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1. ES4 Electric Additional Lightweight Foldable

ES4 Electric Additional Lightweight Foldable

Smooth ride is delivered by droop-tracing rear suspension with coil shock. With an extra battery and motor, the ES4 can travel up to 28 miles and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. The ES4 can take you anywhere you want to go. The Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway is lightweight and has a one-step folding system. Their riders can now take the scooter on public transportation, store it in their car and take it to any destination they want. The large solid tires on the front and rear wheel shock absorbers make them safe and comfortable to ride. The mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system is used. The Segway ES4 electric scooter combines performance with luxury with a variety of features. Quality assurance is important. Whether it is the store two blocks away or the bus stop down the street, the ES4 is designed to bridge the gaps along your journey. Product details can be found below.

Brand: Segway

👤The controller for this scooter has a known defect that I found out about after receiving mine, but is well documented online if you do a bit of digging. If you go over 13mph with either the electric brake or the motor regeneration you can cause a short in the control board. I've owned a few different e-scooters and ridden them all over Seattle as a last mile mode of transportation, but I panicked when I hit the electric brake on my scooter and it shut down. It's only a matter of time before someone steps off a curb without looking or a car pulls out in front of you, if the brakes on the e-scooter don't work. I don't recommend anyone buys this scooter from the company or on Amazon.

👤I wanted to see if I could approach it from a long term perspective, so I waited as long as I could. The scooter has been a great mode of transportation for me in Downtown Dallas. It folds up under the train seat and stays out of the way of other passengers. I had no problems for the first nine months. I looked around online to see if there were ways to clear the Code 21 that I got about 6 weeks ago. I had to reach out to the tech support group at Segway's site. Some of the negative reviews came from here. Sending an email is the only way to get in touch with tech support. It took a long time to get a reply. They work the requests according to the order they are received. It took tech support 2 weeks to get me some solutions. That was a disappointment. However... Tech support responded with ways to clear the code. The solutions didn't work, but they got back to me the next day. They stay on top of the support ticket once it's worked. I was transferred from tech support to Segway customer service when we decided the solutions did not work. Since it's still under warranty, I immediately sent it in for service with a pre-paid shipping label. They gave me a time frame as to how long it would take and sent me an email as soon as it arrived. It took 14 days for me to get the scooter back. There was a memo about what was done to fix the scooter inside the box. The process from when I had issues until it was fixed and back in my possession took about four weeks. This would have been expedited if the tech support was not a problem. It's not a deal breaker for me because this is not my only source of transportation. If you expect someone to reply to you right away, you will be disappointed, but they will get back to you. These scooters are very popular. I'm pretty sure there's a big demand for tech support. The scooter has lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. I had issues with it, but they were resolved. The service was top notch despite the lag time with tech support.

2. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

Additional features include retractable kickstand and front brake. The 2020 edition of the GXL V2 is an improvement on the already top selling electric scooter. The 2020 V2 has passed stringent testing and has an improved console. The GXL V2 is a battery that travels up to 12.5 miles and can be charged in about 4 hours. The top speed was 15 mph. The 250 Watt Motor provides high Torque but low power consumption. The GXL V2 can handle up to 220 lbs. and has a top speed of 15mph. Love your commute, ride in comfort using the rubberized grips, easy to use hand-brake, and Shock absorbing 8.5" Air filled tires. The foldable framework is portable. The locks on the GXL V2 Frame make it easy to store it in a car, school, or office. The brake style is EABS. The frame supports riders up to 220 lbs.

