Best Zoodle Maker Spiralizer Electric

Spiralizer 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer 70930

Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer 70930

The Zoodle maker has an integrated ribbon spiral blade of 3mm thick and 4 julienne blades of 2mm thick. The spiralizer blade board has a fixed blade in size 4mm that can be replaced with other comb blades. There are 3 comb blades in the small white box. The electric spiralizer can transform whole fruits and vegetables into spaghetti, linguine or ribbon-shaped noodles in less than an hour. There is a limit to the number of cups that can be held. The large bowl on the spiralizer is the right size for making family meals. It can hold up to 6 cups of noodles. The veggie spiralizer's large round chute makes it easy to process whole foods without cutting them. The metal food grip on the food pusher is easy to use. The noodle maker will do the work for you if you switch the motor on. There is no hand-cranking required. The parts are dishwasher safe. If you wash the cones by hand, a cleaning brush is included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This kitchen appliance is my favorite. I've been making noodles out of squash, sweet potatoes and zucchini. I noticed that my pants were loose within a week. I recommend pasta lovers. The device is easy to use. I was expecting a learning curve, but it wasn't. It makes them sweat. Zucchini and squash should not be used anymore because of the time it takes to cook them. 8 minutes with sweet potatoes. I will attach a few pictures.

👤I bought this on Friday night and by Sunday afternoon I was obsessed with it. I am very pleased with my first experience with an electric spiralizer. The machine is easy to build and quiet. I don't see why you would need a speed setting as it works fine with the speed that it runs at, it's either on or off. It is whisper quiet, which is a big difference from a very popular smoothie maker turned spiralizer at 3 x the cost. I think so. The ribbon attachment with the zucchini was so good that I already made lasagna using it. I made spaghetti with carrots and zucchini spiralized, then put them in olive oil, and served them with chicken, which was very tasty and free of cholesterol. I'm interested in trying out a recipe that uses the spiralizer as well. I had a hand held spiralizer that I used to chop up my figs, but it got tossed. It makes no noise, which is great when you have a cranky kid and a noise sensitive chihuahua, and I now can spiralize much more quickly without risk of injury. :D

👤This looked like a fun device but it was too tempermental. You have to wait 15 minutes for the motor to reset. Everything gets hot. I was able to shred a white potato on a vintage grater in 5 minutes. I have 2 Tbs of potato that is over heated. Sending it back.

👤I'm not happy with this expensive device. It is cheap plastic, and very 'fussy' about the shape of the food, and the 'plunger' part seems to smash it at an angle where the food iscrumble. I think I can do the grating/cutting by hand with less swearing. I missed the window to return it, but I will be very cautious about buying Hamilton Beach appliances in the future.

👤I don't believe in working for free so I don't write reviews. I have to use this product. There were negative reviews of this spiralizer. I used a manual spiralizer and cut myself so many times it was not even funny. But this electric one. It is easy to use, fast and makes noodles out of items that you are supposed to use for squash, carrots, etc. It's great for the money, compared to the others. I have used it at least three times a week since I bought it and it shows no signs of defects. You have to follow the instructions. I think that's where the negative reviews come from. You can't push down with all of your might. Fruits and veggies have to be firm. I have already recommended this to friends who are trying to increase their vegetable intake and/ or who do not want to give up their sauces. Absolutely recommend.

2. Vegetable Spiralizer Slicer Spaghetti Adjustable

Vegetable Spiralizer Slicer Spaghetti Adjustable

You are covered by Spiralizer's lifetime no-hassle replacement policy. Their pocket-sized spiralizer fits just about anywhere, it's a breeze to store and clean, unlike large units which are a hassle to store and clean. The spiralizer is dishwasher safe and can be disassembled easily. The space-saving kitchen gadget has 4 options to fulfill all of your spiralizing needs. It's perfect for zoodles, healthy vegetable pastas, and gorgeous garnishes, all with just an easy push of a button. The Fullstar spiralizer comes with a container that can be used to catch all of your vegetables. You can store it for later. Their blades are high quality and razor sharp. Their spiralizer comes with a fingerguard to keep you safe. This also increases the yield of delicious zoodles. The instruction manual for the Fullstar vegetable spiralizer should be read carefully. If you have a question about the spiralizer, please send it to the seller through Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Fullstar

👤I thought it was automatic when I bought it, but it's not. It's great at making veggie noodles. I've tried a lot of different products, but I love zucchini marinara. This one is the best so far. It allows you to twist it down to a small section of the vegetable and minimize waste. I tried it without the lid and it worked, but I got to the last couple inches. I sliced my hand open in the blades, but I didn't notice, I was really happy with the final result. I used a brush on the blade to remove the pieces that were stuck after I cleaned it with a strong stream of hot water. The dishwasher had the lid and cup in it. I didn't cut the pieces after I spiraled them. Dumb. The noodles were 10 feet long. I cut the zucchini in half, used the lid and made an "x" across the pile, and they came out perfect. All opinions/reviews are my own and not influenced by any programs, coupons or product discounts I may have received.

