Best Yahrzeit Candle Electric

Candle 18 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Creative Hobbies Electric Window Candle

Creative Hobbies Electric Window Candle

The package includes 2 large outdoor flameless candles (10” in height and 4” in diameter) and a user manual. Creative Hobbies electric candles are great for weddings, table decorations, and home decor. The attractive brass plated metal base is long lasting. The candles are 9 inches tall and 6 inches tall overall. A long 6 foot cord with on/off switch and safety plug. The safe for indoor use is certified by the U.S. safety agency. Replacement bulbs and window clips are available.

Brand: Creative Hobbies

👤These are the same as advertised. The switches are much stronger now than they were 20 years ago. The base diameter is too small and they tend to fall over due to the weight of their own power cords, but this has always been a problem with units like these. The easiest way to fix it is to wrap a wire-tie around the base and stick the other end under the window.

👤These are the things I like to do. I lock them in my house and secure them with a ribbon around the base of the windows. Unless knocked over, they are secure and don't tip. I have tried the battery ones but they are so dim you can't see them in the windows. Very pleased!

👤Plug a bright window candle into the wall and it will light up. This is it! This is a good value for the money and the batteries don't have to be continuously replaced. The light weight is the biggest issue and I was able to resolve it by using a piece of box tape. I ordered lights for my windows. Two of the lights bulbs burned out in a week. I decided to use the light emitting device to last longer. Plug into the wall makes you feel happy and warm glow makes you feel good. Bulb dies quickly.

👤The plastic sleeves on the old lamps started to fall apart, so I needed to replace them with new candle lamps. The brass on these lamps looked good and will work. I mounted the small holes in the base to the window sills with brass screws. The lamps are more secure with the screws. The lamps can fall and damage the bulbs if the window is open, because the strap hold-down under the window does not hold the lamps in place when the window is open. As the old ones fail, I will buy more of them.

👤The switch that turns the light off and on is perfect, no batteries are required. I've used these for a long time in my windows.

👤I needed a candle quickly. It's okay. It seems to tip easily with the wires and there is no sensor. It needs to be turned on and off manually. The bulb is okay so far. I didn't have an extra bulb. This review has been changed to two stars. Maybe, one person? The stupid thing just burned out. I had it for 2 weeks. It's a total waste of money. The bulb tips over easily. It's a piece of trash.

👤A waste of money. I put the first one on the windowsill and it fell off. The cord and switch weighed more than the lamp. I would rank thisvproduct with no stars. After ordering the lamps, I got a deal on several different items that were designed to anchor them to the window or the sill. No thank you! I should have read the reviews before ordering these candles.

👤Glad that the previous reviews were positive. The candles are bright with warm light and have long cords with on-off switches. I replaced 20-year old random style candles with battery candles because they were bad. These are very nice. They make our home look better. I'll post one when I get my photos loaded. I recommend buying the window cup attachment recommended by them, they are great quality and nice to hold candles even if you have large window sills. I will order more.

2. Yahrzeit Light No Needed Memorialize Safely

Yahrzeit Light No Needed Memorialize Safely

90-day warranty. The life span is 1,000 hours with 3 hours daily use. The seller has a 90-Day warranty. It is compliant with the law of lead free and ce. Plug the entire light into the plug. Remember the people you loved. It's safe for hospitals or nursing homes.

Brand: The Dreidel Company

👤I bought this item so we wouldn't have "live" flames in our home when we acknowledged the anniversary of a loved one's death. We now have an easy to plug in light that is safe and not unattractive. We don't need to buy a candle again.

👤When the traditional candles stopped burning before they should have, this was what I needed. I decided it was time for something else when it was almost impossible to relight the candle and have it blow out again. It's cheaper to buy candles that don't work than it is to buy candles that don't work at all. You're good to go if you plug it in.

👤I used this for the first time in January. It is smaller than I expected, but it is good for me. It's very convenient and easy. I am glad I bought it. I don't have to worry about a burning candle.

👤If you have curious cats, this memorial light is a nice way to honor a loved one.

👤It's great to have this instead of having to light candles. It would be much safer to buy it again.

👤It's easy to plug in an outlet on my kitchen wall. It's safer than a candle.

👤I wouldn't recommend this. I should have drawn words on a night light.

👤We like it. It was pretty and bright. We leave it plugged in and keep it where we see it. Don't miss a Jahrzeit that way.

