Best Snapper Electric Utility Cart

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1. Oregon 72 107 Universal Diamond Plastic

Oregon 72 107 Universal Diamond Plastic

The plastic hub is offset. The hub is 1 3/8-Inch in length. The design of the tread is diamond.

Brand: Oregon

👤This is not the wheel for you if you are restoring a Radio Flyer Wagon 89. It's going to be hard to beat this as a replacement wheel if you want to fix up an old one and pass it down to another generation. The hub is about a quarter of the originals, so you'll need to use a little pipe to make spacers or washers. The wheel style and tread pattern are not the same as the original, so you should be aware of that. Their inventory sticker is on the exposed side of the wheel and it's difficult to remove because the glue is stronger than the paper it's printed on. It was just plain stupid. They're clean and installed on the sanded and painted wagon after a lot of work.

👤I got out of the trash and found a pair of replacements for the missing wheel on the Craftsman plastic rolling tool tote. I got some brass bushings to fit into the wheels because my tote's axle was a bit smaller. I used one shouldered brass and one shoulder less brass in each wheel. I used push on nuts on the ends of my totes to ride against the wheels. Some reviewers have noted that the wheels are not in the same size as the ones on the picture. The centerline of the tread is the same as the edges of the wheel's tread. The old wheel on my tote was 7 inches across the tread, but it was a cheaper construction. The outer diameter difference of these wheels is not as big as the original craftsman brand wheels. I would definitely get another pair for a similar fix or replacement. The wheels are good enough for this plastic tool box to roll around with a lot of electrical extension cords. I added pictures of my repair using the wheels and compared them to the original equipment wheel that was left. These are an upgrade for this application. The wheels are white. I had grease smudges on them from assembly with bronze bushings inside the plastic of the wheel to adapt to a small diameter axle on this tool box.

👤The grill was destroyed by the wind. My brother in law suggested I look on Amazon to find a replacement for the device I was going to write to the company about. The original wheel did not measure 7” but was closer to 6.75” This 7x150 fit perfectly. The wheel is a lot stronger than the original. The original screws fit. I didn't have to go to get the wheels because of the price. I replaced both wheels in 10 minutes.

👤My husband broke his wheel on his lawnmower the other day while loading it, after loaning it to a neighbor and so he needed a new wheel for his push lawnmower, to do whatever he wanted, he may say, small tight cuts. I first saw one for $28 and some, but he mentioned it should cost $5. I searched for lower prices after hearing his input. He says you get your money's worth. I looked for a universal rear wheel that would work for his lawnmower, but I didn't know what type he was, so I ordered a different wheel. I ordered this for him instead of waiting during the Pandemic and not knowing what is open and when at the local lawn shop, and it came quickly. He gave it a five on the scale. He says it was easy to install. He used it to cut a small area around some bushes to his sister's house. He seems to be happy with it and I'm happy for him. Hopes this helps you make a decision. After asking a few more questions. He told me that his lawnmower is self-propelled. He told me that when he pulls the handle back on his lawnmower, the wheel drags and won't pull. Maybe that is why it cost $5. We are not returning it. May end up buying the correct wheel. I tried to help, I thought he needed a wheel to roll the lawnmower, but we learned something today. It is possible that self-propelled wheel is the key when buying.

2. WEN 73002 500 Pound Capacity 17 Inch

WEN 73002 500 Pound Capacity 17 Inch

Two 30 in. by 16 in. by 4 in. The shelves hold up to 500 pounds. Simple maintenance can be done with an easy-to- clean surface. 5-inch non-marring casters are easy to use. Push handles have a variety of smaller compartments and a cup-holder for additional storage. The material isdurable and has a long lifespan.