👤I gave this tool a try after cutting my finger on a multi-purpose chopper/spiralizer. I'm usually not a fan of buying a single-use device. This is still pricey but not unreasonable as compared with other products. I wanted something that would allow you to change the blades and use it for many things, but this is not something I want to do since I don't want to hurt myself. The spiralizer is easy to use and the curls are beautiful. I used it for yellow squash and zucchini, and they turned out great, as seen in the pictures. One tip for using it is to put the vegetable in the middle, rather than towards the blades. I think it's not a problem as you can just empty it and transfer it to a plate like I did. The cup was already full for the yellow squash. One way to think about it is that it doesn't affect its function, and that it saves you storage space, which is something I would recommend for people with a small kitchen. One negative thing about storing it is that the cap on the cup doesn't fit properly. It would be great if it could be safely attached, but since you put the blade upside down in the cup, it doesn't really matter. If there is a further upgrade to this product, I would recommend it. This product is great for anyone who likes to make food art.

👤It isn't worth it. I had to play with it for a long time and ended up chopping up my vegetables. I only got some noodles because it took too much effort and only worked on the big pieces of squash. I could see how it would work for cucumbers. I can only see it working for cucumbers. It needs to be straight. The squash didn't work well. It seems that carrots would have to be large to work. I should have bought a helicopter. It isn't very useful.

3. Homarden Stainless Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Homarden Stainless Vegetable Spiral Slicer

It's great for apple pies, pear fruit tarts, potato Au gratin, and fresh apple slices. The commercial design was constructed of high-quality steel. TheFIRM stand is made of industrial cups and is used for vegetable stances. Simple handling, easy cleaning, and precise blade swaps make this veggie spiralizer for anyone. Get creative and eat healthy with the noodle maker, it will transform veggies into noodles and other shapes. The Zoodle maker has an integrated ribbon spiral blade of 3mm thick and 4 julienne blades of 2mm thick. The spiralizer blade board has a fixed blade in size 4mm that can be replaced with other comb blades. There are 3 comb blades in the small white box.

Brand: Homarden

👤This is a good tool. I want to keep plastic out of our kitchen and life. The Pros are easy to assemble, disassemble and clean-one exception. There are pros and cons. The cylinder that keeps the vegetable centered near the blade makes it difficult to clean, but this is not a big deal.

👤The product looks like it was made in a third world facility. The quality of the manufacturing of the pieces is not sophisticated. It looks like it was built in a hut. If it worked, that's good. The handle stripped its threads when it tried to spiralize a sweet potato. It was not possible to spiralize a zucchini after that. The product is not built to a reasonable standard despite being constructed of decent steel.

👤Love it. I had a big plastic spiralizer that was difficult to use and didn't work unless the veggie was straight. I threw it away when I tried this one. Half the price, half the size, it's easy to use and wash. I like it.

👤I love this spiralizer. I've only used one of the blades so far. I have used it on vegetables. It is possible for me to spiralize a vegetable in about 5 seconds. I am very happy to finally own a product like this and would recommend it to anyone. It's very easy to clean. Well designed and high quality too.

👤I had a plastic one that made noodles in many different shapes and sizes. You don't really need that many varieties. This one is smaller, stronger, and sharper than the others. I was going to give my model to the thrift store. He pointed to the three he already had on the shelf. I guess I'm not the only one who chose this one.

👤It needs to be a bit longer to fit the cups for an average person. The smaller core makes it great for carrots and skinnier veggies that the other ones can't do well. Also great blade design. It would be 5 stars if the longer veggies and better cups were supported.

👤I like to spiralize my veggies. I bought a less expensive one. I have used it a few times and will be using it twice a week. The cups hold it on the counter and it doesn't slide around. The crank handle design is better than my old spiralizer. It is worth the price.

👤I have given this spiraler 3 and a half stars. It is all steel, so there is no plastic to wear down and break, but the steel stains easily. I let it air dry and it looked discolored. I never washed it. I think I'll put it in the dishwasher to see how it goes. You have to turn the plastic handle around because it comes back to fit in the box. It doesn't stay in place. You can only tighten it, and then it jumps and is loose again. I don't like this very much. It is hard to clean because food gets caught in the blade and I have to be careful with it. I have tried using a brush to clean out the food particles, but it is a tight space. It is a challenge to replace the blades. You have to get it in order for the lever to click. I don't throw away the paperwork if I refer to the manual to change the blades. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but for the price and being made of steel. I don't have to complain much. It works well.

4. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable

Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable

The instruction manual for the Fullstar vegetable spiralizer should be read carefully. If you have a question about the spiralizer, please send it to the seller through Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. 6 interchangeable blades meet all your slicing and grating needs, while their spiralizers are perfect for zoodles, healthy vegetable pastas and gorgeous garnishes. The included blade box makes it easy to disassemble the vegetable mandoline slicer, which means that you don't have to worry about storage or organization. This kitchen appliance is dishwasher safe and comes with a specialized cleaning tool, making cleaning a breeze. Their blades are high quality and razor sharp. Their set comes with a fingerguard and protective glove to keep you safe while you are using the spiral slicer and a cleaning brush and blade organizers. The plastic is free of harmful substances. Their catch tray makes cooking so much more convenient, no mess and no messing around. Their base makes it easy to clean and it makes slicing and grating much easier. Are you looking for home or cooking gifts? Their mandoline slicers are great gifts for both men and women. The instruction manual for the slicer should be read by whoever uses it. If you have a question about the vegetable slicer, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Fullstar

👤I haven't used this product yet. I skinned the tip of my finger off when I removed one of the cutting items from the package. Bleeding profusely. The main blade is taped up for safety, but nothing is done to protect you from the blade when you get out of the bag. Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening to someone else. I would have been saved from injury.

