Best Yarn Ball Winder Electric

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1. Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

There are tips. If the table clamp does not tighten, or if the winder is malfunctioning, please contact them directly, they will try their best to solve the problem, and they will satisfied your need. It's easy to curse. The small and light weight winder makes carrying easier. Plastic and alloy are 22 cm and 3.3 cm. It's easy to install a metal table top clamp on a desk or bench, it has rubber in the base to protect the surface of the table. Attach it to any table edge or surface up to 1.5 cm thick, twist on the spindle, position the guide arm and start winding! These nifty gadgets don't require much to assemble. KEEPS YARN THREADS NEAT: Make balls out of loose yarn. You can easily winds up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. When you shake the machine, it will not make you sad, it will make you happy.

Brand: Rrigo

👤I harvest yarn from sweaters. When I saw this yarn winder, I thought it was worth buying it to speed up the process, because I used to make center-pull balls on my thumb. The thread guide falls down a lot, but it works well. When I'm unraveling a sweater, it makes sense to go directly from sweater piece to yarn winder, and I control the tension by hand so the yarn doesn't get stretched out. The hand crank is easy to operate. I don't see why yarn shops should use high-end winders, and I highly recommend this one.

👤This is a very cheap plastic, yarn holder that does not lock in place as it says, it was getting tangled underneath the gears, we finally got it to work, it is not worth 20 dollars for such cheap plastic. Do not recommend it, or do you have any suggestions to make it work better?

👤The device helps when you are trying to ball yarn. It makes quick work of knitting. If you don't pay attention to the yarn and don't go too fast, you will end up with some trouble down the road as you are trying to use your yarn. You will notice a difference in the quality of the wraps when you first try them. Take your time as the yarn wraps and you will be fine.

👤You get what you pay for. The guiding arm is very difficult to use. It works. You are limited by how much it can fit. It is possible to help that by keeping tension on the yarn, but be aware that it isn't very strong. Make sure that whatever you put in it is strong. The instructions were faded but still very easy to use. The scissors that come with it are sharp and effective, but you should know if you want to use them for a younger child or someone who shouldn't have sharps.

👤The product is GARBAGE. Don't waste your money. Instructions are poorly written. I wasted half a skein of yarn when it continually ate the yarn.

👤The metal rod that keeps the yarn in the same position will not stay in place for long because it is too flimsy. It can still be used successfully. I don't think it will last long. A wooden one is more beautiful. This one is a good price.

👤I wouldn't buy or endorse this item again. Too fragile, and the attached piece of equipment is a joke. The Clamp's width was less than an inch.

👤I received the ball winders the next day after purchasing 2 of them. Time was very important and this was great. I have used a similar ball winder for over 15 years. I thought they were the same as they looked. I believe they are not. We tried to wind 12 mph. Balls and none of them wound properly, they looked like flying saucers. The appearance of the ball was not as bad as the results could not be used and each one needed to be untangled. I will try to return to the merchant. If you are certain of the product you are buying, you should only purchase online.

2. Knitters Pride Signature Mega Winder

Knitters Pride Signature Mega Winder

There is a patent pending. It was Beautifully handcrafted to perfect. It is made with a combination of colorful laminated and natural wood.

Brand: Knitter's Pride

👤The thing is beautiful and well made. I don't know if there is a learning curve or if I'm using it. I used this as an upgrade when my KnitPicks plastic winder gave up. My beef with this model is that the one anchor is not enough to anchor the base and I had to use two extra C clamps from my dad. It winds very loose cakes despite trying different speeds of winding and tension on the yarn. I am not a yarn winding professional. I bought this to avoid going through a cheap plastic one every 1-2 years, but I am not sure. I will try to figure it out better by working with it. I end up winding the cakes into a ball about halfway through knitting them, which defeats the purpose of an expensive winder.