Brand: Wen

👤I bought a second cart because I loved it so much. A big tip! If you read through the directions, you can see where the bolts and screws go. The first cart I tried was a nightmare to fit the legs in. It was much easier to start over from the bottom up. I knew what to do in the second cart. First, put the legs in the slots. Put the wheels on. Only the hand can tighten nuts. Attach handle to upper tray. Will fit on either end, but you have to decide if you want it opposite the wheels. The upper tray should be on top of the legs. Attach upper tray to legs with 5 screws. The wheel nuts need to be tightened. Doing it this way is easy. This cart is very sturdy and a great deal for the money. It's even cheaper than HF. I have the wheels on the front to make it easier to steer. All I have to do is roll the entire cart out for my equipment, because I use one cart for everything. I use the second one for everything. I have a lot of heavy packages that are delivered. I keep it on my house because the delivery guys just stack the stuff on the cart for me and I don't have to do anything. I use it to bring groceries in and move things around. I love the cart. I would love to have a third one for my power tools. WEN provided a quality item for a great price.

👤I have a small space in the garage and the cart is the perfect size for it. It's difficult to turn the cart because there are only 2 swivel caster and they both go at the end of the handle. I don't know how grocery stores have wheels, but I think they have the front wheels, and I don't want to remove them and use the front wheels for testing. I don't intend to move the cart much. The way the handle is attached, I can see why a few reviews stated that their handle broke off the cart, if you need to put downward pressure on the handle to lift the front for whatever reason. It's important to read the instructions and not just look at the diagram view, it will save you a lot of time and frustration. The instructions will tell you which part to put together. The cart won't fit in later steps if you don't put the parts in sequence. The exploded diagram would have shown the sequence of installation of each part since most don't read instructions thinking the diagram is all they need. You cannot put the handle into the tray if the cart legs lock it into place at a later step. The grooves of the handle and tray should be close to being flush if you pound the handle down onto the tray. If they are not close to flush, the legs won't fit in the tray and the handle won't lock. Put the cart together and then put the legs on the upside down top tray first. This is important because each pair of legs are fitted with screws for a specific set of corner holes. If you put the cart together right side up and then put the legs on the bottom tray and wheels later, you risk having the wrong leg for the corners of the top tray. Like I did! The screws on the corners of the top tray will not be aligned because of the wrong leg. When working upside down, be careful not to drop any nut into the small structural pockets of the tray, it's a biatch trying to get them out. The bolts weren't fitting properly because of the square part of the head. They put the bolt on the cart the wrong way in their pictures. There is a square hole in the inside of the tray that receives the part of the bolt that is flat. The square part of the bolt needs to be in the square part of the tray.

3. Sports Collapsible Folding Terrain Utility

Sports Collapsible Folding Terrain Utility

There is a package that includes a light bar wiring harness kit and instruction diagram. The large capacity wagon opens to the fullest extent. 31.8 inch L x 21.5 inch W x 17 inch H is all it takes to set it up. The wagon is only 9.7" thick. Approx. folded size. A carry case is included. The weight is 23.1 pounds. Lighten the load! The heavy duty frame can hold up to 150 lbs., and the Durable 600D fabric can be cleaned easily. It is resistant to UV and mildew. The handle for effortless transport and 2 mesh cup holders keep your beverage secure. "Beachcomber Macwagon" logo is on a blue fabric with a white frame. Extra large wheels for hauling gear to the beach, outdoor sporting events, concerts, picnics in the park, and around the house are an easy transport. It is not made to transport children.

Brand: Macsports

👤Our beach trip was completely different because of this little wagon. Other people had wagons with thin, gripped wheels and they ended up in the sand. The wagon has wide, smooth wheels with two narrow front wheels that glide over the sand. I love the beach, but walking through soft sand and dragging chairs, blankets, beach bags, body boards, and other items can be a hassle that is physically exhausting. The beach trip was easy to navigate. The wagon is easy to fold and has a cover. The problem of the wheels not locking was solved by storing mine upside down. It has cupholders on the side and a retractable handle for pulling. I researched extensively on beach carts and wagons and they were the clear winner. One of the biggest concerns was the ability to pull on sand. Other wagons and carts were bogged down in the sand. The wagon glided across the sand on the Emerald Coast without a problem. The sand is thick and powdery like sugar and anyone who has visited the area knows it. It was not a match for the BeachComber. The wagon held everything we needed. We were able to relax on the beach without the stress of dragging chairs, bags, and other things because it saved us several trips back and forth to our 6th floor room. One of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon.