Brand: Gotrax

👤I haven't ridden this scooter in a while. I am enjoying every second of it. I've ridden Bird/Lime rental scooters before so I have something to compare. The main advantages of renting scooters are slightly better power and range, but at the cost of being heavier, not to mention that you never really know what condition the scooter will be in before riding; the battery level, brakes, other adjustments may be less than ideal. I can see why people like this because it's a low commitment option compared to having your own scooter. I prefer having my own place where I can maintain it myself and always know it's ready to go. Like any machine, there is some self maintenance that is unavoidable. I am a 160 pound rider. On my last ride, I went through a college campus with lots of elevation change, starting from a full charge. The scooter performed well with good acceleration and only struggled on the steep hills, it's difficult to walk up these hills for a long period of time. The brakes worked well and I felt in control. I had 3 out of 4 bars, even though I think it may be approaching 2 bars. The handling was able to move around other pedestrians with ease and still hold up at higher speeds. Even though I didn't get a reliable top speed measurement, I was able to reach about 16 mph without full throttle, even though I wasn't able to find a stretch of flat road that was long enough. Rider weight, hill angle, and battery level will be the main factors in determining top speed. TheBattery gauge could have more bars to help show battery level more accurately. It will dip down temporarily while going up steep hills, and then back up once you get to level ground. This is normal. When there is a high demand for electricity, every battery powered device will do this. You are fighting gravity going up hills and it takes a lot of power. It is hard to engage the cruise control with theThrottle being very sensitive. If you want to enable cruise control, you need to hold a steady speed for a few seconds and then remove your hand from the throttle. If you want to disengage, turn the engine on. I didn't know about this feature before I got this scooter, but it is nice to have. If you are going on a long ride, I would use this pin. It's not necessary, but it gives me a bit of mind knowing there's an extra piece of steel in case I don't want it to folding up. It's annoying to have to do it frequently. The next design should have a safety pin. When I realized that the magnetic brake and disk brake were controlled by the same brake handle, I added another brake handle on the other side of the vehicle so that I could control them separately. I used a standard bicycle brake handle and it worked well. They probably went with a simpler design to make it more comfortable for the rider, but I like having the option to use either brake independently or together. The magnetic brake works well overall and provides good stopping power, but it works less and less as you slow down. When I need to come to a complete stop, I only use the disk brake at lower speeds. * If you are comfortable with making such modifications and know that your safety is your own, then you should do this. One thing that annoyed me was the implication that there was a gear system included with this scooter and that "gear" 1 would climb hills better while "gear" 2 would be better for top speed. I could be wrong, but I am certain that this is B.S. and the 1 and 2 refer to an electronic power limiter. I think this feature is great to be able to change it to 1 for someone who is learning and/or a young rider, but I think it's misleading to call it that. I don't plan on opening it up to confirm this, but I have tried going into "gear" 1 to go up hills better and have noticed that "gear" 2 is better for both hill climbing and top speed. There is a weird resonance that happens at a specific speed. It is strange to go from almost completely silent to a louder vibrating sound, but it doesn't bother me. I think it's possible that this is a thing that happens with variable electric motor bikes. If anything else develops, I will update again. I'm still enjoying every ride on this scooter and commute daily. The tire pressure was low. I had to pump them up. The front one is hard to get just right. The tire valve adapter that comes with the scooter is hard to remove quickly enough to not let air out of the tire. I had to practice for a long time to get it. If you can, I would recommend pumping it up to 50psi and then removing the adapter as quickly as possible. It will allow some air out and hopefully stop around 50 psi. I squeezed the back tire with my hands and compared it to the front to make sure it was close enough. The scooter rides differently depending on tire pressure. I feel more bumps when I go faster with normal pressure. Lower pressure will give you a smooth ride, but limit your speed and range. If you release air for more than a second, you will likely already be too low and need to pump it back up. I can fill up the whole tire in a few pumps.

3. XPRIT Electric Scooter Absorbers Commuting

XPRIT Electric Scooter Absorbers Commuting

Populo Eletric scooter collapses for easy storage in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other compact spaces. The folding process takes 3 seconds. The scooter is only 28.3 lbs. The E-scooter is portable and can be used for a daily commute or just to cruise around. It is easy to carry around if you are on the go or save space when stored away. The electric scooter can be fully charged in just 3 hours with a 8 Ah battery capacity. You are ready to roll out when the indicator light turns green. The e-scooter has a powerful 350W motor that propels it to a max speed of 13.6mph. You can travel up to a distance of up to 13.6 miles with a full charge. It's perfect for daily commute. Pick your favorite light color. There are 4 colors available. It is important. The scooter is not waterproof and they don't recommend it on wet roads or in rain. Water damages will not be covered by the warranty. This model doesn't have a feature.