👤This is not a review for the item itself but I don't want this to happen to anyone else because I can't get a response from the seller. The Signature version is more expensive than the Natural version. I was willing to pay more for the painted version because I loved the look of it. The Natural version was the one that arrived. I don't live in a place where it is easy to return and get a new one. This is not a review of the item itself. I don't like it when people give a bad rating for something other than the item, but here I am! The item works. It said "Mega" Wool Ball Winder. I tried to stop Bernat Softee Super Bulky. Each skein is 3.5 ounces. Knit: 11st x 14r, crochet: 8sc x 9r, hook: L11 I had to stop and put the yarn back on the cake because it was all falling off after about the last quarter of the yarn. It's a mess and won't stay on the cake. It doesn't wind nice cakes like my other yarn winder does. This one would do a great job on those as well.

👤Absolutely love it! It's easy to set up and use. The yarn can easily be removed from the winder. I spent what I did on it. It is worth the price. I would recommend this one to all my fellow knitters.

👤Well made, very quiet ball winder. It would take one by hand to wind 13 hanks. When I set it up, my youngest son was here. He is a skilled craftsman. He took over and was happy with the quality. He made a decision. The optimal speed for winding was one crank per second.

👤This was large and cumbersome to use. Wrist got sore after winding a few balls. There is a rubber band thing that must be replaced after a while. I'll stick to my ugly plastic one. Returned.

👤This is a perfect winder if you work out your tension and rhythm. It takes a couple of tries to figure out how tight you want your yarn to be on the ball, but once you're done, it's easy to sit and spin the pretty little handle. The colorful plate where you wind and the colors under the ball are worth the increase in price. It's pretty to watch.

3. AeKeatDa Hand Operated Manual Winder String

AeKeatDa Hand Operated Manual Winder String

There is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They make sure that their product is of the highest quality and that you will love it. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll give you a 100% refund within 30 days. 100 grams to 10 ounces is the Yarn ball winder's capacity. The Yarn Winder has a desk that fits for table thickness up to 50mm. The table gears are working smoothly and faster, and there is no noise when working late at night. The Yarn ball winder is widely used, it does not require tools to assemble. The table should be installed with the help of the clamps. It is made ofCast iron base and double cogwheels. The products are tested for quality. If you have a question, please contact them. One year warranty is offered by them.

Brand: Aekeatda

👤I love it! I only had it for a few days. I used it to wind half of my yarn. The plastic ones die quickly. I spent more for the metal. I didn't have instructions to assemble it. I was the wire guide and the center plastic spool. The spool clicks into place.

👤Don't buy junk and broken things. Get your money worth by using the plastic winders.

4. INTAJ Rosewood Yarn Winder Handcrafted

INTAJ Rosewood Yarn Winder Handcrafted

Reasonable use can make sure that the machine has a longer service life. It's best to use lightweight yarns, thin cotton thread and single bundle of cotton thread, they are easy to jam the machine, and you can refer to the video to find out more. The Yarn Winder is large enough to wind up to 450g of yarn. The Yarn Winder is handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. Rosewood is the highest quality wood. The winder is unique and affordable. Anti-skid rubber pads and anti-friction bearing on the spool side of the winder give it super smooth winding and prevents it from sliding or scratching your table. The yarn has a fingering weight of 450g. The yarn can be quickly created by using the hand crank to create skeins of yarn.

Brand: Intaj

👤This product is poorly designed and made. Some of the "good" reviews seem to not realize that cakes are supposed to look different. The return shipping was $81 on the request for a refund. The ball is oblong, doesn't use the whole spindle, and my issues were many. The common direction of spinning knocks the nut off the spinner handle. It's not anti-threaded. The knob doesn't spin so as you wind, you have to let it slip in your hand, which is tedious and impossible. If it was the only problem, I could have replaced it with a solid pin. The spiral metal pin is used to hold yarn. It isn't secure. After one gentle spin, the wood began to shave off at the screw port. It doesn't cake the ball for center pulling and makes a painful pink and white spaghetti bowl from my first skein when trying to knit hands-on. The board is hammered in threads for the parts which causes a lot of issues. I can only get my money back if I pay return shipping to India, which is more than the cost of this poorly designed winder. I used a cheap plastic one for comparison. I did commercial yarn for this experiment, but I wanted a sturdier item for constant winding. This isn't it. There is no way this wouldn't destroy my handspun.