3. Abiding Scented Flameless Bereavement Diameter

Abiding Scented Flameless Bereavement Diameter

The package includes 2 large outdoor candles with 6H timer, which are better used inside the indoor or outdoor lanterns. Don't soak them in water for long, it will invalidate the waterproof function.

Brand: Carson

👤I received this in the mail yesterday and opened it today to a sad sight. I was very excited for my Dad's memorial. Only to arrive at this. It worked after I pulled one of the pieces out and flipped it around. However. I don't know if everyone will be able to do that. It's pretty silly that that's how it happened. You need to bend the metal piece down so it doesn't stick up. * Theflickering effect is similar to a quick and systematic on/off. Be careful if you have seizure prone tendencies.

👤This worked out well. My mother, brother and sister were left behind by my Aunt. The first of the four siblings to be born. They all have a candle in the living room that is lit when they set it for the funeral. It goes out before they go to sleep. The light works well and I like it. The candle was sent right out of the package. I don't know if they have kept that. I plan to use these in the future.

👤I ordered a flameless candle that said "Our family chain is broken..." They sent me a message that said "when someone you love becomes a memory..." I'll keep the one I received because it's too close to time for the event I ordered it for, but I'm disappointed it wasn't the correct one. The one I ordered said a lot.

👤I used this at my Dad's viewing. When our family and friends came to pay their respects, we had a photo album and other items on the table. It has an auto timer. We have the pictures of our parents on the mantle. The verse is comforting. It is recommended.

👤It looks like a candle, it feels like wax. The amber light gives the illusion of a real flame. There is an option to leave it burning continuously as well as a timer option. I wanted to keep a candle burning for our daughter, without the risks of leaving a candle burning constantly and at times unattended. The candle was made by the poem. It describes how we feel, as well as what we look forward to when our time comes.

👤We used this at a memorial service. It was a nice touch. Doesn't come with batteries so you'll need them.

👤I kept this candle with photos of my older son and a bottle of his ashes, after he died. The inscription on it is perfect and it is beautiful. I keep it on all the time. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This was the perfect touch, and still is, with my mom's final resting spot on my shelf.

👤It's for my mom's memorial. It looks real.

4. Enpornk Flameless Operated Flickering Unscented

Enpornk Flameless Operated Flickering Unscented

The package includes: A user manual is included with this set. These candles can be used for many occasions, such as birthday, Christmas, home decorations, bars, hotel, parties, holidays, wedding, or other occasions. There are real flue- emitting cantaloupes. The candle shell is made from wax that is not messy or burning. The Real Flame-effect Candles have a smooth finish, classic ivory color and elegant design. The candles are so realistic that they are almost indistinguishable from burning candles. The most realistic experience is brought to any room by flame simulation technology. With amazing flameless candles set, you can have perfect ambient evenings with peace of mind, no worries about fire, smoke, messy dripping wax or stained tablecloth. These kid-friendly white flameless candles are a great choice for any family with children or pets who want to make sure that their little ones stay safe and sound. REMOTE CONTROL AND TIMER: You could control all their candles with one remote control. Once the timer is set, the candle comes on at the same time each day, and stays on for either 2 hours or 6 hours. It will shut down at 2200 if you set 2H at 20:00. Next day will be shut down at 2 pm. It will cycle every 24 hours. There are battery-operated candles and powerFUL light bulbs. The lifetime of the led lamps is up to 50,000 hours, while the battery life for each candle is not included. There are battery-operated candles and powerFUL light bulbs. The lifetime of the led lamps is up to 50,000 hours, while the battery life for each candle is not included.

Brand: Enpornk

👤Really nice candles. The remote feature has on/off features. The picture on the box shows they are all the same size, but I thought they were different staggered sizes. They are safe to have at night. They can't do that with a candle because their timer is set on the remote. The light is bright enough to be seen in a room. I have them all grouped together on the kitchen breakfast counter top to give me night light in my open dining/ living/ kitchen floor plan Florida home. I really like my battery operated safe candles, after 2 candle jars broke, I really liked them. I don't get a discount for my review, I get nothing free, so I'm thinking of ordering another set for my bedroom. This is my opinion.