Brand: Xprit

👤I received an electric scooter for my girlfriend, she works a mile away from home, and her walk usually involves a small hill to get home. This scooter moves on the ground and I weigh only 155 lbs. The engine will almost stop when the road is a little incline. People are giving great reviews of this product. Maybe they live in a flat area. This product is perfect if that is the case. If you live in a place with hills or inclines, this product isn't for you. I bought this product because it was cheap and had good reviews. It's not what we need. The material feels finished. It's sleek. If riding at night, the front light is bright. The electric break is a concern for me. When riding down the hill, it does not stop quickly. Cars can be pulling out if the driveway doesn't give you the ability to quickly stop leaving you to stomp on the ground, which can lead to dangerous situations. Buy it if you commute in a flat area. You'll have to spend more money on a different brand if you want to make it around a more hilly setting.

👤One day early, the scooter arrived. The scooter was well packed. I almost didn't buy this electric scooter. I have owned electric scooters that were expensive but not that expensive. The good value of this amazing scooter is not comparable to any of my prior scooters. The low price of this scooter was the reason I almost missed it. I needed a new scooter but didn't want to pay a lot of money for a poor quality one. When I saw the ratings on the scooter, I just had to take a chance, so I reluctantly ordered one. Wow! I am so happy I did. I was so impressed with the packaging that I took it out of the box. I took the scooter out of the box. Wow! Holy guacamole batman, I can't believe it. The scooter looks great. The scooter is not a cheap plastic kids scooter. The scooter looks like an adult scooter. With a sturdy build. And a classy design. The scooter is very well made with many nice features and it just blows my mind at this low price point. You can get a electric scooter for 250 bucs. This scooter could sell for a lot of money. The scooter runs well. The shocks really are the 8 inch front wheel. They look really good if you smooth out the ride. The scooter looks great. Everything on the scooter was working as it should. I am amazed that you can get something like this for such a low price.

👤Just got this scooter and charged it up and put 3 miles on it, so far it's been great, I'm very happy with it. I have been riding this for about 13 miles a day for work for the past 2 weeks and I get about 8 miles on a charge with 1 battery bar left. I weigh 220 and it works well, but after about 2 miles on the sidewalks you start to feel the solid tires, but still worth it. This will help others purchase this product.

4. Segway EKickScooter E8 Electric Lightweight

Segway EKickScooter E8 Electric Lightweight

The deck is 33" high at the handle bar and 48" long from wheel to wheel. All-around excellence. The Segway E8 kids electric scooter has a 130 watt motor that can reach 8.7 mph, travel up to 6.3 miles, accommodate a max load of 120 lbs, and is suitable for children with the height of 3'9''-4'9". The E8 kids electric scooter has a high- performance handbrake system that can be used for energy recovery. The rear fender has a function. Front shock absorption can provide a smooth ride. The weight of the scooter is only 18.6 lbs, which can be easily folded. The E8 electric scooter is portable and can be placed in the trunk. The new electric boost riding mode is easy to use. Try a new way of riding kickscooters. Simply kick to start and the scooter will glide on its own. The harder you kick, the faster you accelerate. The Segway E8 is specifically designed for children and has bright colors. There is a one-year or 180-day warranty for different parts. If you have a problem, please contact them. The brake style is Regenerative brake + hand-operated brake.

Brand: Segway

👤The little Ninebot is amazing. When this scooter came out, I just had to purchase it because I was tired of carrying my daughters around on the Ninebot Max. My daughters and I love riding our scooters around town. You need to buy a separate light for them to ride with me at night, but there are many of them on Amazon for less than $20. The razor E90 scooter makes so much noise that we used to have it. The scooter is quiet, rides smooth and looks great. It's as good as a scooter a child can have. It's a great bonding experience when my daughters ask me to go riding with them for 2x a day. They are 10 years old and weigh 85 lbs each. We traveled about 5 miles each day and the charge has not changed.