👤Don't buy this cart. I made the biggest mistake of my life. It was so thin and crappy that it almost tore in half with the cart half way exposed. The clip that holds the handle up when not in use was already broken and useless, as you can see in the first photo. I was not going to complain or worry about it because I knew I could make it work because I had a beach trip days away. I was really excited. It folded up quickly and easily, just a little heavier than I anticipated. I load it up at the beach. We had a small cooler and chairs in it. It was only fair across the sand when I went down to the beach. I expected a little resistance but not anything I couldn't handle. On day 3, after a week of pulling it through the sand, the entire handle/wheel attachment fell off. What will happen next? We had to walk almost a half mile to get to the beach and trying to carry the entire wagon with our chairs and cooler in it was very difficult. I want a full refund. They want me to mail it back to them. How? The box was going to be useless when it tore in half. I have to find a box to fit it in so I can send it back. Don't do it. Pick a different cart.

👤I bought this wagon to convert it to a beach wagon. Yes, it says this is already a beach wagon, but I am an engineer and those tires will not work. I purchased Bonnolo Beach Tires from Amazon, also a 7/8" shaft size for the Bonnolo wheels, and a variety of bolts and washers for the assembly. The project added a bit of weight to the wagon, but only because the beach tires are a little heavier. The construction of the wagon is powder coated steel, but I would prefer aluminum or something, but nobody makes that which folds. If the riveted joints break, I will drill them all out and replace them with machine screws. This was a good start.

4. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy Duty Convertible

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy Duty Convertible

It is easy to pull up to 600 pounds. Patented quick-release dump feature makes unloading easy. Assembly time is reduced by the new frame design. The poly bed and pneumatic tires are heavy-duty. The capacity is 6. It is easy to pull up to 1200-pounds with the Padded 2-in-1 heavy-duty handle. A limited warranty for one year.

Brand: Gorilla Carts

👤Decided to get this model over the 600-lb capacity. I couldn't be happier. I purchased this to do some landscaping work with crushed stone and saw the reviews on the lower capacity model being flimsy, so I purchased this one which has 1,200 lbs capacity. I have moved 25 tons of crushed stone and have no issues. The larger tires make it easy to pull over rough terrain, even for my wife. I wanted to see this loaded to the max and other than some firewood and a few rocks, but I couldn't see it. I've provided a couple of photos that show what this can do. One of the photos shows a couple of trips into my 25-ton project while the other shows load 96, which went strong to the end.

👤I was surprised by how useful this cart is. I don't think it can ever replace my wheelbarrow, but it has taken over a lot of the duties I would have used in the past. The design of the cart makes it possible to quickly unload it and the dumping capability is more useful than I thought. It's nice that I can hook it up to the riding mower since our yard has a decent slope. The mechanism is almost perfect, but my one criticism is that you have to pull the lever in order to lock it up. If the spring tension was adjusted so that the mechanism catch automatically, I would be happy. It should be noted that the cart is a bit larger than a standard wheelbarrow. The instructions for the assembly were clear and easy to follow, but I am familiar with the tools and am comfortable building things like this. The plans for adding wooden stake sides to the cart are on Gorilla Cart's website. This helped with picking up leaves.

👤The cart was easy to assemble, but one tire was out of the package. I had to buy an air compressor to inflate the tire. I parked the cart in the garage after using it for two hours on grass, dirt and gravel. I went to use the cart the next morning and there were three tires that were flat, one of which was out of the package. I called the company and was told they would send me four new tires. I inflated the three flat tires and used the cart for a couple of hours and all four tires were flat. I called to see where my tires were after a week and was told to send the invoice before they would send the tires. I haven't seen new tires since I sent the invoice.

👤The product seemed like a good deal when I received it last week. The product worked well for several hours. The product was useless after the front pin attached to the front frame broke. The handle and wheels detached from the frame. Unless a new front frame is shipped and replaced, there is no way to fix this issue. I contacted the manufacturer via their website after the cart broke, but have not heard back since. I called their customer service and got the same message as before, "all of our customer service representatives are attending to other customers, please leave a message" Terrible service. The product broke after light use.