👤Get rid of your spiralizer. I like this device. Some products I have that are single use to shame are the result of it. It can be used for a variety of foods. It doesn't take a lot of space. It comes with finger guards to keep your fingers safe from the blades, but it also has a safety glove for added protection. These added items are great because the blades are so sharp. There is a I use this product more often than my knives because the blades slice veggies so easily.

👤I considered buying a device for spiralizing noodles after my friend challenged me to eat noodles and use them in pasta dishes. I found this gem on Amazon after my old box grater vanished, and I have always been afraid to use a catch tray to collect the delicious slices. The added food grabber handle makes slicing safe and easy, and the product stores easily and safely. It took a bit of getting used to, but slicing it into quarters was enough to fit. The brush helps in cleaning it since water and some soap are fine. I'll try to lightly oil the catch tray to prevent it from getting discolored, because some guides recommend that. Excellent!

👤The glove is too big for a child and wouldn't fit someone with large hands. My 7 year old was able to use it. Everything was cut very well with each blade. The lid doesn't fit securely, but it stays on. The direction explained how to use each blade. The blades were easy to put on. I didn't have to worry about the container moving while slicing vegatables because it has rubber grips on each end. I took the glove off so I could hold the holder better. I used a smaller holder that is recommended to slice smaller pieces gently pushing down, I was able to cut them up as you can see in my picture. I would recommend this product to friends and family. Thanks for the chance to try it out.

👤You will use every piece in this set. You get a spiralizer, a ribbon cutter, a cheese grater, and two sizes of a mandolin slicer. You get a glove, a grip and a brush cleaner to make sure you can clean everything. I will buy this set as a gift.

👤This product is terrible. The pieces are easy to bend. It is not made of good quality plastic. I have used it twice. I'm angry that I'm stuck with it.

👤Don't spend your money on a product that isn't worth it. The top moves fast when we try to stop it.

5. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Onion Dicer

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Onion Dicer

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Their lifetime no-hassle replacement policy protects you. They want you to have absolute peace of mind when you order this zoodler from them, because they are the trusted brand with thousands of happy customers. Join their fan club. Their product has been seen on a number of magazines and newspapers, as well as being put to the test and thoroughly loved by many satisfied Amazon customers. Everything you need in a kitchen gizmo is in this one. You can choose between broad ribbons or thin spirals with 7 easy to change inserts. With this all in one food chopper and dicers, you can juice your lemons, separate your egg whites and slice your hard-boiled eggs. This set comes with a peeler that can peel and julienne vegetables. The chopper dicer comes with a space-saving blade organizers, which is perfect for saving space in the kitchen. The plastic is free of harmful substances. Their catch tray makes cooking much more convenient, no mess and no messing around. It makes cleaning easy and it makes chopping easier. The entire chopper is dishwasher safe. Before using the Fullstar food chopper, read the instruction manual carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Fullstar

👤I would never have tried this if I hadn't been desperate to ease dinner prep. It actually works. I love it! It is easy to clean, and both set up and take down are fast. Would not have been much help. The blades are still sharp two months later. The dishwasher runs very well. The total elapsed time in my video was one minute. I wish it had a larger grate for stir fry cuts.

👤It's not what I was expecting. I was hoping for a dicer that would make things easier and quicker, but it isn't. I don't know if it is normal, it requires a bit of force and elbow grease to use. I feel like I'm going to break it. Depending on what you're dicing, it can stick. The top part is lifted from the bottom tray when it sticks. That gets annoying if I'm using it wrong. There is a I don't think the dicer's blades are sharp. I tried dicing tomatoes but they had a lot of mush and juices. I felt like I needed to dice all of the onions and jalapenos because they seem okay for most of the time. This was just my experience and I was expecting better. It's possible that we'll return.

👤I don't handle veggies long enough to get burned by the peppers, and get an odor from them, so it's convenient. It's easy to clean, and you can get every part if you need to. The blades are very sharp. The chops are very manicured. This would be a great help to a display. The veggies were prepared for the chopper. You will still use a knife to cut them into smaller sizes, even after washing them. It's not a big deal, but you can't put more than a slice in at a time for maintaining an even speed of chopping. You have to press that puppy down with all the strength the good Lord gave you. The blades are tried and true, so they won't cut as quickly as if you were to slice it in half. Again, a dislike. I bought it for the chopping, but haven't tried it out. I have tried everything this chopper has to offer. Not bad. I've used it for tomatoes a few times and it seems to turn most of it to mush, instead of the manicured chops that I saw at the beginning. The blades are still sharp enough to cause injury, but I need to use only very firm tomatoes with this chopper. It was pretty sad by that. I lowered my rating because of that.