👤It was received in the mail today. The wood looks better than the plastic ones I've seen. Beauty is nice, but it works as well. I was able to use my yarn bowl because I wound a skein of yarn into a center pull. I don't think most people are smart enough to not let your yarn flop all over the floor at the end. I would definitely buy this product.

👤The yarn cakes are messy, the handle on the wheel is not well engineered, and the winder is made from very nice wood. It is a good idea that needs better tweaking so it will be worth the price. The counterweight flew out when I was winding. I'm happy it didn't hurt anyone.

👤I had to drill a hole about an inch to an inch and a half below where the yarn is supposed to be coming out of the arm. The machine worked great once I did that, and I am winding 100 g balls in the picture. It is made of sturdy parts and comes with varnish. The directions didn't mention oiling the spool before attaching it to the arm. A little tweaking in this product would get it five stars. The rubber belt broke after winding 13 such balls, so I have to take the review back to one star.

👤This is the first time I have ever used a yarn winder like this. I usually use the little plastic winders. The yarn winder is amazing. It was made with beach wood and it works like a dream. It was easy to assemble. I use my umbrella skein winder to wind my skeins of yarn into a ball. The yarn ball is produced by the tension I use, and the winder stays put and doesn't move. I would highly recommend this yarn winder.

5. LAMXD Needlecraft Operated Capacity Including

LAMXD Needlecraft Operated Capacity Including

There are 3 hand needles, 1 crochet needle, 1 wire frame, 4 bundles of random color yarn, 1 screwdriver, 4 suction cups, 4 screws, user manual, and a 30-day money back guarantee. The pull thread balls have a capacity of 100 grams to 4 ounces. The Ball Winder can be protected for years with the Unbreakable Metal Crank. Excellent fit for home use, low noisy design, table gear inside the ball winder. You can take it anywhere you want with the portable package. There are 8 sizes of crochet hooks, including many soft handle hooks.

Brand: Lamxd

👤Simple to put together, easy to read instructions, and a quick work for getting yarn organized. This was an excellent business purchase because I have more space for my yarn. I'm glad I stuck with the small skeins.

👤I decided to start working on a yarn ball winder because I had been putting off various projects. It is amazing how simple it is to make a tedious task so efficient. It is also very calm. The box was destroyed. It had a bubble wrapper to hold it, but it looked like someone ripped the box open and returned it. This is not the seller's fault, but the fault of Amazon shipping. The items appeared to be in a plastic container. I didn't do a return for a new item. You can set up the system by twisting the knob in the side and sliding the metal brackets onto your surface. Slowly turn the handle clockwise, after threading the yarn through the metal feeder, and then sliding it into one of the plastic spaces in the middle. Go slowly. My daughter helped me work on yarn balls. Initially, you feel like it is ok to go fast, but we found that the yarn will slip under and get stuck into the teeth that turn the base. If you start to get a hang of the yarn, tension and machine, you can pick up the speed. It becomes a lot easier to make balls. This is a very basic winder and it works great.

👤I was able to wind it all back up quickly after my puppy got into a ball of yarn and tangled it up. I didn't put 5 stars because sometimes it gets jammed or slips the yarn out of place and since there's no tension it balls it up really loose.

👤Everything is included in the video. I usually don't come back in the first day unless I'm very disappointed. This is not the lowest priced one on Amazon and I expect a higher quality litter. I have to use my hand to hold it all the time because it can't be locked. If you are using medium and above weight size yarn, the base would not work well.

👤I decided to test it after getting it. Works well. It's fine on my kitchen table, but it could be a bit bigger. I didn't notice any rough spots with the crochet hooks. I wasn't expecting a pair of thread scissors.