5. Wellmax Platform Foldable Storage Capacity

Wellmax Platform Foldable Storage Capacity

The design is slanted. The cart is stylish and cute to decorate your indoor or outdoor space. Storage space can be found in various styles of interior design. Are you tired of carts that take up a lot of space? They designed a platform push cart that can be tucked away for easy storage, but ready and available for when you need it. Simply fold the padded handle down to make it easy to put your cart on the platform. It's possible. The four wheel platform push cart is easy to maneuver. The four heavy duty wheels offer reliable transportation for your items and materials. The two back wheels are engineered with a 180 degree turn for easy transit. They want you to be able to handle your materials with confidence. That is the reason they have designed a push cart that can hold up to 330 lbs. The custom support guard makes sure items don't slip backwards and arrive safely. Quality made products are at the core of Wellmax's mission. They build for long-term use. The cart is all about function, from the sturdy padded handle to the non-slip platform. The platform dolly is made from the highest quality materials and will be a staple item for years to come. It is a multi-PURPOSE. The Wellmax push cart is very popular with their customers. This dolly can do it all, whether you are moving household items, wood plank or luggage. The foldable structure is perfect for easy storage in your garage, basement, office, storage closet or warehouse. It is a multi-PURPOSE. The Wellmax push cart is very popular with their customers. This dolly can do it all, whether you are moving household items, wood plank or luggage. The foldable structure is perfect for easy storage in your garage, basement, office, storage closet or warehouse.

Brand: Wellmax

👤We were using to haul 35 gallans trash cans to our dumpster, but it failed because we never put anything heavier than 200 lbs in. Plastic trash cans are tougher than this junk.

👤I decided to write a review for this cart because I have purchased hundreds of items on Amazon. I decided to purchase this platform cart after viewing some similar ones. I was impressed by the color. The carts look the same. I used to take boxes from my car to my garage and backyard. The package came with instructions and a bonus wrench that made the installation much easier than I thought. The caster wheels in the back make it easy to maneuver tight spaces. I put the wheels at the same end as the handle bar to use it as a push cart, but I think you can pull it as well if you load heavier stuff. If you have to move loads frequently like I do, you can fold the handle down and put it back in the trunk. When I go to stores, it is usually a big load because I am a father of two. The cart is helpful. The cart is portable and compact, despite its high weight capacity. I put one in my trunk and thought about getting another to leave in the garage. I don't recommend putting the weight close to the max capacity, even though I purchased the 660lb model. When it's too heavy, it's easier to steer. I am happy with the purchase. I told my neighbor about it and he asked where he could get it. If you use your hands to tighten the screws, it will fall apart.

👤I like this thing. I bought it for two reasons. I am moving to a new apartment and need help moving heavy boxes to the trailer. This cart is foldable and will be perfect for stacking water bottles and groceries to take from my car to my apartment. It takes me about 10 minutes to put the wheels on. The cart's platform did not budge when I sat on it. I was pushed around on it. I am looking forward to all the use I will get out of this cart.

👤I received this last Sunday. There was a lack of details for assembly. I am a senior citizen and a woman, but not all that handy with tools. The directions left me confused. The directions only had a drawing of the screw, washer and locking washer. I found videos on the internet that explained how to assemble the wheels correctly. I am very happy with its performance now that I have it. I have been able to move heavier stuff myself because of my current move. I've taken many trips to the dumpster and the car to donate to Goodwill. I have used it to move items I sell. My next event is to bring in groceries and other items I have been shopping for. It needs improvement on the instruction sheet, but I would recommend it to my friends.

6. Electric Removers Rechargeable Electronic Professional

Electric Removers Rechargeable Electronic Professional

Fast and rechargeable foot care. The Callus Remover set is an efficient foot pedicure tool to support plug-and-play, simply charge the battery of the electric pedi feet and they will care for your feet for up to 3 hours. The battery can be used for up to 45 minutes. Waterproof of body Their electronic foot sander can adapt to all kinds of humid environment because it is assembled without screws and dusty. The problem ofbacteria growing on the gaps would be solved by an electric foot scraper. Two speed replacement is powerful, safe and fast. The scientific speed is 1900/ 2200 turns. There are three types of rollers that apply to dead skins. It can be used after a bath. The softened calluses are safer and easier to use than other manual devices. The Electric Callus Remover Kit is the best gift choice because it removes dead skin and calluses and brings you beautiful feet. All materials are eco-friendly and meet natural standards. Good care of her/his skin is the best gift for someone you love. If the product has any wear and tear or stains, please contact them for the first time, they will provide you with satisfactory after-sales service.