👤I bought this for my 8 year old after his swagger died. The thing arrived and was clean. The scooter is well made and looks great. The tires are a good size for eating bumps and it has a little suspension in the front. There are three modes, the first one uses the throttle, the second one wants you to kick or push the scooter to get it going, and the third one uses the throttle. We did not try the third safe mode. My son liked the handbrake. To make a long story short, it is slow. It is really slow, it tops out at 10mph on a flat road with full charge. You can walk faster on a hill. It is disappointing. If you go over 10mph, an alarm will go off, which is really easy to do. We decided to return it and buy another one. If your kids are not speed demons, I would recommend this scooter. If you want to keep your kids from becoming speed demons. The scooter is safer to ride, but it is boring. It does not appear to be hackable, even though it is made by ninebot. I could not find a display on the controller.

👤It's perfect for my 8 year old. The lower setting of 6mph is good enough for him. This isn't for adults. I don't know why people think it needs to be quicker. It is meant for children.

👤After an easy assembly, it was charged for 3 hours out of the box. After viewing the modes in the booklet and on the side of the scooter, my self got on it and pushed off. It didn't have the power to go up in the parking lot. It didn't go forward in the mode that was used. Only returned back down that grade a little quicker. It is disappointing. A sluggish performance can be disguise by fit and finish. You can kick quicker than this thing. The modes are difficult to distinguish in daylight because you can't see the colors underneath. What a waste of money. Do not recommend. It is going back. I believe the current instruction to "activate" this scooter is what was missing in my previous purchase, after reading all the recent reviews. I will see that it works when I order again. Decided not to take the chance. Try the Es1L again.

5. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core Electric Scooter

The T25 electric scooter can be carried easily with the folding design. The new power core design has more power than the original one. No chain, no tensioner, and no maintenance needed. The car has a kick start, hub motor, push-button throttle, hand-operated front fender brake, and retractable kickstand. Recommended for ages 8 and up. The rear wheel drive has increased traction and control.

Brand: Razor

6. Hover 1 Switch Electric Skateboard Scooter

Hover 1 Switch Electric Skateboard Scooter

Recommended for ages 8 and up. The electric scooter and skateboard is for kids. It has a 90W motor that can get up inclines of up to 5 degrees. The lock and release mechanics are easy to use. The lock and release function on the scooter allows you to detach the handle and the front wheel without tools. Attach the front wheels to your skateboard and it will be ready to ride. A long-lasting battery drives a high-powered motor to bolster a good speed and smooth ascent over inclines. The certified 25.2V battery can fully charge in 2.5 hours or 2.5 miles. They take safety very seriously. If you are speeding or riding on unsafe surfaces, the hoverboard will alert you so you can slow down. The board has headlights on both sides. Fun for kids and toddlers means hours of fun with friends and family, or a quick and enjoyable way of getting to places, indoors and outdoors. There are separate safety gear for Helmettes and safety gear. Use safety gear when riding. They recommend that you wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Carefully follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

Brand: Hover-1

👤The product was great but my son broke the back left wheel while he was riding it. Glad he did not get hurt. I tried to get in touch with the manufacturer. The product that I bought was not listed on the website or the site that I was on when I got to the Hover-1 site. I have to return the item through Amazon because I didn't have a way to contact the manufacturer, but I have to deal with packaging it and taking it to a shipping facility while we are supposed to be socially isolating. I will give the product another try since my son was enjoying it. Even though the manufacturers seem non-existent, Amazon is always great to work with.

👤This product is very disappointing to us. My 7 year-old son received this as a birthday present. He loved it. The back left wheel that is attached to the motor broke after just 2 months of being used. The wheel is attached to the skateboard with 3 sockets cap screws. They were coming loose. I would have to tighten them every day. They're in an awkward spot and it's not easy to tighten them. The screws broke in half as my son was riding. I can't replace the screws because the top broke off and the bottom was stuck inside. I will confirm that it's not a faulty product. We bought a second one for our 5 year-old because we knew she could ride it safely. The first one broke. The loose screws are happening to her in the same way. The kids are under 50 lbs, well below the max weight. They rode them a lot, but didn't put a lot of pressure on the wheels. My kids really enjoyed using this product, and it's unfortunate it's so bad.