👤This is a set of candles. I got high quality for the price. Before purchasing this set, I was not a fan of flameless candles and wanted to have something to put on my windowsill for Christmas. I didn't want to pay more for a matching candle than I would have paid for a nice flameless candle. How would these compare? The set of 12 Enpornk for $35 are amazingly nice, even though the candle flickers more noticeably. The flames look realistic from the high transom window ledges. I bought a package of 72 AA batteries at the store for $19.99 and I'm ready to use them for a long time. The remote control works well and you can change between a steady light and a flickering light.

👤It's great in every way. You'll get more candles than you need.

👤We used them for my daughter's wedding. The glow and burn on the outside give the impression of a wax candle. It was great to have the remote so that we could turn on the candles as the sun went down. I'm happy I ordered. The lady asked for the name of the seller because she was impressed with them. I would buy them again.

👤These candles are great. I ordered them from a department store. I sent the others back after these wins. They look realistic and seem sturdy. I ordered them to be put on my windowsills because they are ugly and a pain to attach, and I am sick of the regular window candle cups letting go. I set the timer for 6 hours and then set these on a windowsill. They fit perfectly because they are not as wide.

👤The first set was to replace the remote. The remotes did not work. I used the remotes to turn off another set of electric candles, but they didn't work with the supplied candles. They need to do better. These are not the correct remotes. Don't buy until they fix the problem. I was lucky that another set of candles that I had previously bought had remotes that worked perfectly. The candles are fine.

👤I don't know what I did without these. They look real and are made from real wax. They're easy to use, I ordered one set to see how they were, but I need many more so I will be ordering more in a few days.

5. Amagic Waterproof Operated Flameless Long Lasting

Amagic Waterproof Operated Flameless Long Lasting

Amagic large outdoor flameless candles are waterproof and won't melt, and are a perfect home decoration with large lanterns. There are two options of these outdoor candles. They can work continuously for over 500 hours or 60 days in 6 hours, saving the hassle of battery replacement. A flickering amber yellow glow is created by the light bulb, which creates the illusion of candle flames. It's great for home and garden weddings. It's a great way to set the mood in your house. The benefits of traditional candles and the safety of these LED candles are the same. No dripping-hot wax, no smoke, and no worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candles. A risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. The package includes 2 large outdoor candles with 6H timer, which are better used inside the indoor or outdoor lanterns. Don't soak them in water for long, it will invalidate the waterproof function. The package includes 2 large outdoor candles with 6H timer, which are better used inside the indoor or outdoor lanterns. Don't soak them in water for long, it will invalidate the waterproof function.

Brand: Amagic

👤I expected this to last a while because they were expensive. Within a month of use, one candle broke. There are two lights in each candle. The pillar candle is lit by one and the flame by the other. Within 30 days, the pillar portion broke. It's like having a very expensive tea light. Not happy at all. I don't want to go through the replacement process. What a pain!

👤It worked well for 9 months but then the water got into it and ruined it. These were on a covered porch and in a glass holder, but not in a dry location. The area will get some water from the storms. They don't hold up, and money spent is better used elsewhere. For what they do and are, they should be less than half the price.

👤The candle is useless because the timer function is so small.

👤The control switch inside the battery compartment is inconvenient to use. It is difficult to put back on cover. I was expecting more than $30. Unless they fail within a month, don't send them back. I wouldn't order or strongly endorse this product because it seems to be more for indoor use than outdoor.

👤The timer works well and the brightness is good. These are plastic-looking, so I recommend using them outside. I put mine inside a lantern and it looked lovely. 4 out of 5 stars.

👤There are two lanterns in the back yard and one in the front yard. The come on at the same time every night when it's raining. Great product!

👤They are nice because they won't melt, but when it rains, the water gets into the battery case at the bottom and ruins the batteries, as mine is at the edge of a patio cover so they get wet.

👤The value is great. I searched all the stores and found this to be the best value. They work well and have the correct amount of light for my lanterns.