Brand: Pritech

👤I am very grateful to have found this product. I know I have the driest feet ever seen by a man. My feet have dried up since I started taking the medication. I've tried a lot of things, but they didn't work. I used the product until the battery died. I need more sessions to get my feet as smooth as possible. Very happy with the purchase. It could remove bark from a tree if it could smooth my feet. Thank you so much!

👤I had high hopes for this. This product is a huge downfall because the charger doesn't fit the machine. The shaver heads need to be replaced if they become too smooth. The black and silver shaver heads were used before they lost their shaving abilities.

👤I love this thing. If you suffer from dry feet throughout the year, you will understand the embarrassment. It's like not being able to get on a bed or a couch without sounding like your feet are shredding everything up in their path. I needed a Spa to give myself a break from my feet, which have been hurting from this COVID-19. I almost tore my whole sheet of paper when I woke up because my cheese grater was making my feet sharper. I found this product and couldn't find a better price. Don't think TWICE just buy it immediately. I think it works. My feet are soft and smooth. In love.

👤I have thick skin. I frequented a nail shop that shaved it all off. I stopped going because she stated to get annoying and rude. I was looking for a shaver that the pedicurist used and stumbled upon this. It is amazing. I am happy that my callus is down to the minimum.

👤I spent my money on a foot callus that works so well on my feet that I'm going to buy another one and watch a movie with my feet wet from the movie.

👤The Electric Foot Callus Remover product is a pleasure to have. It is very easy to use. It can be turned on and used immediately without being charged. I had to remove the plastic wrap from the coarse roller to use it. All pack contents, including a product book, arrived at my place. The price seems reasonable for all the contents. I have been using this product to remove dead skin from my feet. I apply some foot cream to my feet. A good combination is foot cream and this product.

👤This is the best price I have spent in a long time. The machine turned out to be better than I had thought. I have had a large callus on my left foot from dancing for many years. I have tried to treat it with the Dr. Scholl's pads and it has never worked and it has come back bigger after those treatments. This little device would do a 30% improvement and would likely not rotate with any applied pressure to get through a thick callus that has built up. I was impressed with the power of it on the first use, it never got stuck or stopped unless I pressed down. It helped so much. I didn't feel that relief in years because the callus was almost completely gone on the first use. I will continue to use a thick foot therapy lotion and use this device, which is awesome.

7. Offex Multi Height Utility Ergonomic Handle

Offex Multi Height Utility Ergonomic Handle

The attachable bus bin is ideal for keeping businesses and facilities clean. The shelves are made of recycled plastic and will not stain or scratch. It's required. Made in the USA. The measures are 24W x 18D x 34H. Cabinet and electric are not included.

Brand: Offex

👤This is perfect for my husband's machine, fluids, and extra supplies.

👤The cart is easy to assemble and strong. This is an additional mobile cooking cart and it is easy to clean, so it serves my purpose well.

8. Worx WA0228 AeroCart Wagon Kit

Worx WA0228 AeroCart Wagon Kit

The wheel has a hub length of 6. The Aerocart can be converted into a hay wagon or garden cart in seconds. The wheelbarrow wagon kit is not the complete wagon. The included seat increases comfort by giving a seated work position and doubling as a resting spot. Attaches quickly without the need for tools. Flat free tires don't need to be inflated. The innovative tool tray has cup holders.

Brand: Worx

👤I got this wagon in March of last year. It was a good garden wagon, we loved the innovation, everyone loved the dump truck aspect, and it had a good life. It was a shame that it had to go so quickly, but rust is a very changeable animal. Thanks for the memories, may you rest in peace.

👤I have only removed the wagon kit once so far because I wanted to move a potted plant. I keep it on. I find using the cart as a wagon is much easier to use than a truck. The reviewer said the cart only held 8 shovels. I can tell you that with the wagon attachment, you can get 18 to 20 shovels full with no spillage. That's enough weight for a 64 year old to haul around and dump in the heat of Florida. The wagon attachment is a must have.