👤It is easy to use. I don't have a swift, so that could be part of the problem, but the main issue is the fact that the yarn guide doesn't lock into place and therefore caused quite the mess underneath the winder when it fell over. The gears ate up a bit of yarn. I took two skeins to it, but I'm not sure if it's easier to do on this or my thumb, but it's convenient. I'll probably keep using it if my husband or father can't figure out how to tighten the yarn guide for me. I'll likely use the husband as a yarn guide guardian if not. If you're willing to purchase a swift to maintain tension or ease of movement, I recommend it. I might get a swift to reduce the risk of lost yarn.

6. Operated Capacity Installation Knitting Accessories

Operated Capacity Installation Knitting Accessories

This yarn winding kit can make your knitting process more convenient and smooth, and is a practical gift. It is a practical present that you can give to your friends or family, and they will be very grateful for it. If the skein is pulled out directly from the ball state, it can prevent tangling. The flexible design means that it can be connected to any surface with a thickness of less than 1.5 inches, and the yarn can be winding quickly and safely. You will receive a 1 piece winding machine with 33 pieces knitting accessories, including 4 pieces pompom knitting looms, 10 pieces knitting stitch markers, 6 pieces plastic needles, 7 pieces knitting needles, 5 pieces open circular rings and 1 piece of scissors. Gifting use: when you shake the machine, low noise when working, make you work with a pleasant mood, which can be a gift for friends and parents, also nice for kids and adults to create more creative projects. The pom poms are easy to make and ideal for kids and adults.

Brand: Waydress

👤The plastic is very thin. The metal can't stay put. I try to wind my yarn into a ball even though it wobbles as I screw it tight. The added stuff that comes with the yarn is not worth keeping. Again, cheap plastic.

👤This is a good winder, but it doesn't work with lightweight yarns or bulky yarns. Medium weight yarns can only be used with this. I decided to buy a more expensive model.

👤I bought this for my mother as a Christmas gift, and it has been helpful to her, saving a lot of time. It has held up well and has been used a lot. The little accessories it came with were a plus.

👤The product is worth the price. I use it all the time.

👤This is a good product. The price is also great.

👤Junk. After 3 yarn cakes. The more expensive model has metal gears. 75 yarn cakes and hasn't stopped.

👤I only got the lesson which is one piece out of 34.

7. SolidGnik Knitting Needles Operated Capacity

SolidGnik Knitting Needles Operated Capacity

It can be installed on the corner or edge of the table. Function Pull thread balls are being made. The yarn cake is a ball of yarn that can be spun up to 4 ounces of yarn each time. It is easy to set up and take down the yarn winder for crocheting. The stable gear inside the ball winder is an excellent fit for use at home and school. COMPARE WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. Ball Winder is collapsible to a small size and has a rubber mat on the base to protect the table from damage while working. The package comes with a knitting kit with multiple accessories for daily use. They can make you enjoy knitting. They believe you will love this yarn ball winder. If you have any questions about the parcels you received, please contact them.

Brand: Solidgnik

👤It was easy to assemble, works well and makes a lovely cake of yarn that can be pulled from the center. The only problem is that the pads that hold it to the table are too short. I need to hold the device in place to keep it from walking off the table edge. I probably am winding too enthusiastically, but still. I'm trying to figure out a way to attach it to a small piece of scrap plywood, but I'm still using it even if I don't succeed.

👤I have ever bought yarn and it was the best purchase I have ever made. helps organize my yarn. A tiny bit. It is worth the noise. Highly recommend.

👤I bought a yarn winder from a different seller that didn't last through the first skein of yarn. This one is strong. I was able to attach it to a thicker table top and make my first skein. There were no problems. Attach it to the table top with care. It arrived exactly as it was promised. I'm very happy with this machine.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter and she likes it. It is easy to use.

👤It was easy to set up on my table. Works well! No issues at all! I threw the cheaper one in the trash. Completely satisfied!

👤The yarn roller makes it easier to use and store my yarn. It works well. I am not having any issues with it. Love it...

👤This thing is amazing. It can wind a 190 yd skein of yarn in about 2 minutes. I don't have to worry about the position of the skein and it get caught in stuff because the yarn after using this doesn't get tangled. The yarn can be easily removed and I can knit faster.