6. Flickering Flameless Candles Operated Unbreakable

Flickering Flameless Candles Operated Unbreakable

The flickering candle is safe to use because it is a battery operated candle with an unbreakable glass cover that is strong enough to not break even if accidentally dropped. Don't worry about your kids or pets getting hurt by broken glass. The moving flame dances vividly like a real candle with battery operated candles. The previous two generations of candle were 30% brighter. The candle is about 0.2 lbs lighter than other glass candles. A relaxing and romantic atmosphere can be created by the gold glass led flame. It's suitable for a lot of things, from family rooms to offices. The remote and timeliness are available. The remote control has a variety of settings. The device has a brightness setting. The timer function allows you to program the candle in a number of hours in order to keep the battery charge in tact. There are 3 flameless LED candles, 1 remote control, and an instruction manual. The candle is powered by batteries. The batteries are not included. There is attention! Please don't use the candle outdoors in rainy days because it's not waterproof. There are 3 flameless LED candles, 1 remote control, and an instruction manual. The candle is powered by batteries. The batteries are not included. There is attention! Please don't use the candle outdoors in rainy days because it's not waterproof.

Brand: Pensar

👤The candles are close to being a perfect compliment to the bedrooms and living room. They look realistic but cast hard circles of light onto the ceiling. This is when you know the candles aren't real. I bought thin sheets of semi-hard plastic that are translucent. I put the circles on top of the candles. The candles look realistic now that the light has been softened by 10%. I would include 3 inch lids for them if I were the manufacturer. The flickering rate is a little too fast.

👤The candles give off a nice glow and flicker like real candles. They look more classy because they are glass instead of plastic. The remote control is a bonus. I will put them on a Christmas tree and add flowers to make it more festive. These would be a great gift. Don't be sorry if you buy them. There is an update. These candles have been purchased 4 times by me. They make a room more inviting. When my sister gave my sister's 80 year old employer a set, she started to cry. She said they were beautiful. I had to tell you all about it. 4 purchases.

👤These electric candles are so beautiful. This is the first time I have ever purchased electric candles and I was not sure how I would like them, but the only regret I have is not buying them sooner. The light and light options are both amazing, I also love the three brightness options, and the remote works amazingly for all of the candles at once. I like how they look and the fact that I can enjoy the candle without the toxic effects that candles often have, plus I use oil diffusers to scent my home so I don't need scented candles for that. Don't buy them if you're debating, you will not regret it! I will be buying more. I am not sure how long the batteries will last as I just received and started using these, but I will update this review if they go through batteries quickly. I don't think that will happen.

👤My first attempt at battery powered candles was on Amazon. I bought two sets of this one, both powered up great on the first try, and I was hoping for the best. On/off and candle/light buttons seem to work well on day 1 despite not having tried out the timers. I don't feel that the clear plastic on the outer is a problem. I am happy that the 2 sets/6 candles I bought here are working as they should, considering that not a single candle of 5 worked from the last set I tried. The basic quality standards live. When you check candle flicker mode from remote, all three candles will flicker in sync, taking away from authentic feel for a while. They will break this timing over time. If you need to target the remote to some candles, I think this will be helpful to those who will be keeping the candles in high up or awkward places. If you like the look of these, I highly recommend. And, dog friendly! Thank you, really can't ask for more.

7. Pandaing Flameless Operated Flickering Unscented

Pandaing Flameless Operated Flickering Unscented

There are two 5" candles, two 6" candles, a 7" candle, a 8" candle, and a 9 height battery operated real wax pillar candles. It can be applied to many occasions. It's classic and romantic. REMOTE CONTROL. You could control all their candles with one remote control. The remote microphone is 10-key. Once the timer is set, the candle comes on at the same time each day, and stays on for either 2 hours or 6 hours. ATTERY: The candle requires 2 AA batteries and the expected battery life is 200 hours. It's safe to use a realistic flame around children and pets, and it's even safe to use around animals. It's safe to use a realistic flame around children and pets, and it's even safe to use around animals.

Brand: Pandaing

👤I bought these candles to add a soft, cozy, warm glow to my living room that I could leave for hours at a time without the fire hazard of a normal candle. I put these on top of my fireplace mantle to achieve that purpose. The remote control is very convenient and I love that I don't have to get up from my chair to turn them on and off. The placement I had in mind was for these to be smaller than standard pillars. It is possible to see them at the flame. If you don't want to see the flame, put them above the eye level. The flame glows brightly and while it doesn't move, the flickering adds the illusion of movement. The wax finish looks nice. I will include a photo, but it doesn't capture the same light as in person. It's a nice warm yellow-orange glow and the photo is almost bright neon. I love these and would order them again. Each candle takes 2 batteries, so be prepared.