👤I'm sure it would have been attached in minutes if the nuts were not rusted and frozen to the axle. The ship has nuts attached to it. To put the wheels on, you have to remove them. I've been trying to loosen a nut for two hours. I have one wheel on. The nut came off after a lot of pressure. The other nut is stuck. If it doesn't loosen, I'll have to ship the whole thing back. There is a As soon as you open the box, check the wheel nuts. If they're defects like mine, it will save time.

👤Works well as a wagon. The wheelbarrow base unit is very good. It does not have the breadth or depth of a traditional wheelbarrow, but its many uses make up for that. I have been using the products I have purchased. When balance was lost, traditional wheelbarrows were too heavy for me. I have a good balance with the equipment. If you have a back problem, I would recommend this.

👤The Worx wheel barrel can be converted to a yard wagon in seconds. The wheels are wide so they can roll over the grass. The pivot system on the wheels makes it easy to turn with heavy loads and it's a great accessory for me. I mostly use it to do garden projects, but I also use it to transport dirt for my outdoor fireplace project. Couldn't do it without the wagon feature. It makes it easier to transport the heavy bags. This is a great syste. It was easy to put together.

👤The AeroCart and AeroCart Wagon kit was worth it even though I hated to spend so much. I got the AeroCart combo for my wife after suffering through several substandard lawn carts. I needed to get a wagon kit that included a seat that fits on the cart, a tray that holds garden tools, and two cup holders for adult beverages. The entire set up is made of heavy gauge steel, so it's no wonder. The cart is engineered so well that it rolls easily and the permanently inflated tires roll over anything. The garden cart would look like this.

9. Gorilla Carts GOR1400 COM Heavy Duty Removable

Gorilla Carts GOR1400 COM Heavy Duty Removable

SPECIFICATIONS: The wagon has a folded dimensions of 21.5 x 9.7 x 31.5 inches and an open dimensions of 21.46 x 24.61 inches. Huge, heavy-duty steel mesh bed and pneumatic turf tires can handle any job. The new frame design allows for quick and easy assembly. It's possible to carry larger loads on theremovable sides. It is easy to pull up to 1400-pounds with the Padded 2-in-1 heavy-duty handle. A limited warranty for one year.

Brand: Gorilla Carts

👤The cart is very strong. The hitch is made of thin metal and only welded on two sides. The bolt hole on the hitch is warped. I have two of these carts that have only been used for a few days of yard work and light utility. They weren't used until this spring, but they were ordered in the fall. The 1400 lbs weight rating has never been close to me. The cart is able to take the weight, but the hitch is not close to handling it. I am afraid of breaking one of the carts because it is useless. Very dissatisfied. I would love to get my money back.

👤I give Gorilla Carts 5 stars for ease of assembly. It takes less than 30 minutes to put them together. It goes fast with the right tools. I use two sets of sockets. The cart has a nut bigger than my sockets. I used an adjustment wrench. I am a 66 year old female and the cart weighs almost as much as I do. I have three Gorilla Carts in less than a month. I bought the GOR-800-COM first. It is small. I use it for my pump. The GOR 1201B is the best all around size. This cart is larger than the ones we've seen before. It is heavy, but stable. It is easy to pull on the ground. It is heavy trying to maneuver in the box. The end of the handle should have a black plastic cap on it. During shipping, mine fell off. I thought it was for shipping purposes, but it's not. I watched the assembly video on the Gorilla site. Low and behold. You could see the cap in the video, but there was no attention paid to it in the manual. It feels like plastic. It seems to be there to protect the handle. There was a bad weld on the handle. It could be that the cap was meant to fix the problem. This is a brute with a million possibilities. It's larger than I was used to and the extra large wheels are great. No-flat tires are something I would like to see in the future. My garden wagons have been assembled. They took a lot of time and were frustrating. The hardware comes in a numbered pack that is easy to put together. I would buy more.

👤Even though I abuse it in every way possible, this is the cart I was looking for. It is parked behind a shed. There was no roof, rain, snow, and mud. It doesn't have a name and probably won't have one by now. What will it carry? I've tried to load it more than you can. Is that dirt? Doesn't notice. A generator? No problem. Do you mean as many rocks as you can stack on it? Yes, definitely. You will need a lawn tractor to move it. A pallet of cement? handled it well. It took a truck to move it. It will handle whatever you throw at it. Operator error is not related to the function of this cart. The side rails are useless. They get in the way of loading. If you are driving fast enough to need the rails, look for an operator error. They pop off easily.