8. Yarn Winder Wooden Umbrella Knitting

Yarn Winder Wooden Umbrella Knitting

If you're not happy with this item, please email them and they'll give you a satisfactory solution immediately. 72 cm x 63 cm The umbrella yarn swift ball winder is made of natural Birch wood, which will stand the test of time. It's a great tool for knitting and crochet. It is easy to set up and allows you to have both hands free to wind the yarn into a ball. The Umbrellela swift winder has an integral handle that can be used as a winder. It is a useful knitting tool machine. It can be used to make sweaters, hats, scarves, etc.

Brand: Yifei

👤Even though it's new, I like the way it looks. It seems very easy to use.

👤I was looking for something that was perfect.

👤This is perfect! The only thing to do was attach it to the table.

👤It worked well for a while. After about 20 skeins, the screw that tightens the poll loosened and was not usable. As a swift, the umbrella is useless if it wont stay up.

👤The peg is stripped and won't hold the swift up. It still works despite being disappointed.

👤I use this product to make others happy.

9. Housweety Fiber String Winder Hand Operated

Housweety Fiber String Winder Hand Operated

If you have any questions or are not satisfied with their Plastic Stitch Marker, please feel free to contact them via Amazon email system, they will provide you with the best solution. Their greatest concern is your satisfaction. The Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder is new. The material is plastic and alloy. Approx:26 cm x 18 cm. The thickness is 26 cm. Put the string through the iron wire to block the grooves of the disk if you want to fix it. GCID: 552AEE326B578D0C.

Brand: Housweety

👤I'm loving my wool machine. I was glad I finally got one after putting off ordering for a long time. It is a pleasure to manage partial skeins. I wish I'd gotten the full-skein sized one, but I wasn't sure if I'd use a winder or not, so I didn't pay the higher price. A smaller wool winder is great for stitchers who use mostly basic skeins. I would prefer to make the artisan skeins center pull, but they won't fit on this smaller winder. If you use yarn, get the biggest size you can. If you prefer a center core inside your skein, you can use empty toilet paper tubes. yarn can get caught in the metal gears if it gets under the spindle. If you cut a hole in a container lid, yarn can't get under it. It is easy to fix that will make yarn winding easy.

👤It works great for me, I'm not sure what other issues people have had. I ordered the ball winder to use with the yarn swifts I built with my BF. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn't grip well, but the issue is with the table, not the clamp. Pull the guide all the way out until it feels like it should, but be careful because it will be 1/2 inch further than it should. It will stay up. Make sure your yarn doesn't slip by watching the wind. When the yarn starts to slip, you can tell when the winder is getting too full. Each skein is about 80 yards, and they come out beautifully. We wound about 7 balls on the first day, and everything worked well. I bought some cotton yarn at the store. If you want to ball up something bigger than a 4oz skein, you should get a bigger winder. Hope this helps!

👤I thought this was a good one. Unfortunately it isn't. The yarn doesn't stay in place. There isn't a locking position. It flies off the base with no warning and you have to start again, but it doesn't do this every time but about 50% of the time. I wind in a slow pace due to arthritis in my shoulder. The yarn guide is not in place. I need a clothespin on the base of the post to hold it steady. It has probably been too long for me to return it. I would have returned it if I had used it more often. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤Not bad for the price. It was easy to use out of the box. I found that it works best if I apply a bit of tension with my fingers as it goes through the guide, otherwise, the ball of yarn seems too loose and tends to fall off the spindle while turning it and ends up in the gears. I have wound two different weights of yarn. In both cases, the spindles would hold about 4 ounces of yarn. The guide pops out of place if the yarn is not placed at the back of the machine.

10. CV Operated Knitting Crocheting Y2011

CV Operated Knitting Crocheting Y2011

The products are tested for quality. If you have a question, please contact them. One year warranty is offered by them. These beautiful gadgets are easy to attach to a table or work surface. Length 36 cm, Depth 12 cm, and Height 25 cm. Heavy-duty construction combined with elegant design. Light weight, low noise, and Beautifully Hand Carved Design make it easy to carry.