👤I have been playing with my multi functional vegetable chopper for a few days now and really like it. The onions, peppers, Cilantro, Parsley and celery are easy to handle. The efficient way this chopper works has allowed me to make some delicious egg omelets. You will never need a knife or chopping board for mincing vegetables again with all of the attachments that come with this unit. The lemon juicer and egg slicer were added to the set. The container that I like most is the one that holds the lemon juicer and egg slicer. Considering how sharp some of the attachments are, it's great. Hand cleaning the attachment is what I like least. They're so sharp that washing them out by hand can be dangerous. Even though I was careful about cleaning them, I still got paper cut injuries. It's a good problem to have, but just telling you to be extra careful when cleaning the attachment by hand. The unit seems to be sturdy, but only time will tell. The hinge for keeping the top closure fastened to the chopper will hold up over a long period of time. It's $20 and can't complain. I think I have a winner here.

6. Brieftons 7 Blade Spiralizer Strongest Heaviest

Brieftons 7 Blade Spiralizer Strongest Heaviest

Are you looking for home or cooking gifts? Their mandoline slicers are great gifts for both men and women. The instruction manual for the slicer should be read by whoever uses it. If you have a question about the vegetable slicer, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Excellent design with good value. Don't waste your money on weak designs. The new improved table top Brieftons spiralizer is stronger than the others. You get a complete spiralizing bundle with 7 Japanese steel blades, caddy for safe blade storage, catch container, printed user manual, online guide with demo videos, and 4 exclusive Brieftons digital cookbooks with delicious recipes you can make today! No expense was spared in making this the best quality vegetable spiral slicer, they are made of Japanese 420-grade hardenedstainless steel to ensure they always stay ultra sharp. To store. 7 blades to make 2mm angel-hair julienne noodle, 3mm spaghetti, 5mm fetuccine, 12mm papardelle, ribbons, wavy crinkle chips, true-sized 4mm x 5.5mm curly fries. Keep the container fresh and the noodles fresh for longer. An extra caddy for safe blade storage is included with the supersized, foolproof suction pad. The whole tool can be neatly stored as a single unit. Open up a whole new world of healthy eating. You can use the eBooks to make delicious gourmet meals. If you are on a diet, it's the fastest way to replace calories with healthy veggies, zoodles, and noodles, saving you time, money, and improving your health. This gift of health can be better. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Their lifetime no-hassle replacement policy protects you. They want you to have absolute peace of mind when you order this zoodler from them, because they are the trusted brand with thousands of happy customers. Join their fan club. Their product has been seen on a number of magazines and newspapers, as well as being put to the test and thoroughly loved by many satisfied Amazon customers.

Brand: Brieftons

👤Briefton hit a home run with this unit. This is my 7th spiralizer. The Benriner turning slicer was one of the first on the market and I started using it many years ago. The Paderno 4 blade worked well but hated the feet, the Inspiralizer lite would not cut hard vegetables, the Hamilton Beach electric was limited to fitting vegetables into a chute, and the Briefton 02 model with 5 blades was my favorite until now. There was a 5mm and a 5.5mm blade in the Briefton. I suggested that the 5.5 be changed to a curly fry blade, while they're at it. The thickness of the ribbons remains constant even though the spiralizers have blades that change the width. The footprint of the new Briefton model is the same as that of the previous model. The replacement for the 5.5mm blade is a 12mm blade for paparadelle wide ribbons, and a curly fry blade that is the real deal. I have a dedicated curly fry cutter that creates the same size cuts, and a new blade that creates the same size cuts. They have included a storage tray which can be used to catch spiralized vegetables and a secure lid for it. Throw in the most elaborate user guides with color photos of the different vegetables, free online cookbooks and outstanding customer support at a low price. You know why I'm interested in this unit. This unit is far above the competition thanks to the wavy ribbon and curly fry blades. The blades are easy to change. The unit cleans under running water and the single large lock is easy to use. It would be a great gift. I have used many Briefton spiralaizers and gave a mediocre review to one of them. Briefton had a product that went the extra mile and I will rave over it. It's the best on the market and easy to use. It was built like a tank and has a lifetime guarantee. What's not to love?

👤I bought this for a low-fat diet and it is wonderful. There are 10 different blades in the unit and one is ready to go. The others have a container that they stay in. I've only used 3 blades with the vegetable, which cuts through it like butter. I held the front of it because I had picked it from the garden a week earlier and it was getting soft. The container that came with it is small. It stores your noodles perfectly. My mother ordered a spiralizer after I told her about it.