👤These were cute and romantic at first. I loved them. The battery cover would fail sending the candle into the air, one by one. There is that. I was terrified every time it happened. It didn't matter if the candles were on or not when it happened, and once it pops like that you are not going to be able to use it again without some aggressive duct taping of the bottom of the candle ruining the ascetic. It might be worth it if the first one popped in 3 months. I might buy them again because they were so cool before the scary popping thing.

👤The product is good and I bought four boxes for a party. You can control multiple boxes of candles with the same remote. Two of the candles were duds. It looks like wax melted into the battery compartment during the manufacturing process. One has wax inside the compartment that makes it impossible to insert the battery, the other has wax on the outside that closes the compartment's lid completely. It looks like I'll have to return an entire box of replacements because I don't know if the new one will have any duds. I have enough time to exchange them, otherwise I'd be missing a table's centerpiece. The company reached out and offered to give me a partial refund or send me two replacement candles. The review was updated to reflect the good customer service. It doesn't get a 5 because it has two duds from two different boxes, which makes it more of a quality control issue. The candles are great.

👤The 'flame' is down inside the candle, which makes these wax candles better than most candles out there. The flames of any 'electric' candles are too fake and plastic to look real when lit, and even more so when not, in my opinion. The flame is the highest point of the candle, and that looks silly. The flame is out of sight if placed up anywhere. The light still glows through the candles, and it looks like a candle that is burning down into the center. The flame is still visible from the top down, but it's much more realistic. It's a great gift for friends with allergies to smoke, anyone in a nursing home, or students in dorms.

8. Replacement Yahrzeit Fixtures Memorialize Loved

Replacement Yahrzeit Fixtures Memorialize Loved

Neon Star is a replacement lamp for Star of David. Neon Star is a replacement lamp for Star of David.

Brand: The Dreidel Company

👤I've been using these light bulbs for a long time. My mom used to use them. It doesn't make you worry about an open flame burning at all hours. It makes it easier to observe yahrzeit for those who live in areas where finding the candles in a glass is difficult. It may be hard to get out of a snow covered area. There are people who don't like using these. The critical thing is to remember loved ones, not argue about electricity. It's good for anyone old or impaired, in terms of fire safety. They can easily fit into a standard lamp. They come in handy when one is traveling. I speak from experience.

👤The candle is meant to be lit for 24 hours to remember family members who have passed on. The orange glowing star is more like an electric candle because of its light glow. The light appeared to have been handled and possibly returned by someone else. The lower portion of the stars is not lit.

👤The 2 stars were not aligned and the bulb did not light up completely. There was a black smudge on the glass. I think I received a bulb that was previously returned. I can't use this lamp anymore.

👤I didn't know how to find a replacement bulb. There is no Jewish store in our area. It's good to know that the bulbs are available on Amazon.

👤I ordered a replacement for a bulb that was not good, but it didn't work. No good. I've turned the item in and am waiting for a refund.

👤I have had a memorial light for over 50 years. Until now, never needed a new bulb.

👤The bulb serves its purpose, but not sure if it will last due to the flickering of the metal.

👤It was wonderful! My mother gave me the lamp a long time ago. I found a replacement for the broken bulb on Amazon. I ordered it because I thought the price was low enough that it would fit. I wouldn't have lost a lot. It fit! I wanted to keep the memorial lamp for my mom. I would definitely recommend this company.

9. Homemory Realistic Flickering Flameless Celebration

Homemory Realistic Flickering Flameless Celebration

It is recommended that you wash your hand. The flickering bulb flameless candles are ideal for decorations, they can be used as mood lights with votive holders or other holders like glass cups. You can put the battery tea lights on a table in a restaurant, home or garden wedding. The on/off switch is easy to use. The tea lights come with 100 hours of battery life and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom. These battery operated tea lights are safe for kids, pets, seniors, and for families with pets or young children. Make sure the flameless tea light candle can work out of the box because it is high quality. These candle lights have been certified as safe. These candle lights have been certified as safe.

Brand: Homemory

👤Very happy. No DOA's were ordered and the rate was 100%. These are good quality for the bulk nature of my business. The flicker effect is random and convincing and the flame is not cheap. Light output is decent. They look small in a votive holder. They fit perfectly in glass votive holders. The measurement is true to the listing. The quality of the bulk LEDs is better than similar ones.

👤I've been looking for the right color light that comes from a tealight votive. I found it, but I didn't find these until I found the right side. They look like candle light. The real thing has a tiny yellow glow. There is a left and right candle in my picture. You can't beat the price.