Brand: Cv

👤The belt broke on the fifth use, fortunately a drop of super glue fixed it.

11. Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

Yarn Winder RRigo Operated Capacity

There are tips. The paint on some winders may drop during transportation, but it won't affect use. Please don't leave a poor review in a hurry, they will provide solutions and try their best to satisfy your need, please contact them first, they will provide solutions and try their best to satisfy your need. It's easy to curse. The winder is small and light weight, making it easier to carry. Plastic and alloy are 22 cm and 3.3 cm. Four different sizes of Pom maker are available: 1.4'', 1.8'', 2.5'' and 3.4''. Green, blue, pink, and yellow are the colors. You can use the smallest one to practice. Please see their packing box. It's easy to install a metal table top clamp on a desk or bench, it has rubber in the base to protect the surface of the table. Attach it to any table edge or surface up to 1.5 cm thick, twist on the spindle, position the guide arm and start winding! These nifty gadgets don't require much to assemble. KEEPS YARN THREADS NEAT: Make balls out of loose yarn. You can easily winds up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of yarn, from lace and fingering weights to worsted and bulky weights. When you shake the machine, it will not make you sad, it will make you happy.

Brand: Rrigo

👤This is a budget machine. I've had no problems with it, but I keep getting complaints. You need to pull on the metal arm harder than you think to get it to lock into place, but you should give most of the tension with your fingers. The cake size is a complaint. The cakes it creates are small, but if you pop an empty toilet paper tube on top of your yarn, you can double your cake size. The skein the picture is 4 ounces.

👤It is cheap. The first one was cracked, so they sent a new one. The replacement is cracked more than the original. I'm going to glue the original and only use it if I absolutely need to. It's pretty much a waste of money. I will return the broken one. You will have to fix the eye that holds the yarn multiple times during winding, and also remove the yarn from the bottom. It's pointless to have a yarn winder. Even though the replacement was worse, it got a couple stars because of ease to set up and quick replacements. Don't spend your money on this.

👤You need a fast vehicle. The little winder has a lot of handy notions. The reality is that without a swift to keep the yarn from tangling and provide a steady tension, the winder arm drops and the yarn gets caught underneath. It seems like it would be possible to hold the skein and crank the winder, but I had to give up and buy a swift to go with it. Don't waste time untangling yarn.

👤The wool winder is very easy to use. It works just like it's supposed to, but for small amounts of yarn. I would not recommend more than 2oz or 2 1/2oz. If you wind too much yarn, it will become jammed. The yarn gets between the gears. This product is great.

👤It won't hold a single skein of yarn. As soon as it filled, it was useless. It holds 13 to 12 of a regular skein. I tried to put a piece of cardboard at the bottom. Save your money for something better.

👤I replaced the Knit Picks yarn ball with this one. I have had problems with it. When you stop winding to unlink your yarn or mess with the yarn umbrella, the yarn on the winder falls below the yarn ball, leaving a trail hanging that will become a problem when you are knitting. The yarn slipped into the gears. I had to cut the yarn to get it out. It is junk!

👤I put the damn thing in the trash because I know the resell returned items in bulk. I didn't want someone to get a broken item.

👤I had to open and fix it because it didn't work. Buy something more expensive at the store.

👤Unico prodotto perché dopo un solo utilizzo la manovella iniziava a girare a minima tensione del filo.

👤Utilisé pour faire des pelotes de fil double et éviter de se trainer et d'avoir deux pelotes.


What is the best product for yarn ball winder electric?

Yarn ball winder electric products from Rrigo. In this article about yarn ball winder electric you can see why people choose the product. Knitter's Pride and Aekeatda are also good brands to look for when you are finding yarn ball winder electric.

What are the best brands for yarn ball winder electric?

Rrigo, Knitter's Pride and Aekeatda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yarn ball winder electric. Find the detail in this article. Intaj, Lamxd and Waydress are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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