👤The thickness standard is kept by most spiralizers who offer different widths. Briefton has changed the game by offering different thicknesses and widths. How would you know? They have black on top of each blade's name and width. It's much easier to choose a blade with this. The 4mm x 3mm Tagliatelle blade is my favorite. It is too easy to overcook spiralized vegetables. I usually use the microwave for 1-2 minutes, but it can result in over cooking. The thicker the noodle, the softer it will be when cooked. I like it. The 4mm x 5.5mm curly fry blade is the only one that matches it in thickness, and both are exclusive to Briefton. I still prefer the coarse one for making potato chips in my air fryer, even though there is a new Fine Wavy Slicer. Choose between the 2mm or 3mm blade for the other flat slicer. I prefer the thicker one to prevent over cooking. There have been improvements to the ergonomics. The blade caddy is easy to use as the underneath recess has been changed a bit. The 7 blade unit was not a deal breaker for me. The 7 blade and this one have the same features as the 7 blade, including the blade release, storage caddy, and tray with cover. Not sure what you want. The dimensions and name of each blade are easy to read with black lettering on top. This is the best spiralizers I have used, including past Briefton models. The price is great right now. The customer service is second to none. I had an issue with a previous spiralizer, and a new one was sen within a few days. This is the one to get if you have been waiting for a spiralizer. I don't think there will be any further improvements that can be made.

7. Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer Veggie

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer Veggie

The instruction manual for the Fullstar food chopper should be read carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. This vegetable slicer by Veggetti can turn your favorite vegetables into noodles in less than a minute. Evaluate the efficiency of the food supply. A versatile kitchen tool can be used to make vegetable stir fry. STAINLESS STEEL SLICER. The spiral slicer for vegetables and pasta has cutting blades for thick or thin strands of pasta. Ontel Products are made up of many individual brands each serving customers in different ways. Since 1994 they have been developing marketing and distributing some of the most innovative consumer products on the market.

Brand: Ontel

👤I'm writing a review for this product. Why? The product has helped reduce my craving for PASTA. I liked zucchini so much. The Veggetti is a simple product that was made for something. I don't need to trim the tip off the squash or zucchini. I leave the stem on if it's very long because it provides a sturdy place for the end cap. This is very minimal waste. The center that comes out of the end is mostly seeds which have no value. I found that instead of cutting the length of strips with scissors every 10 inches, I just reverse directions every ten clock wise turns. The strips will be cut without much interruption. I don't let it sit to dry. I rinse it out at the faucet after each use. I use my faucets power spray feature to get stuck in the cutter. If you don't have a toothbrush, try a power spray. I hope my review can help you with your shopping because I always read products reviews when I try to make decisions on my purchases. There is more to this. Thank you for reading.

👤When purchasing this item, be careful. The handles of the item are silver. The item is a quality product. The one I received was a cheaper version of the one shown. I didn't think there would be much difference at first. I bought these for my family from a large box retailer that rhymes with "Marget" before buying one for myself. I was sent a product that didn't match the picture I was sent, but I bought one on here. I bought the Veggetti from Amazon and it doesn't spiral vegetables, instead turning them into mush, so it's in the garbage.

👤I got a cheap zoodler on Amazon after spending a lot of money on premade zoodlers. It paid for itself the first time I used it, but it took a few minutes to cut each squash or zucchini, since it was small and had a flat plate. I got the Veggetti since I thought a conical one would work better. I zoodled 4 squash in about 2 minutes, and it was much easier to use. It is easy to store and clean with a handled brush. Highly recommended.

👤If you're wondering why vegetti is so cheap, it's because it is a vastly inferior product. I gave a friend my original vegetti, but I didn't know that off-brand vegettis existed until I bought two pieces of junk to replace it. This produces flat, thin slices of vegetables that turn to mush after being exposed to heat or water. My original device was thicker. The spiked lid can't hold vegetables well enough to allow you to twist them through the blades, which can cause you to cut or scratch yourself. I would return them in a heartbeat if I hadn't thrown them away. You can save time and disappointment by buying the real thing.

👤I used to only eat pasta. I can't tell you the last time I ate pasta. This is where we carve up everything. We started with a vegetable. It is very easy to use. I said that since I was low in calories, I need to limit myself to veggies. I made noodles last night. I made noodles out of a keilbasa. I don't need to cook ground meat for my sauce now. A can of sauce becomes a sauce with meat noodles.

8. KitchenAid KSM2APC Spiralizer Attachment Silver

KitchenAid KSM2APC Spiralizer Attachment Silver

The 3-in-1 mango slicer, peeler, and pit removal by the Zyliss is a great time saver. Attaches to the Power Hub of your stand mixer and uses the power of the motor to run the attachment. It works with all KitchenAid Stand Mixers. With 6 quick-change blades and an optional peeling blade, you can inspire healthy versions of classic recipes. 3Spiraling blades - Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine; 3 Slicing blades - Large Core, Small Core, and Thin Core; and Peeling blade. The dishwasher on the top rack is safe. A warm damp cloth can be used to clean the body.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤I wasn't sure if I would use the spiralizer, and some of the reviews weren't great, so I was torn about purchasing it. I have had it for a couple of months and I really like it. It is very easy to clean. My 11 year old son likes to cook and uses it all the time. It has made it easier to eat healthy. We make noodles all the time, and the boys always make sweet potato and regular potato. All the time, curly fries. We roast them in the oven after putting them in a bag with olive oil and seasonings. We've made apple pies and snacks from apples. The potatoes are rapped in foil with different ingredients over the grill or fire. It is one of the most used tools in the kitchen. It does waste a quarter inch or so of the end of your piece that is skewered to the machine. The stem and end of the Zuchini are not cut off so that the remaining stem and end is what gets left.