👤Found faux candles that aren't orange. I understand that flames are orange, but I don't understand why every fake candle company makes the whole thing orange. Those never look realistic to me. These are perfect and white. I need these for my wedding since my venue doesn't allow real candles outside. They are next to a competitor.

👤I was hoping they would be a tea light with anLED version. It's very close to that. The size, light output, and look of these things are excellent. The light they give off is too blue to be a candle light. It gives off a light that looks cold, instead of warming up the room like a candle does. If you're looking to set an intimate or romantic mood, I would suggest shopping around for something a little warmer. If you want to order these, you can use a hack that improves the light quality. I took an orange permanent marker, and inked over the "flame" with a single coat, then wiped off the excess. The light is warmer now. A simple fix for a small issue.

👤The amount of glow is nice. The candle is not realistic. You can see the battery and plastic inside the candle. I wanted candles to have a "good side" facing out but it was not possible to find one. The color is more white than the photographs, which was fine with me. The candle is fake. I am not sure how this candle has so many positive reviews.

👤I like the style of the construction and remote, but they have a green tint to them as other reviews post. People's pictures are color corrected and they are highly rated. I adjusted the white balance in all of my photos to make them look like real life and now you can see the orange color. The two people I chose didn't have the same color. Color correction in a photo shows the most realistic and true color. 1. A large flame and yellow color. 2. The construction is very similar to #7. 3. It's closest to a real tea light. This is what I will keep and buy more of as it is bright and resembles a candle. 4. Different shades and a green hue. Inconsistency has a bigger impact on potential. 5. It's bright and cool with a remote. I'm looking for a good looking tea light and they have an option for "amber" which is more yellow than the true tea light and what I'm looking for. If you want a bright candle with a little cooler white than a real tea light, this is the one for you. 6. Very bright orange. Maybe that's what you're looking for Halloween. It was not a warm feeling and it was yellow. There are 8. The amber warm color is not a real candle.

10. Yehuda Yahrzeit Memorial Candle Tumbler

Yehuda Yahrzeit Memorial Candle Tumbler

There is a size of 2 x 2.5 and a height of 5 cm. There is a pack of 12-pack. White. Burn time is 24 hours. There is a knife. 100% cotton is smokeless. Candles 24 count. A high quality memorial candle is in a glass container. This is the perfect "Emergency Candle" for when the lights go out. It is made with high quality paraffin wax. On Memorial Day, and in case of an emergency, it's a good idea to keep in the house.

Brand: Yehuda

👤I am hoping that these candles will last the full period when burning, since I haven't used them yet. The seller didn't add any padding to the shipping box. I can see that at least two of the candles are broken. I may find more cracked when I inspect them all. I paid for 24 candles, so I will probably end up with 20-22 usable candles. The seller needs to make sure the shipping box is padded to prevent it from breaking. I also left feedback for the seller.

👤I was amazed to see people use these for emergencies. I can't think of an emergency for these candles, the only guilt I would feel is if I forgot to light one. I remembered to light the candle at sundown and sent my sister a text to remind her. "That's not too bright," she said, "you're a day early." I thought it was better than a day late. Blow out the candle and start again. Is that sacrilegious? Would I be hit? Should I ask a Rabbi? I thought about doing another one the next day. What harm, right? Mom might say that she loved me more than my sister. I remember my Bubbie using the sturdy candles that she saved the little jars for. It burned for two nights despite the complaints from a few reviewers. They were well packed. I didn't have to leave the house because the price was more than the local supermarkets.

👤I panicked when I discovered that my local retail stores here in this small Midwestern city were not carrying individual yartzeit candles for me to buy a few at a time. Even though we have a medium-sized university and a med school affiliated teaching hospital here, I still feel that same sense of isolation that comes over me. When I first saw these cups holding the candle, I thought it was ridiculous to have to buy a case of them. Huh? My immigrant grandfather used to drink his tea with a sugar cube behind his teeth, just like every other Eastern European immigrant did, because he wanted the hot tea to flow through his teeth. It made me feel like things were off. These candles are shorter than the glass candles I grew up with, but they still light easily and stay lit for at least 25 hours if you want your candle to stay from sundown. I have not had any problems with cracked or broken glass because they were packed well. I try to remember that this is the cycle of life and I hope that one day my own kids will feel obligated to say the mourners Kaddish and light a yartzeit, as I feel sad every year as the number of candles that I need to light keeps growing. It is an honor. I seem to have found the place to buy what I need.

