, including a nail grinder, a nail trimmer, and a cuticle removal tool. The professional nail Dremel Kit has high quality accessories, including a nail file made out of sapphire and felt, additional 10 sandpaper bits, and a Nail Dust Shield. Left and right-handed. The electric nail filer has a light that helps to guide the nail drill and creates ideal lightning during use. The Beurer Electric Nail Drill Machine comes with a convenient storage case and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Beurer

👤One of my clients had long and thick toenails. I didn't feel comfortable using sharp tools to cut them. The tool was perfect. It was strong enough to get through those bad boys.

👤I needed the kit to remove the cuticle and to be able to polish them all over. I made my own manicure. I did everything at the lowest speed. I used a pointed grinder to push the cuticle up. The top layer of it was removed with the Round Sapphire grinder. It was not painful at all. For the first time, I decided not to put a lot of pressure on myself and did everything quietly. The first one is before using the kit, the second one is after removing the nailpolish from the nails, and the last one is after applying the polish to the nails. I like the result even after the first time and I believe I will do better and better each time.

👤I like this manicure/pedicure kit. I bought this set to pedicure my mother's nails. I found 888-353-1299 She had thick nails on her big toes and ingrown nails on her other toes. I tried to cut them out, but it was too painful for her. I decided to try this set for her. I have been able to remove the ingrown nails on her big toes without causing her any pain. It took me about 30 minutes to get the ingrown nails out. Her toes are not straight because of arthritis or lack of maintenance, so the nails on her other toes need some work to grow straighter. I have had to work on them a couple of times, but I hope they will grow better once I finish them. I have used this kit to manicure her finger nails, and it goes so fast. I worked on a thumb nail that was damaged by a baby Green Wing macaw 20 years ago. Since then, it has never grown normally, and kept the jagged indent from the cuticle to the end of the nail. I used one of the tools to smooth out the grooves in the nail. My thumb nail has looked normal for the first time in 20 years. I thought the kit looked like a Dremel tool, but decided to get it because it was made for manicures. I decided to use this kit instead of the Dremel tool because it was more likely to cause damage to nails. It has been beneficial for my mother and I.

👤It is very comfortable to use. There is a limited selection of bits that will work in this machine and the bits that come with it are not good for acrylic work. The bits don't lock in because they are held in by the friction. It is very difficult to do detailed work when spinning. For casual work, it might be okay. I ordered a new one and found it had the same problems. The bits seem to be held in and wobble when used. Will return this one as well as the additional bits that were ordered, as they can only be used in this machine.

11. Professional Electric Machine Manicure Pedicure

Professional Electric Machine Manicure Pedicure

The service of life is extended by the use of premium aluminum made with vents, which features highly efficiently heat dissipation, low noise and vibration. The nail drill machine is upgraded. The main machine has 6 holes in it, which makes it more convenient for use, and it has a long usage life, which saves more time and money. All in One is a electric nail file that can be used for a variety of things. A professional nail kit. The 20000rpm electric acrylic nail file buffer is designed with a forward/ reverse switch and precise speed button. The professional nail tools are easy to use for beginners and are ideal for nail shops, spas, beauty parlors as well as personal use in homes, so don't worry about the operation any more.

Brand: Subay

👤This drill is great. This is my first drill and it is very easy to use. Definitely beginner friendly. I did my own nails with Dip Powder and it was a game-changing experience for me.

👤I bought this in hopes that I would be able to put on nails. The machine came in handy for the entire family as they are harder to use than the nail salon. I am able to use the pads to get the dead skin off my feet and use it for my cuticles, but I have to take the gel off my hands and toes. My daughter was able to use it. My son used it to get the math off of his hands. My husband was able to file his nails. It's small and gentle for beginners. It was a good purchase.

👤I apologize but I wouldn't recommend this drill because it broke in the middle of doing a customer's nails.

👤I love this product. I have had callous nails on my big toes for a long time. I was able to file these nails to the very last layer which allowed me to work on a fungus on one of the toes. Start at a low setting until you feel comfortable handling the tool, or you can cut yourself. It comes with a packet of nail filling bits, which I throw out because I don't want other nails to be contaminated. Great product. It arrived quickly.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent product and great price. My nails look great. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a simple, affordable machine. It is beautiful.

👤It's not fast and it's bulky. I bought it on the 31st. It died 9 days after the return/refund window closed.

👤It works just like the ones used at nail salons. I use this when I fill in my nails, and it files and shapes. The variety of tips is helpful in shaping the nail. This is a great product and price. It's paid for itself after I did my nails a few times.

👤The Makartt 30000 RPM Nail Drill Machine did not work, so I replaced it with this. This is definitely worth the money. The $50 nail drill is more expensive than this one.


What is the best product for lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui?

Lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui products from Airsee. In this article about lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui you can see why people choose the product. Yafex and Polamd are also good brands to look for when you are finding lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui.

What are the best brands for lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui?

Airsee, Yafex and Polamd are some of the best brands that chosen by people for lurui electric nail drillnail drill lurui. Find the detail in this article. Melodysusie, Makartt and Pana are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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