👤I was refunded by Amazon without a request from me, and no explanation. The representative from Amazon told me that the item was recalled and I was issued a refund. I called KitchenAid to find out what they had told me about the recall, and also to have my potentially faulty item repaired. The KitchenAid representative told me that it was not recalled because of a defect. It was likely a counterfeit item. The KitchenAid representative told me that the counterfeit products have blades that rust after several uses, and the operation of the counterfeit products are wobbly and may jam. There is a The KitchenAid representative said the fake item was so good that the factory had trouble spotting it. They were able to determine it was fake after testing. If you experience any of the problems I mentioned, you should be aware that this item could be counterfeit. Hope this helps!

👤When I ordered this "gadget", I thought it would be another kitchen toy that would be used a lot. We've been trying to find better tasting and more eye appealing foods for my wife and I to enjoy. This item has allowed us to spiralize. We've been able to dress up our plates, use as noodles and stir fry bases, because of the softer items we've been able to use. I picked up the kpexta noodle press so that we can have the best of both worlds - vegetarian and GF noodles - sometimes on the same plate! With the cost of retail food items and the horrible ingredients they use in our arsenal, it's a real Godsend. I have used both the 6qt KA stand mixer and the classic one, and both do fine, even though I usually use the 6qt KA stand mixer. The 6qt did a better job than the classic on the harder items, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has a KA mixer, it's short on time and it replaced a hand operated unit that I used once. It really cuts down on the time to make pie filling such as pear, Apple etc. It does that task very well as well.

9. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable

Fullstar Mandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable

Before using the Fullstar food chopper, read the instruction manual carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. This kitchen appliance has the greatest function on the market, with 5 interchangeable blades. Change the inserts to find the ideal size for your chopped vegetables with the easy-to-use adjuster dial. The Fullstar mandoline slicer comes with a bonus 3 in 1 spiralizer. This kitchen appliance is dishwasher safe and easy to store, making it a breeze to clean. Their blades are high quality and razor sharp. Their set comes with a fingerguard and protective glove to keep you safe while you are using the spiral slicer and a cleaning brush and blade organizers. The plastic is free of harmful substances. Their catch tray makes cooking so much more convenient, no mess and no messing around. Their base makes it easy to clean and it makes slicing, chopping and grating much easier. The slicer chopper is dishwasher safe. The instruction manual for the Fullstar food chopper should be read carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Fullstar