👤I like this scooter. It is not made for tall people. The steering handle is not high enough for me to comfortably use it as a scooter. I was thinking of giving it to my 5 year old, but it is not stable for a small child. It's a good thing to ride for not tall teens or adults. I can't ride it. I would keep the electric longboard if I wanted it.

👤There has been no response to the support ticket for a month. They don't see a charge for this model. There was no power for the scooter. My son could only ride for a short time. If a charging station comes in a timely matter, you should put in a ticket.

👤I had to take out the screws to place the handle on because I was setting it up for my son. To make me believe that the screw is stripped, turn and turn. I was not happy that this was for xmas and I wanted it to be under the tree tomorrow night.

👤It was cool. If that is the case, it will take about six months. They did not respond when I tried to reach them for technical support. I gave up and it's sitting there. I should have waited to get one with a better warranty because my son wanted one.

7. Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Razor Miniature Euro Style Electric Scooter

Bright beams of light make cleaning under furniture much easier because you can see dust and debris that might have been missed. A vintage-inspired electric scooter for riders age 13 and up has a maximum weight of 170 lbs. The Pocket Mod is a scaled-down Euro-style scooter that looks and feels like the real thing with its padded seat, twist-grip throttle control, and hand-operated brake. The electric-powered Fun has a maximum speed of up to 24 km/h and a ride time of up to 40 minutes on a single battery charge. The dual kickstand and secret storage compartment under the seat make it easy to carry your essentials with you. Pick the shade that best suits your vibe and personalize your ride with many color variations.

Brand: Razor

👤My daughter's 11th birthday is when I bought this scooter. At first glance, I thought, "Ugh." This is too small for her, she is about 90 lbs. She was too big on it. She took it for a test drive, and it had some get up and go. She loves this thing. I would not allow a child under 10 to ride this scooter independently around town as it gets up to 15 mph. We live in a town that is very hilly. There is not much riding. It works to get up big hills when I am 130 lbs. It makes it, but it is working hard. If I was riding it on a flatter path, it would be fine for me, but if you have a hilly terrain, you would be pushing its limits. The item is best suited for 10 - 13 year olds who weigh under 120 lbs.

👤I only had to change the battery's a few times because the first one lasted 10 years. Each day I ride to the beach and back for about a mile and a half. I am 75 years old. At my age, I could not care less about it, it is a great product at an amazing price. It was easy to put on the front wheel because it was delivered to my door. They have not invented any words to describe how pleased I am with your service. Jim Zinger is aCSP.

👤We love these scooters. It took my 6-year old a while to get used to it but now she is all over the place. I can ride this.

👤I was curious about why this item had been returned, I bought it after it had been returned. The installation of the steering bars on this little scooter is a bit tricky, unlike the installation of the steering bars on the motocross bike that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Don't give up! It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble the scooter. The steering pole should be removed from the bottom before it is put in, the red line on the pole may not be real, and the "Safe Zone" etching on the pole is not real. It's possible to change the screws holding the white panel in the entryway. This is not difficult. If I could do it, you can too.

👤Thank you Razor! It is possible to trick honest customers. Thescooter is heavy to return by the time you realize your mistake. The building process requires you to insert parts and feel around in the dark for a fit. I was barely under the weight limit, and was unable to reach a speed faster than I could walk, and came to a halt at the slightest uphill grade. My younger brother lost interest in the machine within a minute because it was so slow and was not interesting. This item, for a very high price, looked so grand, and then had a kid lose interest in it. Do you remember Awesome toys that had a chance of losing interest for hours? No chance. This is not good. It is difficult to tell when the item is charging or not, even when you change it many times, and it will always show the item as being out of charge even after you have unplugged it. I am sad that my childhood memories of Razor have been destroyed, and that no young ones will ever have the chance to build new ones.