10. WORX WG050 Aerocart All Purpose Wheelbarrow

WORX WG050 Aerocart All Purpose Wheelbarrow

The 600 Denier fabric is easy to clean. 200 lbs feel like 17 lbs because of the leverage provided by the Turbo Lift design. It quickly transforms from a lightweight wheelbarrow into a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover, and trailer tote. The rugged tires will never need inflating, so always get a smooth ride with them. Clever design The center of gravity is shifted to the optimum place for each job by the innovative two-wheel placement. Do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with Wrox. You can build a cost-effective tool collection that is designed to last with the WORX tools. There are Aerocart, Cylinder holder, Bag holder, Plant Mover Strap, and Rock Mover Mesh.

Brand: Worx

👤Let's see if I can clear up a few things. I almost canceled my order after reading some of the reviews, thinking I was ordering a toy for children. I couldn't have been more wrong. The truth is on this cart. If you are a construction worker you should not purchase this item. A wheel barrel that is stable and easy to use on the back is what this is for the typical home owner who also needs a tool that can be converted into something else. I have had two back surgeries and even though I have healed up, this little gem takes all the weight and I am no longer limited when it comes to landscaping. The designers looked at the average amount of material people put in the "well" area and decided on an ergonomics design that really takes the stress off your back. I am 6'7" and the way this thing is built makes lifting and letting the bucket down easy. I've had bags of stone, sand, wood chips and such in it and it has plenty of room to do the job safely. The metal is thick and rugged and I can tell it will last a long time. Since my other wheel barrel was so big, I couldn't fill it to capacity without fearing the thing tipping on me. It is not a matter of strength but of stability when using a power lifter. I read that the bearings came off the plastic wheels. If you were an engineer, you would have had to overload this cart or use the trailer hitch ball to get the bearings out. The way I see it, using this cart in a normal fashion will provide years of care free use. The fit, finish, and quality of this cart are great. I am sure that there may be a defect from the factory for some people, but when I looked my cart over, I found no fault. One product in history has not had an occasional fault, even a brand new 100 million dollar aircraft. This little cart is great. I was able to hang it on the wall in my garage using the hole on the dolly tongue. It took ten minutes to put it together. It's nice to just use this whenever I want and not worry about having to pump up the air filled tires anymore, like the one on my old wheel barrel. I didn't use my old wheel barrel that much so it sat in the garage for weeks on end, but with the AeroCart, I use it for other functions quite a bit, and I have since sold my old dolly, made a few dollars cash, and freed up some. I would!

👤My wife still prefers to use a broken plastic cart that is lighter than the metal cart I found, even though it is not a kiddie wagon or a very light wheelbarrow. She would rather buy a new cart every year because it needs to be stored outside. She thinks it is heavy. A lighter steel one would be useless for those who are not big bruisers, for those who have difficulty balancing a hundred pounds in a wheelbarrow, and for lady gardeners who want something sturdier than plastic. Cheap wheels, tires and bearings, poor design, and due to due and even dangerous, the cheap steel wheelbarrows and wagons are hard to use. This is for the lady, elderly, disabled, small, and so forth, who find it a challenge to handle more than a bag or two of mulch/dirt. If you work with a lot of weight, you should get a wheelbarrow. Don't even think of getting one of the cheapies, a good one starts at $350 and up. It is narrow because of the need to move things through doors and the house. You can't do that with wheelbarrows. It's good to use when a small person is trying to fill up a yard waste bag alone or when there isn't a big guy around. We are retired, have a detached condo with a fenced yard, and do light yard and outside house maintenance. We don't have a lot of room to store a cart and dolly. We have averaged a plastic cart every year or two, no matter how expensive, because the plastic in them breaks/cracks, so I want steel. I didn't want a wagon because they always have pneumatic tires, which have failed us in the past. Two of the large wheels should be stable. She wants something close to the ground. We can't spend more than $200 on this. We can't handle a wheelbarrow with bags in it. I flip the handles upside down to make it easier for me, a 6' guy, to handle, and I flip them back to the normal position for my wife, who is small and short. The main utility portion is rated at 300 pounds. Looking at the individual parts, I think that is very conservative. The accessories are light duty, but big men don't need them. If you have a room and a lady garden, get her a plastic cart and a wheelbarrow for yourself. We just started using it, so I'm only giving it 4 stars. I will update the review in a year or two if it lasts as long as I think.