👤I bought this Fullstar vegetable chopper because I suck at dicing. I don't like slicing. Unless you are Jacques P├ępin or Julia Child, you may feel the same way. Don't feel bad if you don't have the courage to dice an onion or other vegetable in ten seconds flat. The skill needed to dice a vegetable into chunks is what really matters. Even legendary master chefs can benefit from the time savings and consistency of a food chopper and a mandoline offer. Let's talk about the part about the mandoline. The same guy that invented the guillotine invented the Mandolines. I don't want you to! I have owned a professional-level V-blade mandoline for many years. It was useful and versatile in the kitchen. I sliced the tip of my finger off one day and it was scary. It's easy to have an accident if your attention wanders off for even a second or two, no matter how much care you exercise. Many people don't use a mandoline because it's scary. There are many attempts to make a safer mandoline. These often have serious compromises that I wasn't willing to accept. I started researching food choppers on Amazon. That's right, for a few weeks. Do you know how many are on Amazon? There areOZENS andOZENS! I read the descriptions and questions and then review the products. I did not include the ones that were food choppers. I eliminated the ones that were mandolines but did not include food choppers. I was left with a reduced number of products. I introduced one of my most important criteria: The mandoline had to have a slice thickness adjustment, which is hard to find. Why does the slice thickness change? You don't want your slices to be just one thickness all the time. Many professional-level mandolines have a slice thickness adjustment knob or lever or tab because it's a very convenient and time-saving feature and it eliminates the need to handle additional blades or plastic inserts. The Fullstar vegetable chopper has a slice thickness adjustment tab at one end of the mandoline, which is far away from the blade. It was one of the better adjustment devices I could find. The floor plane was made from solid materials and could hold a fair amount of pressure. I was able to get slices that were thin, medium and thick. It's a good sign! Thank you, Fullstar. Why don't you have this on all of your mandolines? I was worried that this Fullstar Mandoline was small compared to my pro-level mandoline. Smaller mandolins are more dangerous to use than larger ones. I am happy to report that the Fullstar worked perfectly. The blade was so sharp that it cut through vegetables like a hot knife through butter. It worked so well that my confidence was instantly boosted. I found the experience enjoyable. They recommend using the glove in concert with the finger guard. Cut resistant is not the same as cutproof. Restaurants don't use gloves that are cut resistant. Medieval knights used to wear chain mail gloves. Chain mail gloves are used by butchers because no knife can cut through them. You can purchase them on Amazon. The feature that drew me away from my full-size, pro-level mandoline was the food collection. If you want to catch the food slices, you have to place a plate under the mandoline. This can be awkward as the slices can end up on the counter or on the floor, as they are often coming fast and furious. The plate has to be small to fit underneath and that means it won't hold a lot of food slices. There is a 1.5L clear tray underneath the Fullstar that catches all the slices. Unlike most other products in this category, you don't have to pull the chopper part off the tray to get to your food slices or dices. The catch tray on the Fullstar is a convenient drawer that you can pull out any time. This reduces time handling dangerous parts. Let's talk about the food chopper part. It is a vegetable or fruit. The Fullstar has a coarse and fine dicer blade. I was hoping the Fullstar also had an even coarser blade, but two out of three on this nifty little kitchen tool are not bad. I have to warn you, exercise care when handling the dicer blades, they are a bit awkward to handle, so the tendency is to handle them somewhat hastily, which could end up cutting you. Fullstar cautions that their blades are sharp. I would describe their blades as being a level or two higher than that. I think I'm joking. Think again! If a julienne blade is used properly, it candice food. The Fullstar has a julienne blade, so why not have a dicer? Some of us don't know how to use a julienne blade. The dicer allows you to quickly dice food. This uniformity is the most important thing. If the food is fried, baked, steamed, parboiled, blanched or otherwise cooked, diced vegetables will yield consistent results. If the vegetable or fruit chunks are all the same size, they will give a similar mouth feel, even if they are not cooked. I gave the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper / Mandoline four out of five stars. I deducted one star because there are other improvements that could be made, but this review has already run too long. This little kitchen tool makes food prep fast and efficient. I wouldn't call it a "kitchen gadget" because it's not really a kitchen appliance, but a legitimate kitchen utensil. It uses a minimum of real estate on your countertops and storage areas. It has a balanced feature set that is likely to please. Thank you for reading! I noticed that some people were having difficulty slicing hard vegetables after reading some of the other reviews. This is not an issue of blade sharpness but an issue of technique and inexperience with mondolines. Don't start cutting at the blade. You should begin as far away from the blade as possible. Always wear a protective glove and use long, fast, consistent strokes. Once you have gained some experience, your strokes can get shorter and faster. Beginners can benefit from spraying Pam or other food spray directly onto the bed plane and blades. If you can afford to throw away a few sliced veggies, a little practice will make you much better before you tackle that make-or-break dish. You will wonder what you ever did without this kitchen tool once you get the hang of it. You can watch instructional videos on the internet. The demonstrators begin by gripping larger vegetables by hand and then switch to a finger guard once they have sliced them off. Some demonstrators don't use the protective glove. They might have experience that allows them to do that, but they are demonstrating for inexperienced users. Even a highly experienced expert will wish they had used a protective glove. Someone once said, "let safety be your highest priority."

10. Spiralizer Vegetable Rotating Zucchini Spaghetti

Spiralizer Vegetable Rotating Zucchini Spaghetti

It is dishwasher-safe and made of heavy-duty plastic. The cleaning brush is designed to scrub sharp blades. The Vertical Spiralizer is easy to use because it does half the work and makes it easier to get the slices and noodles from vegetables or fruits in seconds. Eating healthy every day. Excellent for making vegetarian pasta. It's the easiest to use and the best for those on a paleo diet. High-fat pasta and noodles should be replaced with healthy and tasty vegetable equivalents. PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from heavy duty reinforced food grade ABS and ultra-sharp Japanese 420-grade hardenedstainless steel blades for endless fruit and vegetable creations. The big cup will stay firmly locked to the countertop for hours. Why don't you use a box grater or a knife? You can get foods evenly sliced or finely grating in a fraction of the time with this spiralizer. Helping you make professional-looking salads, apple chips, vegetable pizzas, and so much more. The Spiral Slicer comes with a container, a recipe booklet, user guide, and a cleaning brush. If you think it doesn't work for you, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Nunewares

👤Awesome product. We have new options for dinner. Is this item worth the money? Is this item something I like? Would I buy this item again? Would I tell my family and friends about this item? If my review helped you, please mark it as helpful. I would appreciate that. Major positives and negatives will be updated in the future. Excellent interaction with this seller. Perfect 4 stars is what it is. Good 3 stars. 2 stars is the need for improvement. Dislike // Would not purchase again. Stopping back.

👤My family has been trying to incorporate more veggies into our diet, but they can get a little boring, so we decided to try spiralizing again. We had a machine that was hard to crank, so I'm happy to find this one. The handle is easy to turn and I like the choice of blades. The part that I enjoy the most? There is a storage cup. My previous spiralizer was more difficult to use because I had to hold a bowl to catch the spirals and turn the handle at the same time, but the storage cup catches the spirals and keeps everything tidy. I'm glad I chose this model for trying spiralized veggies again. It is easy to use and clean.