8. LaScoota Adjustable Handlebars Removable Anti Slip

LaScoota Adjustable Handlebars Removable Anti Slip

The frame and fork are all-steel for a sturdy ride. There are options for sloping. The option to sit on this scooter is for your child to be confident enough to stand. The seat can be easily removed with a screw. The handlebars can be set to different heights. As children grow older, this accommodates usage. SMOOTH RIDE Your child will be able to balance with ease with 3 wheels. The deck is extra wide and has an anti-slip surface. This scooter is self-balancing. Children can steer the scooter by leaning. It helps to develop balance and coordination. The 3 wheels are fun and exciting. The wheels light up in a variety of colors as your child scoots. No batteries needed!

Brand: Lascoota

👤I ordered three scooters, LaScoota, ChromeWheels and Micro. The Micro Mini Kick Scooter is a good item, but I felt a little bit over priced. You get what you paid for. Quality wasn't high enough for a good price. LaScoota is the best price and quality.

👤We try out a lot of scooters and skateboards. My son is obsessed with this one. It came with a helmet, and it has the "cool factor" of the light up wheels. I'm posting a video so you can see how it works out with my son riding both sitting and standing with the seat attachment removed. He uses the toe of his shoes because he's not aware of the brake. I would recommend this scooter for a young child or a toddler who is very tall. The handlebars are high. He doesn't care.

👤I was hesitant to order because I thought the quality might not be as good as it could be. I was wrong. The quality of the scooter is great, the scooter came beautifully packaged. The frame is sturdy, the plastic is thick, and my sons enjoy the lights. My boys are very hard on their toys and we play outside for hours everyday and we will get many years of use out of this scooter. I bought it for my one year old who is able to sit on the seat and touch the ground on the lowest setting and it supports my weight when I ride it without the seat on. I highly recommend this product.

👤My son was excited when it came about 2 weeks before the original arrival date. He was checking the post daily. The quality is excellent. The wheels shine front and back as it turns. The board is large and it is easy to ride. My son loves the helmet and it is very cute. He has been inseparable since. He likes his scooter even better than before. He is a bit tall for the seat and his friends don't have seats, so he hasn't used it. I highly recommend.

👤My grandsons are 6 years old and live in LaScootas. The lights are easy to see indoors. I would love to see them in the dark. That might not be the safest time. . I don't like their construction. There is a lot of plastic. If they hold up, we will know soon. If you know what I mean, one of our boys is very destructive.

👤I bought this scooter for my niece. The product arrived on time but my brother in-law's wheels were not perfect and the light was not on. My niece loved it and wouldn't let it go, so returning it was not an option for me. I told the seller about the situation. She was very helpful after we had a couple of emails. My niece has a scooter with good wheels and all the lights are on, and she got a replacement wheel from her. The product is very good and the addition of the chair makes it even better. My niece drives it and it is very sturdy. The assembly was not a problem according to my brother in-law. The scooter had a helmet. The helmet was not very high quality. My niece is allowed to drive the scooter inside the house and in the backyard with the helmet. I'm giving them a 5 star for the product and the customer service they provide.

9. Huffy 78919 Handlebar Preschool Streamers

Huffy 78919 Handlebar Preschool Streamers

The brake style is Regenerative brake + hand-operated brake. The minimum height for Huffy's Disney Frozen 2 scooter is 37 inches. The handlebar bucket is large enough to hold toys and snacks. The deck is wide enough to fit both feet for a more secure ride, and it is coated with graphics and a substance that helps keep feet in place. Three-wheeled scooters improve balance. Kids scooter grips are comfortable for small hands.

Brand: Huffy

👤Terrible quality and poor design. The only reason I bought this product was because of the frozen characters, the entire product is very cheap and wobbles as my 2 year old rides. Very cheap plastic. The design of the scooter makes it very difficult to ride and she has to take an unnatural stance to avoid kicking the two wheels in the back. I wouldn't recommend this product. I bought this scooter only 2 months ago and am looking to buy a new one with front 2 wheels and better quality material.