👤I bought a case of yartzeit candles to give to family members. I put the candle in the stained glass box and put it on the glass top table for safety. A couple were fine. The heat broke the glass and the wax, which smelled, leaked all over the little box and below the box. I put some foil on the glass to make it more resistant. I put one of the candles in the box last week for my brother's memorial and cleaned it out. I smelled something odd on my way to bed, so I went to check it out. Had I not been more careful, the candle would have broken the glass and set the house on fire. I diduse the flame and it went out. Fortunately, the glass didn't shatter. I just bought an electric candle and threw them away. I like the idea of burning our house down a lot less, but I don't love that idea.

11. OSHINE Flameless Candles Candlestick Battery

OSHINE Flameless Candles Candlestick Battery

Adding a flickering light to your house will add a sense of calm. People can't tell it's a flicker. These ivory illuminating candles are 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches high with real paraffin wax, and can be ordered in multiple sizes. It is a great complement to living space, kitchen, living room, study, showcase, balcony, candlelight dinner, office or bedroom. Also wonderful decoration for holidays. The OShine flameless pillar candles are powered by two AA batteries. Provide continuous light for over 300 hours. You can reuse them multiple times with minimal effort. It comes with a 10-button remote control and an automatic on/off timer. It reduces the risk of accidents compared to traditional candles. The candle is not kept in the sun or at high temperatures. If you are not completely satisfied with their flameless candles, please contact them immediately for immediate support. They promise that the purchase is risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied with their flameless candles, please contact them immediately for immediate support. They promise that the purchase is risk-free.

Brand: Oshine

👤My husband told me that the candles have changed the mood in the house. Everything is calm now. They are on every night. They are great to meditate on. I got lanterns to put in my living room because I loved them so much. I have used them for 31 hours. They are still going strong, as you can see in my pictures. I have left them on the timer and turned them off on other nights. I will try to remember to update their hours before I change them. The candles were great and I could not be more pleased with them. I posted a picture side by side of how the candles look when I first got them up to a total of 33 hours usage. I have been using them for 2 weeks. I am impressed with how the batteries are holding up. The batteries I am using are from Amazon. These are not batteries. The battery duration is something I have a problem with. So far, it's great. Once the batteries are changed, I will give total battery usage time. The last picture shows how long a candle takes to burn compared to how long I put new batteries in it. The candles are still going good after 3 weeks, at 2 hours a night. I don't think it's necessary to change the batteries because the candles are a nice dim color. I am happy with the duration of the batteries. Once I change batteries, I will update with total battery usage time. The batteries need to be changed at 49 hours of usage. I am changing the batteries because they still have a little left. I took pictures without flash. The candles have been lit for a month. I didn't have a problem with the timer. This has been a great purchase for me. I hope this has helped. Cheers!

👤These candles "Shine" for a few reasons. They are much brighter than the old-style candles. The remote is convenient for turning them on and off, even if they are used as emergency lights. They can be placed on top of furniture or in an enclosed lantern and turned on and off remotely. 3. The flicker effect is realistic. You can't tell the difference between this and a real flame from a few feet away. The body of the candle provides a gentle continuous glow while flickering in the flame tip. 5. They use a pair of AA batteries. Two things to keep in mind, battery life is many hours. You should get a pair of AA's for each candle you buy because batteries are not included. The electronics in the candle are always on so you can use the remote. The battery life can be extended by turning off the physical switch on the bottom.

👤I bought the best brands from Amazon and this one is the best. I like these because they look better than the taller candles and because they look like real wax from the bottom and sides. The flicker in the 'candle' mode is not natural. The 'light' option looks great. There are two more If you are in total silence, the magnetic moving wick makes a small amount of noise that you can hear, but the remote is not as powerful as I would like it to be.


What is the best product for yahrzeit candle electric?

Yahrzeit candle electric products from Creative Hobbies. In this article about yahrzeit candle electric you can see why people choose the product. The Dreidel Company and Carson are also good brands to look for when you are finding yahrzeit candle electric.

What are the best brands for yahrzeit candle electric?

Creative Hobbies, The Dreidel Company and Carson are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yahrzeit candle electric. Find the detail in this article. Enpornk, Amagic and Pensar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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