👤The seller sent out the spiralizer and the brush was in the package as he had promised. It's a nice brush at that. The seller is S*T*E*L*L*A*R. He offered to give me a new bristle for free, because he didn't have enough brushes. He sent me a code to use to order another spiralizer, which I did. He could have apologized. He went above and beyond to honor his ad even though he didn't have any brushes. Customer service is amazing. The original review was not a good one. This thing is amazing. The first one I tried was a small hand-held thing that worked well, but it was tiring to use if you spiralize more than one zucchini. The horizontal type has four blades in the base of the slicer. It is easy to use, but it takes more time to clean up and you have to put a dish or low bowl under the spiralizer to catch the spirals. But this guy? I made a butter garlic zucchini dish last night. It took 2 minutes to turn them into spirals. The bowl is small, but perfect for my purposes. The fact that it's small and vertical is a big deal to me since cabinet space is not cheap. I used a vegetable brush to clean the blades and it worked perfectly. I'm not sure if it can go into a dishwasher, but since hand washing is so easy, why bother? The counter is held to perfectly by the spiralizer. The whole operation was very easy to do. I wish I'd seen this first. How will it hold up with repeated uses is the only unanswered question. I don't see why it won't be taken care of properly.

11. Spiralizer Vegetable Strongest Heaviest Gluten Free

Spiralizer Vegetable Strongest Heaviest Gluten Free

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! If any of the Spedalon bags don't hold their seal, please contact them and they'll give you free replacements for life. You don't have to worry about it by ordering today. Quality Above All - Stronger Than Ever is a brand people trust and rely on. The new 3rd generation model is stronger than the others and it's guaranteed! The spiralizer handles break when spiralizing harder root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips, but with their high carbon cutlery grade STAINLESS steel blades and stronger ultra reinforced ABS, it's possible to do it again. Don't get bored on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet again, start making healthy gourmet meals. You'll get an excellent recipe e-book filled with mouth-watering meal ideas the whole family will love when you get it. The fans are revolting. Their product has been seen on Bethenny, Ellen, The Doctors, The Food Network, National newspapers and magazines throughout the country and if that's not enough, read the thousands of reviews left by amazing Amazon customers. If you are on a diet, you should enjoy your meals. The veggie pasta is low in calories and high in fiber. A perfect gift for all occasions is the gift of health. You are covered by Spiralizer's lifetime no-hassle replacement policy.

Brand: Spiralizer

👤I thought I was too lazy to cut my vegetables. I thought since the julienned veges at the supermarket were too expensive that I would have to buy my veggies regular and not have nice things in my life. My veggies would be a nice texture, but not if I became a chef. I spent a lot and bought this. Why? I want to have Veggie Spring rolls so I go to Chinese restaurants all the time. I found the veggie spring roll wrapper at World Market, but it was about getting those veggies with the correct texture. I put cabbage in my spiralizer. So fast. It's so easy. It's so safe. And boom. One of those two. I had all my vegetables. If anything was too long after the spiralizer, it was a fast chop on the cutting board. Everything had been made perfect by the spiralizer. I feel like I have become a chef because of this tool. I can now eat fancy food. I was too lazy to chop up the potatoes that I spiralized. But no. I baked those potatoes in the oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes, tossing them every ten minutes. Tasty thin nice potatoes with some crunch on the edges. It came out very good, like chips. They were tender and you could fry them to make chips or pan fry. I will never return. This changed my life. As I spiralized, I thanked my God for blessing the world with this tool. I felt pity for the generations before this tool's existence. I almost cried for the poor people because they didn't have this. I smiled and shook my head in joy that I was able to use this product. This is what it would be like to win the lottery. That's how it feels to use this tool.

👤I was not expecting this to be as nice as a spiralizer. I made a lot of different kinds of pasta with it. It is easy to use. You have to push it down a few times to get it to stick to the counter, but other than that it works great for making raw pasta. I am trying to eat more raw because I know how good it is for your health. I made a wonderful raw pad thai recipe and then made spaghetti with tomato sauce. If you are making raw pasta, it is recommended that you spiralize the pasta and place it over paper towels and salt it to get rid of the excess water in the sauce. This works well. I enjoy eating old pasta dishes, but I am excited to eat much healthier. If you have never tried Daikon radish, it is spiralized and has a very subtle flavor that can be used in place of white or brown pasta. I love that this spiralizer can make different lengths of noodles. The product is very nice.

👤The spiralizer has little fault. The construction materials are easy to assemble and break down for storage. At a bargain price, what more could you ask for? A center core of any vegetable is not ideal for spiral cutting due to a minor versatility issue. A creative person would find other uses for the spent cores, but I don't think I'm that clever and just throw them in the rubbish. The spiralizer can make beautiful thin spirals for many dishes, but it also makes a lot of dubious rejects that are wasted. The reject core issue is not unique to this particular machine or brand because most budget spiral machines have the same design.


What is the best product for zoodle maker spiralizer electric?

Zoodle maker spiralizer electric products from Hamilton Beach. In this article about zoodle maker spiralizer electric you can see why people choose the product. Fullstar and Homarden are also good brands to look for when you are finding zoodle maker spiralizer electric.

What are the best brands for zoodle maker spiralizer electric?

Hamilton Beach, Fullstar and Homarden are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zoodle maker spiralizer electric. Find the detail in this article. Fullstar, Fullstar and Brieftons are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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