👤We love huffy products, but we are disappointed in this scooter. It says it is recommended for more than one person. It is small. My child is too big for it. The quality is not up to par. Very cheap. There are lots of plastic. We had to fix the handlebars because my kid pulled them out. I would check out other scooters.

👤The handle bar was fastened with one of the bolts. My daughter is in love with it, despite the fact that I had to put the other half of the handle bar in place. She can't ride it anywhere but on the grass.

👤My daughter likes it. I didn't look at the instructions to assemble. This is easy to put together. Make sure you tighten the handlebars the first time. They will come out if not.

👤It is easy to assemble. It looks like stock photos. Steering was stiff at first but loosened quickly. The option to not add the tassels was nice.

👤After my daughter fell with it, it broke. The scooter broke and I was lucky.

👤My child loves this scooter. It seems sturdy after a month of use.

10. Razor E200 Electric Scooter Teal

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Teal

The rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering. The motor has speeds up to 12mph. The maximum weight is 154 pounds. 13+ is the age. The deck is full-size and has a length of 26 inch and a width of 8 inch. The scooter has a battery and all the tools needed for light assembly. Soft, rubber. 12 hours is the initial charge time. The battery should be charged prior to use. If the motor doesn't engage, replace it. Up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time. Depending on riding conditions, climate and/or proper maintenance, run time may vary. The rear wheel drive has increased traction and control. The battery has lead acid in it. The battery charger is included. The motor was 200 watt and chain-driven.

Brand: Razor

👤I use this for part of my commute because I'm lazy. I love this thing. It's fun to ride around and I get a lot of compliment on it. (). I know those people are jealous. I have noticed a few things that one might want to know. I'm not docking the product any stars for them because they aren't really problems, just information that would be good for buyers. When you let go of the throttle, be prepared to lurch a bit as the engine will suddenly stop, slowing your roll, unless you're going downhill. If you aren't prepared for a sudden increase in speed, starting may try to take off from under you. There are two more The description says speeds up to 12 mph. I've topped out at about half that speed, which is 6 mph. I have only been riding in the winter so far, and that speed is what I got on warm days. I get to about 4 mph on cold days. I think I'll get higher speeds in the spring and summer. I'm assuming someone who is less heavy will get higher speeds. The bad boy is very low to the ground. Slow down for speed bumps or you'll bottom out. Allow yourself plenty of time to stop. It has a brake, but if you try to brake too quickly it will throw you more readily than a bike will. There are five It is not easy to carry. If you're going to be doing a lot of transferring like I do, keep that in mind.

👤The little scooters are electric. My boys received 2 of these for christmas. My boys are 7 and 8 years old, but they aren't too big for the boys. My kids are small for their age and only weigh 45 lbs each. I am 125 lbs and I can cruise around on these. These little scooters can move. They are a lot of fun. They have held up well to all the riding they get from the kids.

👤My kids will receive 2 scooters for Christmas. The items arrived 2 days before Christmas. If this is a gift, the boxes used are the actual retail boxes the scooters are packaged in, so if it is a surprise, mail to an alternate location. I got to it before the kids because ours was left at the door. Be aware, no fault on Razor or Amazon. The handbar is locked down using a clamp and 2 bolts, and it's not a lot of work. A tool is provided. The item goes sideways here. I turned it on after assembling the first one. The motor and brakes work. On to the second one. The rear wheel wouldn't move after I hit the pedal. The chain probably fell out after I checked the manual. I followed the instructions to expose the chain and it was not on the motor or the rear wheel sprocket. The rear wheel was turned manually. The chain would fall off after a revolution. The rear sprocket that is attached to the rear wheel was bent. As the chain hit that section, it would pop off. I was able to level out that part of the sprocket with channel locks. The test will come when the kids use it on Christmas morning. I was so happy that I tested everything before hand. I will see if this works because there is no time to return. If you run into the same thing, I will share this with you. I will request a new rear sprocket from Razor instead of returning it. It's a shame that this passed quality control testing and was shipped that way. The area is completely enclosed so it did not happen during transit. I hope it works for a long time. After a few days of use, I will update this review. I uploaded a picture of the chain.

11. Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Hover 1 Aviator Electric Folding Scooter

Use the mineral brake oil. There is a built-in suspension. The 300W motor on the Hover-1 Aviator Electric Scooter is powerful enough to easily get up inclines of up to 10 degrees. The built-in suspension and solid tires give a smooth ride. The Aviator Electric Scooter has a 7-mile range and a top speed of 15 MPH. At 21 lbs. It is easy to carry around and fit in most car trunks. CRUISE CONTROL The in-built cruise control helps maintain a constant speed for a smooth ride. Pressing the throttle down two times will cause the cruise control to work. A long-lasting battery drives a high-powered motor to bolster a good speed and smooth ascent over inclines. The battery can fully charge in 5 hours or less, depending on the distance. A full display. You can see all of the controls on the scooter in one place with the display that shows a speedometer, power/function button, cruise control, and headlight icons. They take safety very seriously. The built-in reflectors ensure a safe ride in the dark. The scooter is stable and skid-free because of the disk brake and electronic throttle. The fun e-scooter is reliable and enjoyable for all. They recommend wearing proper safety gear at all times.

Brand: Hover-1

👤I used the scooter a little longer to make sure my decision to return was solid. I like riding this scooter and it looks stylish. The suspension is not very good on bumps. Again, it is the cheap scooter. I'm thinking of going back to get a more expensive scooter. I like the color. I would like to see more scooters with a variety of colors. If you have to go uphill and ride on different types of road, the scooter battery will give you a solid 4 miles. It makes barely 5 m/h when you ride uphill. The speed is on a small hill. I had to help push the scooter with my foot because of the bigger hill on the street. The beautiful scooter is only a toy, but it will not allow you to commute in the city. I got it to replace my car when I need to go to the grocery shopping or my work, but quickly realized that it won't be transportation. I bought the Mi365, which is more reliable and less pretty.

👤The brakes on the scooter went bad a month after I bought it, so they went under the 90 day warranty, and I had to cut wires from the motor and send pictures, and they would send me a new scooter. I bought a scooter with cut motor wires and no response from the manufacturer, so I am very disappointed in this purchase.

👤I received two scooters for Christmas after purchasing them in October 2020. My kids loved them and used them lightly. The scooter's throttle broke this weekend. I submit a ticket through the website and they write it off as out of warranty. I asked if they could help me figure out which parts I need to order. There was no response. I've called the number several times, no one answers. I've tried to find a place that will look at it and can fix it. I've searched for tips on how to fix the issue on the websites, but no luck. I have a piece of garbage that is very expensive. It would be great if the company gave some guidance to its customers instead of leaving them high and dry after the warranty period.

👤The unit failed. The scooter will run for a short time than the brakes will stop it and shut the display off. It will work again after about 10 minutes of sitting. It doesn't feel hot or warm.

👤I love this scooter. I've purchased other ones before, but nothing beats this one's quality... My daughter received it as a gift and she is obsessed with it. It has a smooth ride, and she can't get enough of it.

👤The first scooter I bought was fine until the first fall, the main cable harness was damaged, it was covered by thin plastic, and the first one was working fine until the first fall. The fall was due to the handle bars, you need to add lock tight to make sure kids can't ride without them. The second scooter had a problem with the front wheel locking up, so it had to be returned. I'm not sure if they're good because the scooter looks beautiful and my daughter liked it. I tried to purchase parts to fix the first one but there is no support for the second one. I'm not sure.


What is the best product for zoom scooter electric moped?

Zoom scooter electric moped products from Segway. In this article about zoom scooter electric moped you can see why people choose the product. Gotrax and Xprit are also good brands to look for when you are finding zoom scooter electric moped.

What are the best brands for zoom scooter electric moped?

Segway, Gotrax and Xprit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zoom scooter electric moped. Find the detail in this article. Razor, Hover-1 and Lascoota are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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