11. Mission Automotive Heavy Universal Trailer

Mission Automotive Heavy Universal Trailer

The design of the tread is diamond. Their zero turn hitch is compatible with many models, so you can make your yard work a little easier and faster. Most mower brands will fit their hitch using the bolt center listed. There are 5 outside holes and 2 inside holes. No need to compromise on quality. Their hitch is made from strong steel and powder coated. You can rely on their hitch for heavy-duty performance. Haul dry leaves, cut brush and tree limbs with ease. Their hitch is fitted with holes that are easy to install. The hitch is added to the support brackets. The part is compatible with many models. Hitch doesn't come with any additional accessories because the screws of different models may not be the same. The hitch has holes for a mower at 2” to 3” centers. It's not necessary to drill but to fit different machines. Please confirm that this is the correct mounting distance for your machine. Measure the center of the hole to the other hole. This is an aftermarket product. The brands mentioned are illustrative only and are not endorsed by Impresa Products. This is an aftermarket product. The brands mentioned are illustrative only and are not endorsed by Impresa Products.

Brand: Mission Automotive

👤I put a firewood trailer in my yard to pick up some brush. The tongue of the trailer was almost on the ground when I started to load, and the hitch was bent almost straight down. I had pulled a log splitter before. A trailer is too much. This happened after the window closed. Don't waste your money.

👤I bought this thinking it wouldn't be enough for a ball of that size. I was correct. It was flexing down and bent when I just stepped on it, I had a 166lb weight, and it was installed or just stepped on. I put a strap below the seat on the frame box and it works great now.

👤It was cut and power-coated. There is no backing plate or bolts. You have to drill holes and get your own mounting bolts and back base plate for this universal bracket. The rear panel of the John Deere Z375R has slots that do not correspond to this one. You need to drill 2 new holes down that panel if they are too high. To remove the panel from the mower, you need to drill the holes using a drill press and undoing 6 bolts. Attach the panel to the mower. This is not a big deal for a practical person, but it is a warning for anyone expecting a "plug n play" item. It is not worth making your own brackets. If I needed another, I would buy again.

👤I attached this to the back of my Bad Boy ZTR so that I could use it to move the trailer from the back of our property to the truck. It's solid, it's flexible, and it has a perfectly sized hitch ball hole. The trailer is balanced. I didn't see any plate flex that was reported by others. You have to be careful with your tongue weight, so don't push it, and I think it will be fine.

👤This is a great product. If you break this, you're towing too much weight to begin with. I just bought a new scag liberty Z zero turn and it matches perfectly. The 2020 scag rear end is black and the hitch is the same. This one is near perfect, there are a few to choose from, and it's not necessary to spend $60 for a scag hitch. I would like to see it have an opening that you can pass a large chain through. The hole spacing was off, but others online had this.

👤The brackets are well made and sturdy. I installed a TriyBilt mower. It looked like the one in the picture. Measure your mounting holes to make sure the brackets fit. I had to drill some holes. No big deal. You will need to provide mounting hardware. I used bolts and nuts. It took 10 minutes to drill the holes.

👤It is only $12 and you get what you pay for. If you plan on loading more than 50 lbs, you should get a heavy duty kit. This is small and inadequate on any heavy duty or commercial zero turn, and it does not come with mounting hardware. It will fold under when you reverse with a small load.


What is the best product for snapper electric utility cart?

Snapper electric utility cart products from Oregon. In this article about snapper electric utility cart you can see why people choose the product. Wen and Macsports are also good brands to look for when you are finding snapper electric utility cart.

What are the best brands for snapper electric utility cart?

Oregon, Wen and Macsports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for snapper electric utility cart. Find the detail in this article. Gorilla Carts, Wellmax and Pritech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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